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Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Buy For-Chocolate Making Kit And More


Talk About Anxiety And Stress


The main holiday stress trigger for many people are buying for those people who seem to have just about everything, Many people who seem to have everything often are seniors, shopping for seniors who have everything they need and want is a major stress trigger for many people. Seniors often do not have a wide variety of  hobbies which limits possible gift choices, many do not need clothing since they do not often wear their clothes out. Seniors are the most difficult age group for many people to shop for, gift baskets are a very popular gift seniors receive often on the holidays. I often make my own gift baskets for my senior parents, this gives the basket a personal touch.


Shopping For Mom


Shopping for mom’s who seems to have everything can be overwhelming for many people, my mom is much easier for me to shop for than my father. My mom has many interests which makes shopping for her easier for me, she loves the gift baskets with a variety of smaller gifts in them. She always has room for one more figurine or home decor gift, mom’s love anything you give to them especially home-made gifts are very special for them. My mom watches a lot of television and often snacks while watching her favorite programs, making a gift basket with her favorite snacks is always something she enjoys. Does your mom collect anything, my mom is a collector and her themes change from time to time giving me new gift options all the time. Giving mom a subscription to a magazine which relates to one of her interests can be a possible surprise gift, my mom is always cold so a heating blanket is another good gift for her. Choosing a gift for mom’s with everything is a challenge, but consider her interests and how she spends her time you can come up with creative gift ideas.


Chocolate Making Kit

Bread Machines

Popcorn Maker

Ice Cream Maker

Wine & Wine Glass Kit

Scented Candles

Dinner Reservation For Two

Netflix Subscription

Journal / Diary

Photo Gifts

Aromatherapy Kit

Robotic Vacuum

Personalized Gifts


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Shopping For Dad’s


Shopping for my dad does give me some anxiety searching for a nice gift, my dad is 80 years old and he does not have many hobbies and interests. Many people with elderly dad’s understand the pressure of choosing a good gift can be overwhelming, my father has health problems which restricts his activity. My father spends most of his time at home in his favorite chair or on the couch watching television between his cat naps, this is my difficult person to buy for. elderly men are still like big kids, I focus on fun gifts for my dad. Most dad’s do appreciate fun gifts for the holidays, if you have a guy who is difficult to buy for possibly focusing on fun gifts will ease your anxiety.


Electronic Games

Portable Power Jump Starter

Personalized Fun Gifts ( Gag Gifts )

Smart Television

Game Systems

Gift Baskets

Streaming Device

DVR Player ( Portable Great Gift )

Portable Shower Speakers

Ear Buds

Sand Art

Adult Coloring Books

Fish Aquarium Kit

New Hobby Kit


What Is On My Mind Today


Buying for seniors often is a challenge for the majority of people during the holidays, the best strategy is to focus on creative thoughtful gifts. If the person has health issues,  you can focus on gifts which will ease their health problems, heating blankets are very appreciated by many people. Gift baskets with products which will ease their pain is also a good idea if you are creative making a personal gift will be more appreciated than any gift you can purchase in the shops. I hope this article gives you some ideas for the difficult people you have to shop for, managing your stress during the holiday preparation will make your holiday much more fun.


Personal Gifts For Hard To Buy People


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