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Health Care-Senior Citizen’s Worse Nightmare

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Health Care


Many people are for a big surprise when they become senior citizens, the government gives people the impression they take care of the senior citizens. Oh,  the government does have many programs for you when you become a senior citizen, what they do not tell you is the majority of you will be just over the line with too high of an income to quality when receiving social security.  Do you really think this is an accident, I will allow you to decide that one for yourself. What a pay back to the seniors in our country, these people supported many of the younger generation for most of their adult lives. Who do you think paid for all the government officials benefits all those years why does the elderly still have to pay school taxes and property taxes once they retire? The main stress in our seniors lives which affects their health is their health care and struggling to pay taxes on a fixed income.


Why Our Seniors Are Struggling


Stress from worrying and struggling to pay for their health care and taxes are the two biggest stresses in our senior’s lives today, everyone knows even the government as we age our health is going to decline. I watched my grandmother after my grandfather passed away struggling to keep her home and put food on the table, now I am watching my parents struggling as well in their senior years. The majority of seniors are forced out of their homes with fixed incomes way lower than they can live and still pay their co-payments, over-the-counter medications and taxes. Why does our government and society allow this to happen, are we accepting this as a part of being elderly or are we just losing our humanity for others?


Senior Citizen Stress











Senior Citizen Stress


Our seniors struggle for years forced to use their life savings until there is nothing left,  way too proud to ask for help from their family and friends. This is the Archie Bunker generation for the ones who are familiar with Archie, hand outs is never a consideration they will do without before asking for any assistance. Even though they are stressed financially,  they are fighters and getting by.  Between financial and health care stress it is slowly wearing them down physically and emotionally, many times the last straw for many is when they lose their partner. My grandmother outlived my grandfather due to a nervous system disease as if this was not bad enough she also outlived all her friends. This feeling of loneliness would cause anyone to experience anxiety and depression in time, she passed away at the age of 94 years old in a nursing home not knowing anyone including her family due to Alzheimer’s disease.


Warning Signs


My grandmother lived with my parents in the back apartment in their home they built for her, my mother did not notice the warning signs anything was going on with my grandmother until she become very severe. My grandmother only ended up in a nursing home because she became impossible to care for, she was healthy physically but mentally she was losing her mind. She became violent and unpredictable, she started wandering around in the middle of the night on the country roads where they lived.


Change In Eating Habits

Change In Routine

Mood Swings





Senior Citizen Stress











Managing Your Senior Stress


For my grandmother it was her memory which was one of her first warning signs, I bought her a journal which helped her for a while by writing everything she wanted and needed to do each day. Amazing she actually remembered to write these things down in the journal and check the journal frequently during her day, Inspirational reading resources gave her much pleasure during her early stages. For the person who is an animal lover, pet therapy is a great choice and companionship for the person. Staying social and physical active is a must as long as they are healthy enough, senior centers often offer classes which gives them a place to go and spend time with people their own age. Very important to be sure they are eating healthy meals and snacks, it is common for seniors to actually forget to eat or lose their appetite. Mediation and Yoga classes have been found to be very beneficial for seniors, these classes should be strictly for seniors and not classes open to all ages.


What Is On My Mind


I wrote this article to prepare you for your senior years as well as to help you with any seniors in your family right now, the early warning signs are the most important  factor in providing assistance to yourself or a loved one. I truly feel our senior citizens are not being treated properly for all they have contributed into society during the lives. Our government has formed a cold heart towards the less fortunate in our society, it feels to me when you are no use to the government any longer with the ability of earning an income and paying taxes you are forgotten.


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