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How Anxiety Ruins Your Relationships-Did You Know People Experience Relationship Anxiety


Relationship Anxiety


There are many people who are not in a relationship which suffer from relationship anxiety, do you sabotage your relationships because you become anxious when you begin to feel close to someone? This is very common today especially with people who have been hurt in relationships in the past, often these people avoid becoming intimate with people they meet in fear of being hurt again, many times these people push people out of their lives to avoid the relationship becoming serious. If you experience any of these symptoms you could be a victim of relationship anxiety, read more to find out how this works and what you can do about it?


Constant Worry

Negative Self Talk

Panic Attacks

Fear Of Rejection


Fear To Love Again

Trust Issues

Avoid Intimate Connection



What Is Causing Your Relationship Anxiety?


Many people develop relationship anxiety from experiencing an abusive relationship in their past, others have had this type of anxiety all their life and usually push people away when they attempt to get too close to them emotionally. People who just seemed to be born with this type of anxiety often never overcome their problem without professional help, sadly many people do not receive help for this type of anxiety, they often live their life being unhappy and searching for the answers why they are this way?  Some people even put the blame on all their past partners, the person who does this is extremely difficult to help until they admit they have a problem. Many times a person who has been like this all their live grew up in a family which was not emotionally close, so what is going through this person’s thoughts which is causing them to act this way?


I Am Ugly Or Fat

Fear Of Rejection



Jealous Of Others

Low Self Esteem

Lack Of Confidence

Angry At The World



What Are You Thinking About Your Partner?


People struggling with relationship anxiety are always questioning the relationship with anxious thoughts, often the person uses negative talk against their partner to convince themselves their partner is not the right person for them. Relationship anxious thoughts about their partner would be unreasonable and most often not true. People with this problem will talk themselves into believing their partner is insensitive and selfish to their relationship needs, many has the fear their partner is going to be unfaithful to them and abandon them one day. Often these people become so anxious and overwhelmed they experience panic attacks, many times they expect their partner to spend all their free time with them.


What Are You Thinking About Yourself?


People with this type of anxiety not only has anxious thoughts about their partner, but these people also experience unreasonable anxious thoughts about themselves. These people almost always feels they are not good enough for their partner, then they will talk themselves into thinking they would be better off if they were alone. They often will blame the relationship problems on their partner, many times they will use rejecting their partner’s love to get back at their partner. Between their thoughts about their partner and themselves they have overwhelmed themselves and caused themselves to be in a panic of losing their partner, many times they truly love their partner but are so confused and frustrated they do not know what to do?



How Relationship Anxiety Can Affect You?


People can live in a toxic relationship for a very long time before going their separate ways, the person suffering the relationship anxiety often will bounce back and forth with loving their partner and hating their partner, but do not wish to end the relationship security. Many times when their partner has just about had enough the person with the anxiety changes for their partner for a short time after a while the anxious thoughts builds up again and history just keeps repeating itself. Often the anxious person truly believes in their anxious thoughts to be real, sadly very few relationships last when relationship anxiety exists and the couple does not get professional help.








What Can You do?


The person with relationship anxiety has to accept they have the problem, many people with this type of anxiety has no idea they even have a problem. Many truly believe their anxious thoughts are real, with anxiety of any type facing your fears is a must to overcome the anxiety. The person with a loving partner has the best opportunity to overcome this problem in their relationship, the biggest problem is most often neither person in the relationship understands what is the problem?  Professional help is a couples best strategy when the problem is unknown, what the person and their partner must understand is why the person is feeling  this way and why they are behaving in this manner?



What Is On My Mind Today?


Stress and anxiety causes so many problems for people, this is even more true when it comes to broken up relationships. Anxiety has people acting out of fear and out of control, relationship anxiety is probably more common than we know, how many couples experience this up and down type of roller coaster relationship and never know what the problem between them might be? Most couples more likely live like this until they cannot take it any longer and go their separate ways, if you are experiencing relationship problems and don’t know why make an appointment with a relationship specialist. Otherwise your anxiety is going to ruin your relationship.


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