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How Does Video Games Affect Your Health-Pros And Cons Of Playing Video Games


Video Games


Video games are not just for kids any more, people of all ages are hooked on playing video games today. Many parents are concerned with the addicting effect of video games with their children, how many hours per day is a safe amount of time for people to be playing video games? People should play video games no longer than 2 hours per day, there are benefits playing video games when you stay within this time limit. There also are some problems when people abuse video game playing, do you know the pros and cons of playing video games?




When people stay within the 2 hour playing time per day they do receive some healthy benefits, many people when feeling bored and sad experience an improved mood when playing video games. Video games provide improved eye coordination and improve you processing information, also increases your problem solving skills. So playing video games in moderation can be a positive addition to your lifestyle, now when you abuse video game playing you might be surprised at how many health problems this can cause?





How much time do you spend playing video games, people who play more than 2 hours per day often experience health problems which can cause them problems functioning as well as they should be? Many of the things people enjoy today are abused, many things when abused can cause us health problems. Some people who abuse playing video games miss out on spending time with their family and friends, some people even find themselves without any friends over time lacking socializing because they spend all their free time playing their video games.


Weight Problems


Many people who spend much of their free time playing video games experience difficulty losing weight, video games can be one of the reasons people are not able to lose weight? People become so involved in playing their video games before they realize it their day is over, this does prevent some people from being as active and gaining weight. Besides weight problems some people experience muscle stiffness and posture problems, often people eat while playing their games which prevents them from eating healthier meals. So if you are into video games and seriously overweight, this could be one of the reasons you are not able to lose any weight?



Chronic Pain


Often people who abuse playing their video games will experience chronic pain, many people ask themselves what can I do for my chronic pain? People often spend money on pain relief products to ease their pain, many people never put the connection together between their pain and playing video games? The most common chronic pain people experience from video games is shoulder pain, for many people the answer to relieving their pain is to cut down on playing their video games.




People who have a tendency to be anxious experience an increased level of anxiety when playing video games, some signs are frustration when playing your video game. Some people have experienced aggressive behavior as well, there has been incidences with people with seizure problems to have increase in their seizures. People have experience increased anxiety to the point they were not able to function well enough to earn a living, also people have had such an increase in their anxiety they developed sleep problems. Students have experienced extreme fatigue and a drop in their grades, playing video games to an extreme can cause some people many emotional problems as well.



What Is On My Mind Today?


 Playing video games is not a bad thing when done in moderation, but when abused can cause many problems in a person’s life. People who become addicted often miss out on social events with family and friends, video games can be almost as damaging as alcohol and drug addiction for some people. Setting 2 hour time limits is a safe strategy to use to avoid developing serous addictive problems, just play your video games in moderation and you will avoid excessive problems. Video games for many people make them as happy as music, exercise and food, we do not need to take video games out of  our lives just be careful not to allow them to take over our lives.


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2 thoughts on “How Does Video Games Affect Your Health-Pros And Cons Of Playing Video Games

  1. I don’t have wight problems when i play video games 2+ hour’s a day, but the rest is true

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate your comment and reading my article today, the reason you do not have weight problems when
      playing video games is you are distracted from eating to play your video games. Often we eat when we
      really are not hungry, many people mistake thirst for hunger


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