Ginger And Inflammation-Yes This Reduces Inflammation And Pain

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Chronic inflammation is affecting everyone young and old, consuming an anti-inflammatory diet is your best treatment plan. Many of the foods we are consuming every day is causing our immune systems to be over-active, this is causing our immune systems to be attacking our own bodies. When this happens,  we experience chronic inflammation, the majority of people with chronic inflammation also experiences autoimmune disease. People are experiencing these diseases younger and younger with each generation, eliminating your trigger foods and cutting back on processed foods is your best plan. Gluten should be eliminated if you suffer from chronic disease, gluten is known to increase inflammation in the majority of the people in some type of level. Low impact exercise, vitamins and supplements and herbs are your next best friend.




Ginger is another herb which can be used to manage your chronic inflammation, ginger should be taken with food or it can cause some digestion issues for some folks. This herb is available in many forms, ginger is a plant which the root is used for baking and cooking. Other forms of this herb is capsules, tinctures, powders, oils and teas. For the most anti-inflammatory benefits the capsule form is recommended, choose super-critical extraction for the purest and most benefits.


2 Times Per Day ( 255 Miligrams )

Test With 100-200 Miligrams  Per Day For 4 To 6 Weeks


Benefits Of Ginger




Muscle Pain ( 2 Tablespoons Grated Ginger )



Motion Sickness

Upset Stomach

Do Not Use If Taking Blood Thinners


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Ginger Side-Effects


Herbs all have the potential of side-effects when taking regularly, most are mild for most people compared to anti-inflammatory drugs. The most common side-effects are heartburn and diarrhea, diabetics should consult physician before taking since it may cause increase in insulin levels or lower blood sugar in some people with diabetes. High doses may increase heart problems for people with already heart conditions, if you have any type of health problems you should consult a physician before taking any vitamins, supplements or herbs.


How To Use Ginger


Ginger like any herbs is easy to use by adding to your meals, ginger is most known in the USA for in baked goods. In Asian countries this herb is used in stir-fry dishes, other ways to use is adding to your soups. Ginger and orange juice can be added to pureed sweet potato’s, you can even add this to your favorite smoothie recipes.


Ginger Lemonade


Freshly Grated Ginger Roots

Lemon Juice




Ginger Salad Dressing



Soy Sauce

Olive Oil



What Is On My Mind Today


If you are a tea drinker using ginger and turmeric together makes one powerful anti-inflammatory beverage, I use herbs which decrease inflammation in all my meals. I will sprinkle a little of ginger and turmeric on my rice dishes I prepare. Remember to eliminate gluten from your diet, also nightshade foods are trigger foods for many people with auto-immune disease. There are many food sacrifices we must make just to feel better, do yourself a favor and do an elimination diet to find out your trigger foods.















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