Get My First Job-Was College Worth It

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Was College Worth It?


Many graduates are asking themselves this very question if you have been out of college for a while now and still have not found your first job you might be thinking was college really worth it.  86% of college graduations was unemployed or employed outside of their career choice in 2015,  many were working at dollar stores and fast-food places. No wonder many of these young people experienced high stress symptoms, imagine putting in years of college to be a cashier or a fast-food cook.  Another very depressing experience for these young people,  Uncle Sam wants them to start paying back their student loans. The tuition for college education has become extremely high, which means most students must go very deep in debt to get a college education.


Career Stress


Post Graduate & Anxiety Tips


For you college students who have not graduated yet here are a few tips,  being proactive before graduation will give you some stress relief. Planning before graduating your job search is a good strategy, use your resources while in college for potential employees. Attending job fairs is always a good strategy to take advantage of,  applying for entry level positions before graduation will give you a jump on many other students. These tips will prevent you from experiencing as much stress after graduation, perfecting your strategy now will pay off later.


College Student Stress Manaagement




It is always a good idea to be aware of the symptoms of post graduate depression, the sooner you realize this the quicker you can take measures to recover.  Many times depression sets in very quickly before we know it we are in deep depression. Many people go into denial before they ever do anything about it once depression takes control of our lives it is not easy to get our life back in control.


Feeling Of Lost Control Of Your Life

Lack Of Support


Sleep Problems

Low Self-Esteem





Post Graduate Depression


Get Yourself A Good Strategy


Getting yourself a good stress strategy will prevent many people from experiencing depression, since you made it this far in your life I imagine you have some type of a stress management strategy already, possibly some of these suggestions you can add to your present strategy or at least try.




Self-Esteem Boosters

Stay Positive

Stay Motivated

Exercise / Yoga

Deep Breathing

Healthy Relationships/ Supportive People

Sleep Routine

Herbal Supplements

Avoid Comparing Yourself To Others


Healthy Diet




What Is On My Mind Today


I really am concerned with the young people’s health today, more young people are dealing with health issues today more than ever. Our society has become so severely stressful over the years, the younger generations are suffering because of this. Sex is on almost every program on television today, no wonder people are so sex crazed. Substance abuse is extremely high, especially for the younger generation. Way too much stress on our young people too early in their lives, this has to have a dramatic effect on them. Mental health issues have out numbered physical health diseases, it is time we help these people anyway we can.



  • just4Kicks says:

    Hi, celia your site is very interesting and so is your content. it’s interesting to know that persons are burned by school fees like this furthering of education should be assisted by government to some degree. perhaps through wealthy affiliate you can endeavor to build a commity designed to help these persons through paid sponsorship

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      Very nice idea to form a community through sponsorship to help these poor people, shame the government practically begs these young students to take out student loans and even when they can not find employment are expected to pay back these loans.


  • PatLemy says:

    We often speak of the employees stress, but job seekers are also under a lot of pressure. Between hostile labor market and the responses of recruiters that are lagging, it is difficult not to succumb to stress.
    This content really states many advices that could be useful for students.
    There is no doubt that these tips will prevent students from experiencing as much stress after graduation.
    With that, I strongly recommend this article to all students who are about to graduate.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Pat Lemy,

      I appreciate you commenting on my article, I do hope this article reaches some students and they give these tips serious thought.


  • Hello admin,
    I like how you title “what is on my mind today” good philosophy of the writer is important. it is really a shame some college grads can’t find decent work. I really believe the influx of population has restricted most of us and unfortunately the rural areas of the world just don’t have jobs and careers for individuals to pursue. I grew up in WV and had to leave that area all together as a healthcare professional because I work make more income elsewhere and have more opportunity. I really feel “your location” makes a difference also, along with what you’ve chosen for a degree.

    Great post and enjoyed!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Ms Pavlovich

      Your are very correct where you live has a huge impact on finding work in our career, that is the reason
      many college grads must relocate for their careers.


  • Gindy says:

    Hi again, I just commented on the fact that so many graduates do not get jobs because of their education. Guess you’re well ahead of me. The statistics of 86% of college graduates being under employed or unemployed is a lot higher than I would have guessed. This is a great article, and I hope people see it before thinking a college education with huge debt is going to open their life path. It’s sad how often it doesn’t work out. Thanks again for the information.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Grindy,

      I have tried to help the young people prepare for their college years, it often takes some time to get that dream job they are looking for.


  • Manny says:

    Hi there, it really is a tough time for graduates but unfortunately this is an issue that has been a problem in many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America for the last 20 years. While there has been huge strides in medicine and technology which has resulted in people living longer and less jobs. Governments around the world seem to be unable to accepts the fact that we need a radical change in how work and jobs are seen or this problem will grow and cause many more issues around the globe.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Manny,

      This problem is becoming worse and worse, we are starting to have more people in need of jobs than job available though technology. Something is going to have to be done and soon, this is one reason so many families have to depend on their government just to feed their children


  • mary tyas says:

    this issue of “is college worth it” is really topical, and its great that you are bringing this to the forefront. Many people do not realize that graduates could be feeling depressed, and perhaps the graduates themselves do not where to turn. Your suggestions are all great. The only thing I found a little strange is the placement of the Apple Mac ad, it does not seem to fit here.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Mary,

      I do feel people do not realize how stressful college is for students, then even more stressful searching for your first job after college
      can really depress anyone. I am not sure what the apple mac ad was doing in this article, crazy place for it to end up?


  • Patrick says:

    Good day Celia, its saddening to see that not much has changed from my college years. Depression has left its scars on me so I can relate to how impactful this can be to College Students. I have found that focus and clarity of mind through meditation is a very powerful thing, and I am glad you mentioned it. Second only to good solid sleep i find these two powerhouses to be great deturrents to stress. Intriguing post good sir!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Patrick,

      I agree sleep makes a huge difference in our quality of lives, we handle stress much easier when we are getting quality sleep. Using meditation helps many people with this problem, so you are very correct with both of them you have a very powerful combination.


  • Mark says:

    This is an awesome article. I really like the pictures you picked for the page and I like how you incorporated all the useful information into the page. The layout is well thought out and I enjoyed visiting your webpage because I also am very into fitness. I also can relate to the stress after attending college because I was a college student and having all the loans after school can be very stressful. You go into great detail explaining this and I now know. I spent a lot of time on your page browsing through your different post and thoroughly taking everything in. Thank you for your great webpage keep up the great work.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mark,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read some of my other articles, I hope you are doing well since college and able to pay your student loans without too much difficulty.


  • Cyrus says:

    I was having flashbacks reading your article. I didn’t realize it had gotten worse since I graduated in the job market for new graduates. How does student debt stress tie in with this? I know many people paying off huge loans and the stress of it eats at them every day. How do you keep calm in such a stressful life situation that you know will last for years?

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      College career stress is high because jobs are less due to technology and the economy,

      one must learn good stress management skills to survive, no other way.


  • Danielle says:

    Great Job, I love the information you provided its very informative. I would like to suggest that either you make the font bigger when listing the symptoms and strategies or perhaps an image or brief description. It just kind of looks bare around that part. Anyways just a suggestion Great blog, keep up the great work.

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