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Handheld Electronic Games Seniors-Give The Christmas Gift To Improve Brain Function

electronic games and alzheimer's

Christmas Gifts For Seniors


By any chance do you have a senior on your Christmas list who is difficult to buy for, I have my father who is elderly with poor health and finding the perfect gift is always a challenge? Shopping for my father for Christmas is what motivated me to write this article, I figured if I struggle with shopping for my elderly father others might as well?

Did you ever consider giving the senior on your Christmas list a handheld electronic game, you might think this is not a gift for the senior you are shopping for, but there are many health benefits for seniors playing electronic games? How many of you give gifts to seniors every year you really don’t think they need or use, I do feel that is the case with my father so this year I wanted to give him something he would use?

My father spends the majority of his time staring at the television most of his day, this is how many seniors spend their free time simply because they are not able to be as physical as in the past.  Studies have shown when elderly people started playing electronic brain games their cognitive functioning improved in as little as fourteen-weeks, when they play these types of games their brains demands full engagement which provides them with many brain functioning benefits.


handheld electronic games seniors


Senior Benefits Playing Electronic Games

  • Eases Their Aches & Pains
  • Reduces Their Anxiety & Stress Levels
  • WII Games Gets Seniors Moving More
  • Improves Their Mood
  • Less Depression
  • More Positive Attitude
  • Smile More Often
  • Socialize With Family More


Brain Games for Seniors

Brain games has helped seniors avoid and postpone Alzheimer’s symptoms, brain games are being used in therapy for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive diseases. Many seniors with poor health becomes depressed and loses interest in everything, I noticed with my father when he has to be less physically active his life seemed to be over for him. When I was a boy my father was always busy and interested in a variety of things, but today he mostly just sits in front of the television and I don’t really think he is even watching the program?


handheld electronic games seniors


How To Choose Electronic Games For Seniors

Does your senior you are shopping for have any special interests which will give you a clue which electronic games they might enjoy, I am not so lucky since my father does not seem to have any real interests any more? If your father might be into sports you can shop for electronic sports games, there are many elderly men especially who are interested in golf. I had my work cut out for me to find the perfect game for my father; I am right now down to two games I am leaning towards for my father.


Handheld Electronic Games For Seniors

  • Yahtzee $ 12.86
  • Classic Electronic Football $ 12.90
  • Pocket Arcade $ 10.53
  • Westminster Solitaire $ 13.30
  • I’m Game $ 39.95
  • 5 In 1 Poker $ 10.74
  • Handheld Portable Digital $ 39.99
  • Electronic Slot Machine $ 15.96
  • Classic Solitaire Game $ 15.99
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I’m Game Electronic Handheld Game

Regular Price $ 39.95

Today’s Price $ 31.96

This is the game I am leaning towards right now for my father for Christmas, the reason I like this game is it has one-hundred built in games for my father to play. See my father has no special interests, so I am thinking with so many games there should be plenty for him to play to stay entertained during his day? This particular game has a nice variety of games for anyone who can’t decide on a specific themed game, I am thinking with this will be the safest game for me to purchase for my father for Christmas this year?

  • Sports
  • Adventure
  • Puzzles
  • Thinking
  • Learning
  • Math
  • Memory
  • Logic


This game even comes with an adapter so you can connect it to your television, so this will allow my father to be able to play at home and in the car when waiting for my mother to finish her shopping. My father rarely goes shopping with my mother unless she puts up a fuss, this will entertain him for hours by my mother shops her heart away.


handheld electronic games seniors


Play Brain Games Free

  • Games CNN
  • AARP
  • Mindgames


What Is On My Mind Today?

If you struggle as I do shopping for the seniors on your Christmas list, I hope this article interests you enough to consider a handheld electronic game? I have better feelings with this choice of gift than I have had in years for my own father, there are electronic games for everyone and for every budget. You are not only giving a gift they will enjoy and use you are also investing in their cognitive functioning at the same time.


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