How To Achieve A Work And Life Balance-Work-Play-Relaxation Balance Plan

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Work & Life Balance


The majority of people today does not live a healthy work and life balance when your lifestyle is not in balance it affects your health more than you might realize? If you find relaxing and sleeping difficult,  there is a good chance you need to take a look at your work and life balance, with our economy prices higher than ever and our wages staying the same many people are working longer hours or more than one job. Health problems are signs from our bodies we need to make some healthy changes, how are your stress and anxiety levels? Depression is higher in our society then ever, being over tired will increase your mental health and physical health symptoms.


Chronic Pain & Fatigue


When your balance of work and play is not healthy,  you will experience increases in your chronic pain, learning how to manage chronic pain for many people is to adjust their work and life balance plan. Besides pain your mental concentration and ability to make good decisions will be more difficult, do you wake up feeling you have not had enough sleep? This is often a good sign you need to adjust your work and life plan, often simply adjusting how you live your life can be the best management plan you can have in your management plan tool box. People with sciatic never pain will experience less severe pain just by adjusting how they live their life, this is just one example of chronic pain which can improve with a good health management plan.



Work Plan

Our careers and jobs are our most difficult plans for many people do adjust, often we do not have much choice in how many hours we work many days? The best way we can manage our work plan is to try to set regular hours as much as possible, at least having an idea how much we will be working most days will help us adjust our other plans. If you are someone who is married to your career, maybe it is time you make a regular work plan and stick to it  by adding more playtime and relaxation time. Schedule yourself relaxation technique breaks at work when you can, be sure you start eating a healthy lunch as well. Making time for stretching or short walks during your breaks and lunch is a good plan, being married to your career can put you into the grave much sooner and really is not worth how much money you have.


Playtime Plan


The average person today does not have enough hobbies and interests they take the time to enjoy, between career responsibilities and family responsibilities at home people just do not take the time to have as much fun as they used too. What did you used to enjoy doing during your free time when you had a much better balanced life plan, maybe you used to go bowling regularly on a league or with your family? When is the last time you and your family enjoyed something as simple as walking the nature trails at your favorite park, have you slipped on working out at the gym and have gained weight and feel much less healthy? Playtime does not need to be stressful or take all that much time out of our schedule, what about making Sunday afternoon playtime with the family?



Relaxation Plan


Do you find being able to relax at the end of your day before you hit the sack difficult, many of us are not able to relax at the end of our day? Many of us are busy doing important things and chores right up until we go to bed when you do not make time to relax before going to bed for most people this is an unhealthy plan. What type of things can you add to your life plan to relax in the evenings before hitting the sack, many people find listening to music or even learning to play an instrument very relaxing. Some prefer reading for relaxation, consider audio books you can relax and listen instead of reading which has been even more relaxing than actually reading a book. Adult coloring books has become a very relaxing hobby for many people, instead of crayons try colored pencils or markers. Music and art is the two most relaxing hobbies for the majority of people, many find computers and television to stimulate them instead of relaxing them today.


Sleep Plan


The majority of people today struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, by adjusting your work and life plan with the suggestions in this article you are on your way to improving your sleep plan. Working less and playing more will give you a better balance, adding before bedtime relaxation activities will help you prepare for bedtime. When you do not relax before bed your body has to start unwinding when you have gone to bed, this is the main reason many people lay for hours in bed before they can fall asleep. How you spend the time before you go to bed determines what is on your mind once you fall asleep if you use music or art before bed your mind will be more relaxed and you will be less anxious with other things on your mind. Anxious thoughts about things we need to do or problems we must solve is the main reason most people do not stay asleep all night. Sound therapy has helped many people solve their sleep problems while waiting to fall asleep they are listening to the sounds which are the most relaxing and helps people fall asleep. Being warm is another method which helps people stay a sleep, how well do you sleep when your body is cold?



What Is On My Mind Today?


How you spend your day from morning until you go to bed affects your health, today with autoimmune disease and our high stress lifestyle developing a good balanced lifestyle is a must. When your life is unbalanced,  you are more accessible to autoimmune disease, anxiety and depression, these three health problems affects more people’s lives now then ever. Too much of anything throws our balance off which causes us stress, it does not matter if it is physical stress or emotional stress both will affect your health if this imbalanced lifestyle becomes long-term. Developing a balanced lifestyle is the most important health management plan you can do for yourself, life is too short to live with feeling like puppy poop.


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