Herbs And Inflammation-Treat Your Inflammation Naturally

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Autoimmune Disease


If you suffer from chronic inflammation you are like myself and are experiencing autoimmune disease, even though the medical field experts claim they do not know the cause of our autoimmune disease epidemic they are prescribing dangerous anti-inflammatory drugs on us. This is because they have no idea how to treat these diseases, living my entire life with these diseases my experience is treating our chronic inflammation naturally before turning to the high doses of anti-inflammatory drugs.  These drugs with long-term usage may cause you organ damage, I am living proof of this and this damage is irreversible so please consider carefully before using these dangerous drugs. All I ask is you give the natural approach treatment a try and save these drugs as your last option. the longer you can go without using these drugs the longer you will live with low risk of permanent organ damage. The natural approach has very few side-effects, the side-effects they do have are very mild for the majority of people.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet


The natural treatment is the safest treatment plan for autoimmune disease, I have learned over the years our diets are the cause of our chronic inflammation. When changing your diet to the anti-inflammatory diet you will experience a dramatic decrease in your inflammation, people are beginning to connect our food with our symptoms. Eliminating gluten foods as your first step will prove to you in only two weeks how gluten is a major trigger for your symptoms, also beware the food group many people forget about is another major trigger for people with autoimmune disease. This food group goes by the name ” Nightshades “, there are over 250 species in this food group but the most common for the majority of people are the tomato’s, potato’s and peppers. Eliminate these foods from your diet and experience much less inflammation, cut back on processed foods and experience even more success in improving your health status. I found many of my trigger foods by doing the elimination diet, this is the most effective method to know which foods are triggering your symptoms.


Low Impact Exercise


I know how scary this sounds especially if you have been experiencing your symptoms for a long period of time, low impact exercise will improve  your joint pain, help to decrease your inflammation plus you will be more flexible once again. When I started exercising again after years of physicians warning me to limit my activity it was very painful and exhausting, I could only do a very light low impact exercise for 5 minutes per day. My preferred low impact exercise which has improved my life has been gentle stretching yoga, this type of yoga is very easy on the joints and slow motion movement very joint friendly. Other low impact exercise options are.


Gentle Stretching Yoga

Walking (Treadmill )

Cycling (Stationary Bike )

Swimming ( Water Aerobics )

Tai Chi

Qi Gong


Gentle Stretching Yoga

Low Impact

Joint Friendly

Autoimmune Disease Approved


Finding Your Right Balance


For many years I pushed myself to the maximum thinking my body would eventually adjust to my increased physical activity, whatever you do don’t push yourself beyond physically to exhaustion. The key to low impact exercise for positive results is finding your right balance of exercise and rest, I have found we need much less physical activity then most of us think to manage our symptoms, I only exercise 30 minutes per day on days I exercise. Most days I try to exercise for 30 minutes, but during flare ups take a break from your exercise until your symptoms are less severe. Over exercise can be a trigger for a flare-ups for the majority of people, I recommend you start out with a comfortable time period which is very easy for you to do. Then increase weekly until you reach your desired time period, I find 30 minutes daily more than enough for me to manage my symptoms. Many people like myself with these diseases over exercise and cause our symptoms to increase instead of decrease, so take it slow and short periods starting out.


Stress Management


Stress and anxiety is always a trigger when a person has health problems, learning to manage your stress is another important way to keep those symptoms less severe. Learning relaxation techniques has helped me a great deal managing my stress and anxiety, I highly recommend everyone to learn some good relaxation coping skills. These are important even for healthy people with no health problems, some time in your life you are going to benefit knowing these skills. Autoimmune disease happens over time, eventually our immune systems become over active and over sensitive which responds with inflammation and damage to our bodies. Do not believe you are special and will not experience autoimmune disease, very few people experience a life without some level of autoimmune disease.


Sun Exposure


Sun exposure can be a trigger for some people, it is a good idea to limit your sun exposure each day. We all need some sun exposure for vitamin D, most people with autoimmune do not have high enough levels of this vitamin. Some people develop skin problems from the sun, from dry irritated skin to open painful sores. Good to be careful about your sun exposure, at least until you know how your body reacts to you being in the sun for prolonged periods of time.


Vitamins & Herbal Supplements


I saved your most powerful weapon for last, vitamins and herbal supplements are a very important part of this treatment plan. People with chronic inflammation experience low vitamin levels, especially vitamin D and vitamin B12. I highly recommend if your are low on these vitamins add a vitamin supplement to your diet, I also found fish oil is important for your inflammation and pain. These three everyone should add to their diet plan, be checked for your other vitamin and mineral levels by your physician with blood tests.


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Herbs & Spices List


Herbs and spices are the easiest method to manage your chronic inflammation, you can not go wrong using the natural anti-inflammatory benefits you receive from herbs and spices. I make it a habit everyday to sip on anti-inflammatory herbal teas, if you are not a tea drinker you can get many of these in supplement form as well.


Green Tea

Peppermint Tea

Turmeric Tea

Ginger Tea




Cats Claw



Maritime Pine Bark

White Willow Bark


What Is On My Mind Today


I encourage you to give this natural treatment plan a try, this is the plan I have been managing my autoimmune diseases the past three years with only a few short flare-ups. Adding inflammatory herbs and spices to your meals is a good method to manage your inflammation, short 30 minute low impact exercise and plenty of rest time is your best plan of attack for your symptoms. With this treatment plan we are focusing on the problem our food and triggers, masking our problems with anti-inflammatory drugs might be a quicker solution but it is not solving your problems.


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