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How Is Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis-Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis


Living with rheumatoid arthritis is a challenge for anyone, many people do not realize how this disease affects a person’s body. The painful knees and fingers is bad enough to endure most days when it affects other parts of your body at the same time it is enough to make a person cry. Many people are not aware this can give also affect your organ functions, people have even become  blind from rheumatoid arthritis. This article is to help people understand this disease much better knowledge is power to understand and manage this disease.


Skin Health


Rheumatoid arthritis affects some people with skin issues, lumps of tissue form under their skin especially the fingers and elbows. These are very painful and makes doing everyday tasks even more challenging, they are  sensitive to the touch so painful with everything you try to do. Small red dotted rashes are common, also some people have developed skin ulcers. These are from inflammation, usually found on the legs or under the finger nails. Inflammation is our most deadly enemy today, the key is to control the inflammation as much as possible for less severe pain and swelling.



Bone & Vision Health


Any disease which causes consistent inflammation will cause the loss of bone density, Rheumatoid arthritis is no different and most people experience the loss of bone density. The bones thinning occurs throughout your body, the best treatment found for this is gentle exercise and high calcium diet. The inflammation does not stop with thinning the bones, it also can cause scarring of the whites of your eyes. With this you will experience pain, redness, blurred vision and sensitivity to the light. This can untreated result in blindness, with this disease you must consult with your physician with the slightest problems especially with your eyes.


Dry Mouth


Most diseases  which cause inflammation will cause the majority of people with dry mouth and dental problems, it is a must to have regularly dental exams to maintain your teeth health. The inflammation causes tear producing gland damage resulting in extremely painful dry mouth, this results in another disease ” sjogrens syndrome.”


Lung Health


Over half of the people with rheumatoid arthritis has some level of lung issues, often the symptoms are so slightly the issues will not even be detected unless they become more severe. Consistent long-term inflammation of the lungs often leads to a lung disease called ” Pulmonary Fibrosis”, some people have nodules form on their lungs which usually are not harmful. Often if the inflammation is not severe will give symptoms as a person experiencing asthma, this was the case for me since a baby thought to have asthma.



Pain Medications Side-Effects


I strongly urge you to avoid using prescription pain medications if at all possible, these medications caused me severe organ damage. Long-term using these medications caused me kidney failure, they also can cause kidney function problems. I recommend you give the alternative health and herbs I am going to share with you to manage your condition before going with any medications, these will not  cause you any damage to your organs and if you are able to manage your pain and symptoms with these,  you will be much healthier than using prescription pain medications.


Alternative Health Options


As painful as it might be starting out physical activity is your best friend once thought being less active was better for rheumatoid arthritis but now it has been found it actually is your best asset to managing your pain and symptoms. What works best for me is gentle stretching yoga and meditation, I also recommend tai chi. These are very good methods to start out with, start out slow and short periods is your safest and best plan. Others you can try if you desire are aquatic swimming exercise and walking, these also will help with any depression you might be having which is normal for people living with rheumatoid arthritis.


Yoga & Meditation


Physical Therapy


Physical therapy has been helping people manage their pain and symptoms, this is a short-term treatment just to get you feeling well again. Your therapist team can set you up with the right at home physical active plan to manage your health, the electrical stimulation has helped many people,  this  is something you can do at home as well with one of these machines. Range of motion exercises often are the best to start out if your pain and symptoms are severe, I had to start out with about 5 minutes of range of motion and build up to my yoga and meditation I am able to do now.


Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapist can help you overcome obstacles causing your problems with daily tasks, they will come up with a good plan to eliminate or work around your obstacles. There are assistance devices available to help you form your everyday tasks, it is always a good idea to consult with your physician is an occupational therapist could be helpful for your condition.


Mind & Body


Mind and body methods have been a blessing for me, I do recommend you keep an open mind to these and give them a try. They do not perform miracles overnight, it does take time and persistence but I have had good results using some of these. Guided meditation is your best route to go when starting to learn to meditate, classes are best but good beginner compact discs or DVD’s work well. A type of yoga which has been very positive for many people with rheumatoid arthritis is  Qi Gong, these have helped people cope better with their pain by improving their strength and flexibility.



Heat Therapy


Other options which might help you and are worth trying, when your feeling tight achy with pain often the simple use of heat will give you some relief. I prefer my heating pad more than anything else, but you can take warm baths or showers for short-term relief. Hot packs work well, but I prefer my electric heating pad simply because the heat lasts long-term and stays a consistent.


Ice Therapy


Ice therapy should be used for inflamed joints, ice will give you some relief by numbing the pain and also relaxes the muscles. Massages also are something you can use to manage your pain and symptoms, massage therapy has become very popular. Consult your physician about massage therapy being available where you live, possibly your hospital also is a good resource for this and other types of therapy. Capsaicin creams provide short-term relief for many people, this is your best cream to use for the maximum relief with this option.


Fish Oil


If your going to had anything to your diet plan, fish oil is the first thing you should add. Fish oil eases inflammation and pain, 4 grams per day 4 times per day is the recommended dosage for people living with rheumatoid arthritis. The next most important life change you can make is getting enough sleep, many people including myself does best by taking an afternoon nap. When I must be on the go all day long that night it takes my body forever to relax and allow me to fall asleep, maintaining your weight to the best of your ability takes stress off your joints and eases your pain.





Using the correct herb or herbs can lower your inflammation naturally, I have experienced going with alternative health and herbs managing my rheumatoid arthritis has become much easier for me. My favorite beverage is green tea and herbal teas, some herbs you may wish to try which have been the most positive results for more people are.


Aloe Vera


Cats Claw



Thunder Gold Vine


Willow Bark


What Is On My Mind Today


The reason I started this website was to help others improve their health and manage any healthy problems they  are dealing with. Inflammation is the main cause of the majority of people’s healthy problems today, if you or a loved one struggles with inflammation I highly recommend you considering a gluten-free diet. I experienced such dramatic health improvement after eliminating gluten from my diet. Gluten causes inflammation for the majority of people, some it is minor enough they can consume gluten without any severe problems. Gluten also affects your sleep, you will find to be much more relaxed and even have more energy. I dare you to eliminate gluten for just one month, within that one month I guarantee you will feel a difference.

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