Hip Dysplasia Adults-Do You Suffer With Hip Pain And Limping

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What Is Hip Dysplasia?


This is the largest ball and socket in your body held together by ligaments, tendons and the joint capsule. People with this most often are born with an abnormal shaped ball and socket which does not fit correctly. this will cause wear on your cartilage. There are different versions of this disease, what causes this limp and pain most often is the dislocation of your hip joint.


Hip Dysplasia

Developmental Dislocation Of The Hip

Hip Dislocation

Acetabular Dysplasia

Congential Discoloration Of The Hip


Adult Symptoms


Adults who develop this disease more likely was born with this defect and through the years has put wear and stress on their hip joint. when this occurs the person will begin to experience pain and a limp. In some severe cases people have also experienced clicking and popping sounds, this is a sure sign to consult your doctor. The major causes of the limp is from the pain when putting stress on your hip joint, this can be diagnoses through x-rays and MRI’s.



Medical Treatment


The best medical treatment plan physician’s prescribe is reducing wear and stress on your hip joint, this is usually done through lifestyle changes and weight management. In severe cases surgery is an option, also people have experienced positive results with joint injections. There is a specialized physical therapy for this condition, interested in giving this a try consult your doctor. Gentle stretching exercise to keep the muscles strong around your hip joint and flexible should be a daily part of your day. Only 10 minutes per day is all you need to achieve this, doing this first thing in the morning will take some of the stiffness from your hip joint to start your day.


Gentle Stretching Yoga (Hatha )



Anti-Inflammatory Drugs ( Motrin )

Tai Chi

Qi Gong


Yoga & Meditation


Alternative Medicine


I highly recommend you give these alternative options a try, high dosage pain medication is very hard on your organs and long-term usage can cause organ damage. Very few and mild side-effects with these methods, but you should consult your physician before using any herbs or supplements when on medications especially blood thinners.


Avocado-Soybean Unsaponifiables


ASU’s are supplements from specific types of oils from the avocado and soybeans, this slows down the wear on your cartilage and promotes new growth of healthy cartilage in your hip joint.




This herb is well known for it’s digestion health, but also is an anti-inflammatory which reduces your pain. This can be used in the supplement form or you can make a tea from fresh ginger roots. The only side-effects people have shared from this herb is it may cause some people heartburn and diarrhea, warning if you are taking blood thinners consult you doctor before taking ginger.




Glucosamine / Chodroitin


This product does not promote cartilage growth or improve joint health for this condition, taking this product for joint health will not harm you it just is not a product to provide you what you need with this condition. Warning people allergic to shellfish should not use this product without consulting their physician, this product also should not be used if you are taking blood thinners.


What Is On My Mind Today


I wrote this article hoping to prevent adults with this condition to take preventative care before it becomes severe, this prevention may prevent older adults from damaging their hips in their senior years. Many of us could be experiencing this condition and blame it on our age, if you are experiencing hip pain and limping consult your physician right away.


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