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How Does Gluten Cause Inflammation-Improve Your Health Go Gluten Free

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Gluten And Inflammation


Over 3 million people in the USA has celiac disease, millions are sensitive to gluten with less severe symptoms. Gluten is a complex protein which is wheat, rye and barley. Gluten damages the small intestine over time, inflammation is your bodies reaction to gluten. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms,  you should try going gluten-free, this may be your miracle cure to all your suffering.


Chronic Pain

Stiff Joints

Dry Eyes & Mouth

Achy Body

Weight Management Difficulties

Bone Thinning


Skin Rashes

Migraine Headaches

Stomach Pain

Digestive Problems



Gluten & Other Causes Of Your Inflammation


Gluten is not your only cause of inflammation from your diet after seeing all the things we are consuming which is causing inflammation it could be a bit depressing and overwhelming. Again I stress the point why has the food and drug administration allowed these poisons in our diets, it is not the food itself which is the problem it is the processing. The food and drug administration has allowed harmful chemicals into our diets which causes us a wide variety of diseases and health problems, our only option to become healthier is to limit as many of these harmful chemicals as possible. If you are suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, going gluten-free might reduce your symptoms dramatically. I am so much calmer since going gluten-free, I struggled my entire life with anxiety and depression. Today I am much calmer than I ever have been in my entire life, I know the reason is eliminating gluten from my diet.



Whey Protein


Saturated Fats

Trans Fats

Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Refined Carbs






Warning Your Body Is Talking To You


The warning signs is your body talking to you, your body is trying to tell you your diet is harmful to your health. Gluten and the other harmful chemicals in our diets do not give us instant symptoms and damage, this happens over time usually people are older before their small intestine is damaged severely enough we have no choice than to alter our diets and lifestyles. These symptoms begin very mild and most of us just adjust to them and go on with our lives, gluten especially damages our bodies slowly and silently. The most common symptoms are digestive issues, mild at first and only when we consume large amounts of gluten do we experience any symptoms. Once the damage becomes severe enough our symptoms increase and eventually,  our health begins to decline dramatically, these are the warning signs to watch out for.



Stomach Pain (Left Side )

Diarrhea & Constipation

Low Vitamin Levels ( Anemic )

Brain Fog

Joint Pain

Anxiety & Depression

Low Energy

Sleep Problems


Migraine Headaches

Weakness Feelings



Best Treatment Plan

It is impossible to eliminate all our diet triggers, but the best plan is to start with a gluten-free diet. Consuming more natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, consuming less processed foods and taking vitamin supplements if your body is not absorbing them from your food. Within two weeks you will notice a difference in your symptoms to be much less severe, within one month many of your symptoms will vanish from your life. White meat should be your protein source, but only grass-fed. This is very important, livestock which consumers grains will be almost as severe as you consuming the grains yourself. Fish is another important food source you should consume if you are concerned about mercury in the fish purchase a high quality natural fish oil supplement. Fish oil is very beneficial for joint pain, also very good for your heart health.


What Is On My Mind Today


Gluten is not healthy for anyone, even if you are not experiencing any severe symptoms this plant protein is still hard on your digestive system. Almost everyone has low energy levels today, gluten could be the reason so many experience this. It took 20 years before gluten damaged my small intestine to the point I was extremely disabled when every time you eat you experience tummy pain and digestive issues your health will decline dramatically. I got to the point no matter what I ate I was in severe pain, weakness and high anxiety levels. Sleeping on the average day three hours also was a major factor with my health decline, what you put into your body determines your health status.



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