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Healthy Snacks For Adults-Nutritious Snacking Equals Healthy Snacking

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Healthy Snacking


Snacking has gotten a bad name and blamed for weight gain over the years, actually if you snack with high nutrition small portions you will actually be able to maintain your weight much easier. Consuming small snacks ever few hours maintains your blood sugar levels, this decreases your cravings for those high sugar and high sodium snacks. Manufacturers who produce those high sugar and high sodium snacks spends a great deal of time and money to get the consumer addicted to these snacks, sugar and sodium are highly addictive just as much as caffeine. These are the more you consume the more you  crave snacks, also these are short-term energy sources with fatigue following shortly after. Really,  American’s meals are much larger than they need to be, with today’s lifestyle being less physical occupations people really should down-size their meal portions and add snacks in between.


Many More Benefits To Snack Healthy


Presently I am working on changing my own diet plan, I do eat mainly healthy most of the time. I have gained weight over the summer, believe it or not my nutritionist informed me the reason for my weight gain is consuming too much fruit. Fruit is a healthy snack when consumed in moderation, but fruit has natural sugar which may cause you weight gain. When I get my cravings for something sweet,  I am over eating my love for the sweetness of fruit, all fruit is not created equal. Bananas is the fruit with the highest amount of sugar and calories, I do love my bananas. I put banana’s in so many things for the reason it makes it taste sweeter, I need to cut down on my bananas.


Concentration & Alertness


Learning the benefits you receive from your healthy snacks is a huge asset in being productive during your entire day when your body has the nutrients it needs you will experience improved concentration and alertness all through your day. The reason people experience the late afternoon fatigue is their bodies are running low on fuel, the biggest mistake we all make is grab  those convenient high sugar and high sodium snacks for energy. The best snacks for concentration and alertness are fish, meat, eggs and cheese. 


Roller Coaster Effect


The roller coaster effect of our blood sugar levels going up and down throughout our day can be eliminated by choosing the correct snacks, besides choosing the correct ones we also must consume them frequently to keep our blood sugar levels maintained. One mistake I make is I wait until I am starved before I have a snack,  I do this especially on busy days I do not wish to take the time to stop. These foods eaten before you feel hungry will eliminate fatigue.  Once you are feeling fatigued,  this is a sign you have pushed yourself too long without fuel, the trick is to get fuel into you before fatigue hits you.

Fruit Sugars


Low-Fat Dairy

Whole Grains


High Blood Pressure & More


The majority of people  over 50 are experiencing high blood pressure, another biggie is joint health problems. The Omega-3’s is your answer to battling these problems, these are  heart health foods you should consider adding to your daily diet. Fish is at the top of the list , especially tuna fish. Another good one is walnuts, just one handful of walnuts is a good start each day. Omega-3’s has been known to help people suffering from Schizophrenia,  you are at your mid-life status and to remain healthy when you reach your senior years you must begin eating healthier right now.



Exercise Recovery


Since I have reached the over 50 club I notice my exercise routine has become more exhausting for me, I use to workout 3-5 days per week an hour or more with a combination of weight lifting and cardio. I have been forced to change my exercise routine, I now do yoga and meditation daily twice per day. I start my day and end my day with these two powerful combinations, I still do my weightlifting and cardio but only 3 days per week. I have not lost any of my muscle tone from this routine change, I have noticed an increase in my energy physically and mentally.


Recovery Snack

Yogurt & Banana

Yogurt & Cereal


Healthy Snack Options


I did not want to leave you without sharing with you some healthy snacks, you do not have to give up all the snack foods you love. When purchasing the ones which are not as healthy for you with high sugar and sodium, stock only a very small portion of these types then you will not over consume them. Here is a list of food you should keep in stock as much as possible for healthy snacking, try these for healthy snacks.


Roasted Chick Peas

Grapes ( Try Frozen Grapes )

Chocolate ( Chocolate Nut Spreads On Celery )

Popcorn ( Approximately 3 Cups )

Yogurt ( 1/2 to 1 Cup With 1/2 Cup Fruit or Cereal )

Low-Fat Yogurt ( Sprinkled With Granola )

Dried Fruit Mix ( 1/4 Cup Dried Fruit & Handful of Almonds )



What Is On My Mind Today


The biggest health goals for people over 50 should be their diets and exercise routines whenever you have these right you will feel your best. Be more energized and productive every day, start your day and end your day with some gentle yoga stretches. I only do about 5-8 yoga poses in the morning and the evening, this for me is just the right amount to keep me flexible and toned. Of course you are free to do as much as you desire,  everyone is different so experiment and find what works best for you.


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