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Help The Children-Anxiety Is Stealing Their Childhood

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Help The Children


Many people do not realize just how many children are having their childhood stolen from them, 80% of the children in the world experience childhood anxiety related issues. 60% of the 80% experience depression, now why are so many children being affected so drastically today by anxiety. The most common issues affecting our children are:


General Anxiety

Panic Disorders

Separation Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Selective Mutism

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder )


children with anxiety


Low Self-Esteem


Imagine 80% of our children have low self-esteem, whenever anyone has anxiety issues it is going to give them low self-esteem. How for parents to recognize their child has low self-esteem, here is a short check list which will often be characteristics of low self-esteem children.


Do Not Make Direct Eye Contact

Isolation Tendencies

Avoids Group Activities

Negative Thoughts, Feelings & Actions


child self esteem book


Anxious Child Symptoms


Most children even with severe issues will give parents some signals they are experiencing emotional problems, all children will complain when avoiding an issue or situation they are not comfortable facing. The complaining will more likely be they do not feel good, the majority of these children complain of headache and stomach aches. Also anxious children will have sleep problems, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep are the most common sleep problems for these children. If your child has these symptoms regularly, there is a very good chance they are experiencing emotional issues. Other symptoms your child might have are:


Problems Adjusting In School

Problems Joining In Class Activities

Plays Alone During Recess

Reading In Front Of The Class

Lacks Interest In Activities Normal For Their Age


anxious child therapy


What Can A Parent Do


When children are young the parents are able to do some things to help their child, most of these children if caught early can overcome many of their emotional issues with time and patience from their parents. The most important thing as a parent you can do is support your child’s fears, please do not brush their fears under the rug. You and your child must face their fears together to learn to deal with them, many parents and medical physicians too often do not wish to deal with their child’s issues. Often they will talk themselves into believing they will grow out of it, actually the opposite will happen your child’s issues will keep growing as time goes by.


Acknowledge Your Child’s Fears

Give Your Child Your Support

Face Your Child’s Fears Together


Positive Thoughts & Feelings

Instead Of Avoiding The Issue Work On Them With Your Child

Good Coping Skills

Good Relaxation Skills

Healthy Nutritious Diet Plan

Physically Activities With Your Child

Introduce Your Child To New Things With You


children anxiety supplement


What Is On My Mind


Please parents take your child’s emotional issues serious, right now when they are young their issues might not seem such a major problem. Trust me, as they become older their issues will grow with them. I learned to function okay until I was in my mid 30’s, then my health just took a dive bomb. First my anxiety increased a great deal, then my physical health followed not so many years later. Childhood anxiety is the reason so many adults today can not function well enough to live a normal life, many can not even earn a living any longer. I know you do not want to see this happen to your own child, your child’s fears are very real to them and they need you to help them learn to deal with them right now.




  • shrey says:

    I never knew anxiety was so serious,I always had it but I did overcome it naturally and did not have too many problems
    But I do get the idea after reading your website that there are a lot of people out there who might actually be suffering really bad because of it and it is really sad when it comes to kids.
    Is there any cure to this which would permanently help them get rid of it?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shrey

      I am happy I am giving you and others a better idea how serious anxiety is affecting our society, when anxiety i not treated as a child it increases and become much more serious as adults.

      Sadly, there is no cure for anxiety. But we can manage it very well with relaxation skills, a healthy nutritious diet plan and anxiety supplements.


  • Kavinah says:

    I never imagined that the problem is this huge but I know it exists. I think diet has a lot to with it in addition to other things. Lot’s of things contribute to anxiety in children.
    Peer pressure can be a factor but I see this as excuse. It can be a excuse to do what you really wanted to do being blamed on others.
    Many kids are not thought to be assertive (different from aggressive). Learning to say no appropriately is a skill to be learnt.
    It is also important to dialogue with your child regularly and not just leave them to the media nurse or minder.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kavinah

      You have very good points about our children today, our diets in my opinion is our major factor. The USA has the highest anxiety and stress levels of any other country, also we experience more health issues and overweight problems.


