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Home Away From Home-Your In College Now

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Preparing For College


The summer flew by so quickly before you knew it is time to prepare for your new life “College”. Mixed feelings are filling your mind right now, feeling very confused about your feelings right now.  One minute your feeling on top of the world with positive thoughts and feelings how great it is going to be on your own, next minute your anxiety has you worrying about if you are able to do this on your own. Take some breaths like you learned from the stress management book to help you calm down, now feeling better you are feeling more positive once again.


Deep Breathing


College Life Expectations


College life is going to be so cool, being on your own with no parents to check on your every move. The freedom is going to be awesome, finally experiencing adulthood. Study whenever is convenient, not having to study before going out. Living in a dorm with a roommate my age will be so awesome, always someone to hang out with. Eat whatever craving I am having at the time, no more eating your vegetables before having desert. Go out and have fun whenever in the mood, not having to worry about coming home late to angry parents.


Anxiety Free


Your Anxiety At Work


Anxiety is getting the best of you right now, your thoughts are very negative not really even realistic. What if my roommate does not like me, how will we ever live in the same dorm apartment? Never been on my own before, maybe this is too much for me to handle alone. College studies are going to be very intense compared to high school, all my friends and family are back home. What about money, can I take care of myself? Maybe I choose the wrong career, even the wrong college. Will I be judged because I am a Christian, is this really the right thing for me to do?




College Expectations


I have tried to show you how the very same person can be thinking and feeling so different about the same topic, anxiety has a way of turning our world upside down. When everything is going as planned a person will be very realistic about their expectations when anxiety takes over the expectations turns to extreme fear.  Chances are very good none of these negative things will happen to this person that is if this person can learn to control her anxiety instead of her anxiety controlling her.


Thinking Positive


Symptoms Of College Students


Since I never attended college myself, I have done the next best thing and researched how stress affected students. This information comes to you directly from students in college their first year.  Listing these symptoms I hope will help you know what you are experiencing is normal anxiety from your stress, most first year students experienced these symptoms.




Assignments Completed On Time



Tight Stiff Muscles

Appetite Changes

Sleep Problems




Prepared For College Skills


I do hope anyone reading this article is prepared for the emotional experience of college, some things you need to learn before going off to college are time management skills, managing your time will be a major factor how much stress you experience. Limiting your caffeine consumption is another biggie, watch how much caffeine loaded beverages you drink. Find a good healthy balance of work and play, even older adults do not do this very well.  The most important skills of all before heading to college, learn good relaxation and coping skills.


Deep Breathing


Yoga / Exercise

Journal / Diary

Visual Guided Imagery

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Spirituality / Prayer

Music Therapy

Art Therapy


Relaxation Techniques


Fun Product Of The Day


I am on a t-shirt roll right now, everyone loves cool t-shirts. I have a good today for you, it is a photo collage shirt you can customize with your own photographs to make this shirt even cooler and more personal. Great  gift for anyone, but especially for your college student being away from home.



What Is On My Mind Today


All the college students leaving home for the first time is on my mind, such an exciting yet anxious time. I do wish the best to all of you, brush up on your relaxation and coping skills and you will be fine.




  • shrey says:

    I have been through college and I really could not agree more on this.One thing that I really regret of not doing in college is managing time very well.I really wish I had that thing soughted and the best part being I did not even know how important time management is!
    I just got lost in all the fun and the show off that happens in college and studies really became a last priority.
    I think every student needs to balance both work and fun in college because that is very important.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shrey

      Very helpful to hear about your experience in college, most people after college and are older realize they could have applied themselves more and played less.


  • shelby says:

    I found your article to be exceptionally true. When I began college I was bombarded with self doubt and feelings in inadequacy. Thankfully once things got rolling my self confidence grew and I found although college definitely wasn’t easy; it was doable if I kept myself on track. I really believe I would have benefited greatly from a set time of relaxation such as a yoga class, like you listed. It is so important to remember rest is just as important as pushing forward.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shelby,

      Today college students do need good coping skills to handle the pressures in college, remember they are on their own for the first time and will have many decisions to make other than just for their studies.


  • Matt's Mom says:

    Sadly, this will be the case for my son in less than two years. I’m happy about it, but also sad to see him go. I will miss his company. This is a great article on the journey to college. I think my sons biggest concern is the work load. College can seem pretty daunting and it appears that the homework will be a lot more, but I remember those days. It really wasn’t that bad.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt’s Mom

      It is a stressful time for the college student and the parent(s), many parents have a hard time letting their children grow up and go off to college.


  • Lucero says:

    Hi i am very new to this so forgive me if i make a mistake i think your website is wonderful laid out. would like to know how to get the social media plugins there. and the graphs are great there is this one pic of the lady standing over the laptop with a hammer i know the anxiety, depression, is what you are trying to show but is that a good example for young people.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lucero,

      I think the photo of the young lady with the hammer is to show people how anxiety effects you, I am sure the young people have seen much worse on television and at the movies.


  • Rehmiee says:

    I wish that i read your website many years back when I was entering college life. Great info and wisdom that you shared. If more college students would have read your article prior to them entering college, I belive this would gives them a better foundation in terms of emotional and confidence.Thank you so much for writing.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      My intention is to help high school students prepare for college through this article, hopefully some students and parents read this article and are preparing for college.


  • Jessica says:

    Pre-college is always hard for me sometimes as I need to prepare for many things such as adding or swapping classes, buying books, etc. and surely, this will be more stress than later. And it’ll change from a free into well-organized person as well. Those symptoms seem to be applied much on me. Thanks for giving some of the useful advices to prepare for it. I’m trying out yoga classes so it does help a lot.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jessica,

      I wish you the best of luck with your future, great your doing Yoga classes and receiving the benefits. You will do just fine in the future, I have faith in you.

      Try Meditation Too


  • adam says:

    Hey Jeff, I just finished high school and I am starting college in a month. This info has been really helpful, hopefully I will be able to manage my time well and obtain some knowledge besides having fun meeting new people. I just started meditating and the fact that you recommend it too makes me want to get into it more. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Thank You Adam,

      I am happy to hear your read my article and found it interesting, you will find meditation will be a great asset for you in college.

      Best of luck


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