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Healthy Food For A Diet-What And What Not To Eat

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I Don’t Believe In Diets


Diets do not work if you are looking for long-term weight loss, in my opinion the only diets worth being on are diets which are for health reasons. People who are living with specific health problems dealing with food must stay on a restricted diet, but everyone else should never go on any diet, they just do not work long-term. Instead, focus on living a new lifestyle, changing your present lifestyle is the key to long-term weight loss. Diets give you temporary weight loss, these only work for people who are looking to size down for a special event happening in their life. This does not mean you never will be able to eat some of your favorite snacks, this means you must choose your  snacks wiser and eat them in moderation?


Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating


There are more healthy foods people can add to their meals than many realize, there are tons of recipes to help you prepare tasty and healthy meals with these foods. You can live and eat very well on a budget with these foods, consider how much are you spending on the unhealthy processed foods and snacks right now? You might even find out you will spend less money with your new lifestyle, you will experience cravings for about two weeks because processed foods are addicting?


Whole Eggs ( Hard Boiled Great Snacks )                                Leafy Greens ( Spinach, Kale, Collards )

Salmon & Tuna                                                                              Cabbage Family

Nuts & Seeds                                                                                Chicken & Turkey Breasts

Avocado’s                                                                                     Brown Rice & Quinoa

Nut Milks                                                                                       Coconut Oil

Fruits                                                                                             Veggies

Beans & Legumes                                                                      Home-Made Soups

Pea Protein Powders                                                                 Brown Rice Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder                                                                Full-Fat Yogurt

Cottage Cheese                                                                        Grapefruit



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 Foods To Avoid


Of all the foods you should avoid, the processed foods which have preservatives and artificial colors and flavors are the worse foods for you. Any processed foods which contain any chemicals are sabotaging your weight and your health, in my opinion these are the main cause of the majority of our health problems today. Would you eat your deodorant or drink your shampoo, these products have chemicals in them and so do your processed foods. Why do you think you become addicted to processed foods, it is your body doing without these chemicals talking to you? Food companies overload your processed foods with sugars and sodium plus artificial sweeteners, these are addicting and very unhealthy for you? Let alone the preservatives are something you really need to avoid to be healthy again, beware you need to read the ingredients for these and avoid buying those foods.


 All Processed Foods Are Not Bad For You


Start planning your grocery shopping trips like you plan your other appointments, we often are in a rush when buying groceries and make bad decisions which foods we might buy. Grocery shopping is just as important as your medical appointments, maybe even more important because making this a priority could decrease many of your health issues? Eating whatever you want and depending on man-made drugs to make up for it is a very bad decision, man-made drugs only relieve some of your symptoms, while your food might eliminate your symptoms? There is a much greater chance your food choices could improve your health before man-made drugs ever will, isn’t your health and your family worth taking a little extra time to read food labels? Some processed food are healthy for you, but the only way to be sure is to read the food labels for hidden chemicals hiding in that can or box of food in your cart?


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Worse Foods For You


These are the worse foods for your weight and your health, but this does not mean you can never eat any of them again. If you want to treat yourself now and then that is fine, moderation and portion size is the key here? What is destroying our health is our overeating these types of food, this is putting too many unhealthy ingredients into our bodes day after day? High amounts of sugar, sodium, artificial sweeteners and chemicals are the culprit of our declining health in the USA, we consume more processed foods than any other country and this is the reason we are the most unhealthy country today.


French Fries

Potato Chips

High Sugar Beverages (Soda Pop )

White Bread Products


Many Fruit Juices

Store Bought Baked Goods

Alcohol ( Beer Especially )

Ice Cream


Coffee Flavored Beverages


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Best   Leafy Green To Eat


I am no different from many of you when it comes to eating enough leafy greens, I just never can find a very good method to get more of these into my body as much as I should? If you are going to eat only one leafy green, it should be spinach. Popeye ate spinach because it was so good for him, plus it gave him the extra power to kick Brutus’s butt and save Olive Oil. Gee, how could Popeye not be extra healthy with his spinach and olive oil together, so what is so great about this yucky leafy green most of us hate to eat?


High Antioxidant

13 Flavonoid Phytonnutrients ( Key Functions In Your Body )

High Iron

Increases Your Metabolism

Heart Healthy

Vitamin C

Vitamin A

Brain Power Booster

Toxin Cleanser



Health Food At Discount Prices


What Is On My Mind Today?


My intention with this article is to help you make healthier food choices as a new lifestyle, this will give you long-term weight management and a healthier you. We all need a tasty snack to break up the boredom of our daily meals, but you can choose healthier snacks without missing out on tasty snacks. Dining out is something we all enjoy, why food tastes better when someone else prepares it is beyond me? Enjoying a food from the worse food list will not ruin your weight or your health, that is as long as you do it in moderation.


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  • Gareth Martin says:

    Great article, i have been trying to make a lifestyle change and there are so many diets out there. It can be overwhelming, i like that you are able to narrow it down to just being able to eat the right foods to stay healthy. I will reading for articles you have


    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I wanted to simplify how you can lose weight and improve your health with simple changes

      to your lifestyle and you need not worry about all these diets on market today


  • Robert says:

    Thank you for listing the foods to avoid as well as the foods to eat. I must confess that although I am grain free I have a soft spot for potato chips and french fries=-) Question: what is your opinion on say, avocado oil chips or coconut oil chips as opposed to the basic canola oil kinds? I’m aware it’s not going to be a healthy as a kale salad or anything like that (damn!). Your comments about budget friendly foods are spot on too. We live on a tight budget and yet don’t have to sacrifice, folks just need to plan it out.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Well if you are going to splurge on chips the avocado and coconut chips are healthier for you, check the ingredients for the sodium content for the best choice of these two.


  • Marley Dawkins says:

    Yeah i agree, there are a lot of misconceptions out there with regards to having diets, and i do agree with a lot of the healthy food suggestions you make here, but i would say that on top of people who have health issues, also professional athletes also have to stick to strict diets. Well at the top of the game anyway, i mean seriously one fatty crisp can be the difference between making it to the scales on weight or over weight.

    Im sure you must have helped a lot of people to improve their eating habits in general, but what would you say was your best success story of someone you helped out?

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I have experienced more success helping women than men, women seem to be more open about asking for help even online.


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