  • Alexx Armstrong says:

    I’m so glad to see this article.

    Anxiety is absolutely an epidemic, and thank goodness we can identify it now.

    When I was growing up, whatever our parents did or didn’t do to our lives was just the way it was – there was nothing perceptive or sensitive about recognizing emotional problems.

    Like you, I started to recognize the effect that anxiety was having on me when it broke down my health, but for me it started at 15.

    Your tips for helping your kids deal with it WAY before it wrecks their adulthood are so valuable… really good job! Every parent should read this.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Alexx

      I am always happy to hear from my readers, most children have some anxiety issues and overcome them. For the ones who do not they experience a very hard life, if we can help the children when they are young before their anxiety becomes severe they can enjoy a good life.


  • Ana chemegas says:

    Hey Jeff. Let me congrat you for you site, the theme chosen for it is very engaging. In this post i think you have pointed a really important issue in our modern society, a problem that even though with all reasearches in the matter, seems to be underestimated still. Really liked it !

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You, Ana

      Happy you enjoyed visiting my website, anxiety and disorders are not taken nearly serious enough.
      Physicians are taught in medical school to use medications to mask our problem, in my opinion and
      experience often this only causes us more problems with side-effects.


  • Margaret says:

    It is really sad to think of children living with anxiety. Everyone should be able to have a childhood that leaves them with happy memories not memories of stress. Do you think there is too much pressure put on children today to perform better at school? Or do you think it is related to things that happen in the home? More and more children are being diagnosed with high functioning autism, ADD, ADHD and I often wonder if this is related to the stress that children are put under to succeed at sport, school and socially. What do you think?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Margaret

      I feel its a combination of too much expectation from the parents pushing their children to be better than they were in areas they might have failed or not done as well as they desired. The other factor is our diets today lack nutrient and are filled with too many chemicals , sodium and sugars.


  • Mariam says:

    I understand what you say about the lack of self-esteem. It hurts to see your child undergo such things when you are not able to be with them.
    Children who live with people who are not biological parents tend to suffer that. Even those who being taken care of house aids who are after money and merciless also face the problem of anxiety. I wish all children should be given a chance to be children as they are supposed to be, innocent and pure hearted. Thank you for that education. I hope one parent will realise that she or he needs to do something to help the child get a memorable childhood.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mariam,

      Sadly, there are more children affected with high anxiety issues now then ever known to mankind. My goal is to make this known to parents in hopes they will observe their children closer, also give them information to help them teach their children how to cope much better before they become high anxious adults.


  • Andy says:

    Hi, Jeff. Great article. I myself suffered from social anxiety as a child, and you are right; if not tackled as a child, it will be carried into adulthood. I think one thing that helps is to encourage children to pursue interests that they can excel at. Nothing boosts a child’s self esteem and confidence like knowing he’s good at something.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Andy,

      I agree we should encourage our children to try new things to learn what they have a natural talent for, when a child suffers from social anxiety issues you must slowly introduce them to new things and experiences.


  • Norman says:

    Many person are pumping monies into the doctors office simply because they are not taking care of their health, there is a saying garbage in and garbage out, if we don’t take care of our bodies we will suffer poor health. Your site can help many people to get on board with their health and do something about living a more healthy life style, great job on your site.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Norman,

      Thank you for visiting my website and leaving your comment, it is true people are not living a healthy lifestyle and are depending on medication way too much. You must take care of your health, once you lose it life is very hard. It takes much longer to get your health back, that is if you did not do permanent damage.


  • Great site.. I love it.. 🙂 There needs to be more of this on the web. I love all of your posts that I could read so far. Thank you for reaching out to help our children of today, the pressures are greater with every generation. Thank you again

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Francine,

      I am writing from my heart to help others overcome their own health problems, we can not depend on the medical field
      to solve all our health issues. Starting with our children, solve their health problems and they will be healthier adults


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