How To Add More Protein In Your Diet-What You Need To Know About Protein

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The Importance Of Protein


Protein is a very important part of your diet to be healthy, you need not consume tons of fatty meat to add more protein into your diet. In fact, the best protein for you is the lean protein sources, protein is important for your body to build lean muscle and repair your tissues for healing. Protein makes your body enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals, it also prevents your body from muscle loss and assists you losing weight. Your immune system and your cardiovascular depends on protein to be healthy, protein is your super food for losing and maintaining your weight.


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What Is The Best Protein?


Anyone who is interested in putting the best proteins into their bodies should focus on low-fat protein sources, one of the protein sources you should avoid or consume in moderation is your processed meats. When it comes to meat sources focus on your lean meat sources, good choices are your poultry such as chicken and turkey. Low-fat dairy is another good choice to add lean protein to your diet, people who have a liking for fish and seafood this is a good choice for you as well. Are you wondering about more good lean protein choices, how about your plant protein?





Pea Protein

Soy Protein

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How To Add More Protein To Your Diet?


A good rule at mealtime is to start eating your protein first, by doing this you will experience you will not eat as much which will help you lose weight. Be sure to include protein in all your meals and snacks, I always choose my snacks by how much protein they will provide me. Top your dishes with almonds for extra protein works well for me, are you wondering what my favorite high protein snacks might be?


Hard Boiled Eggs

Protein Shakes

Protein Bars

Lean Jerky

Nut Butters


Protein Shakes


Protein shakes are an important part of my high protein diet, by using protein shakes with my meals and snacks I am adding more protein to my diet without overeating. I have also experienced less cravings for the high calorie processed carbs I used to eat regularly, now I get my carbs from natural low calorie carbs and this has been my secret to losing weight and maintaining my muscle mass as I become older. If you have a goal to lose weight and build or maintain muscle mass protein shakes is the way to go, these shakes provide many benefits your body needs to be healthy which you might not be getting from your present diet?


Lean Muscle Mass

Fat Loss Especially Belly Fat

Added Essential Nutrients

Increase Metabolic Activity


Whey Protein Powder


Whey protein is a complete protein which provides your body with the essential and non-essential amino acids your body requires, this type of protein provides your body with high nutritional value and promotes muscle growth. This also boosts your metabolism which assists you in losing weight, this is a healthy weight management product. Even though this protein’s main use for building and growing muscle, there has been many other possible benefits from adding this product to your diet.


May Lower Blood Pressure

May Help Type 2 Diabetics

May Reduce Inflammation

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Benefits

Enhances Antioxidants


Benefits Of Pea Protein Powder


I prefer using the pea protein powder over the whey protein powder myself, this protein powder is much safer for people with autoimmune and food allergies. Peas have the highest protein of any of the plant protein sources available, being hypoallergenic they are safer for people with any concern of experiencing any problems. Many people are allergic or sensitive to lactose today, this product is 100% vegan friendly. Easily digested and mixes well with any type of beverage even plain water, it is considered flavorless but I prefer to add just a little fruit juice and water to give mine some flavor.



Low In Carbs

High In Amino Acids

Lactose Free


relationships at any age


High Protein Snacks


Snacking is an important part of your diet plan, protein powder and protein bars make the perfect high protein snack. Most of us can not afford the expense of the protein bars every day, so adding some of these high protein snacks when you are not able to have the protein bars is a good plan. I usually save my protein bars for when I am on the go, they fit so easy into your pocket or gym bag. When at home my snacks are protein powder shakes and other high protein snacks, for those of you interested here are some of the high protein snacks I recommend you try.


Hard Bold Eggs (  Less Than 100 Calories  )

Roasted Chickpeas

Kale Chips

Toasted Quinoa

Chocolate Non-Dairy Milk

Mixed Nuts

Lean Jerky


What Is On My Mind Today?


I have shared my own experience with using high protein powder and snacks to add more protein to my diet ,  I am not a body builder, but I do exercise 30 minutes several times per week. I have experienced even with exercising regularly I was not able to maintain my weight and lose my belly fat, that is until I started adding more protein into my diet, now the weight has been coming off for me. The only other change I made was my carbs are natural and not the processed carbs. Processed foods and snacks will put on the belly fat, you need not eliminate them completely from your diet just eat them in moderation as a special treat,  maybe on one cheat day per week.


High Protein Product To Try


Whey Protein Powder

Pea Protein Powder

Protein Bars

High Protein Snacks


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  • Hammer says:

    It can be difficult to find trustworthy information on good high quality protein. You have put together a concise article that covers everything from what protein is to how protein can be properly taken in. I try to work out a few times a week and I worry that I do not get enough protein but I’m interested in trying different types but I had one quick question for you. You said that you add juice to your pea protein, what juice would you recommend? Which one is your favorite to add to pea protein?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sir,

      I am happy you do your best to take care of yourself and workout several times per week, you can add whatever juice you like but as for me I add 100% orange juice with my pea protein for extra vitamin C which is important for your immune system.


  • Audrey L. K. says:

    This is an incredibly helpful article for me! I am often thinking about what types of protein sources are best for me, and whether I am having enough protein each day. I tend to get my protein from tofu, nuts, eggs, and lean meats. It can get pretty boring to cycle through these 4 categories, but your list has given me more to choose from. I think it’s really important to eat a variety of different foods but sometimes I run out of ideas. This helped a lot–thanks again!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms Audrey,

      I am happy my article gave you some new ideas for adding protein to your diet in some different ways. We do get tired of eating the same old stuff over and over, there are more choices than many people realize.


  • Leo says:

    As someone who works out regularly. I like my healthy dosage of eggs and white meat like chicken and fish. I complement is with musclepharm chocolate flavored whey protein powder. It is important to note the calories of the food you intake also. At the end of the day you can have a healthy dose of protein but if you take too much bad calories you will end up with a series of health issues too!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Leo

      Very good advice for my readers on adding more protein but still having to watch your calorie intake. You sound to be on a good diet plan for your working out and health, I appreciate you sharing your experience with me and my other readers.


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