Free Christmas Music Kids- The Benefits Of Music For Children

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Children & Music


It is amazing how something most of us love can provide so many benefits, so many children become seriously interested in music after they start school. Studies has shown children who take up music in school receive many important health benefits. Schools which provide music programs for their students has a higher attendance rate than schools who don’t provide music programs. Both teachers and parents consider music and the arts an important part of a child’s development, so what does music programs in schools provide for the students?

  • Larger Vocabulary
  • Advanced Reading Skills
  • Higher Scores On Standardized Tests
  • Higher Grades In English
  • Seventeen Percent Higher Math Grades


free christmas music kids


Children Moods & Music

Music is extremely beneficial for a child’s emotional health, so many children who enjoy music most days have a much brighter mood. Music has been used by philosophers such as Plato to help soothe anxiety and stress in troubled children. Music has been building confidence in children for a very long time, so many kids become very motivated once introduced to music. Many of us might remember how our teachers used music to teach us our alphabet, and children’s moods and confidence has been proven to improve with the use of music for motivation.

Shopping malls have been using music to keep consumers in the stores longer for more sales, and dentists and physician’s play music in their waiting rooms to help calm their patients. You will find music is all around us and most of us takes our music for granted, so understanding the different types of music and how they affect us is important for our health.


Types Of Music

We are aware that there are many types of music available for us to listen to, but are you aware how the different types of music affects you? Did you even wonder how lullabies calms and soothers infant babies, you don’t even need to be a good singer to soother your baby with a lullaby? Some music can actually cause us to become anxious and sad, you can have music playing in the background and not thinking you are even listening to the music and it still can affect your mood. Teenagers are a good example of how music can affect you, so many teenagers become anxious from listening to the wrong type of music.


free christmas music kids


Learning With Music

The alphabet song is a very good example how we use music to learn our ABC’s, so many teachers and schools have added music to help the students learn more quickly. Music increases children learning new things easier and quicker, you might remember yourself how music helps you be more productive as well?

Music Improves Children To:

  • Pay Attention Longer
  • Memorize Better
  • Improves Their Interest
  • Helps Their Reasoning


Background music is very beneficial for children and adults to be more productive, you might think background music would be disruptive, but for most people it actually has the opposite affect? When you listen to calming music you will experience pro-social behavior and decrease your impulsive behavior, you will find this is very beneficial for children in school?



How many times have you used music to calm yourself when you were anxious about something, you can use music to calm a child in the very same way? Music decreases anxiety in people of all ages, so no matter if you are an infant baby or an elderly person music can decrease your anxiety. Therapists are using music along with cognitive therapy to lower anxiety in people of all ages, you will receive much more positive results using music and conventional therapy than using therapy alone?



How many times have you used music to help you or your child fall asleep, you will find using the right type of music to provide a calming and soothing affect? When you use the wrong type of music, it can have the opposite effect on you, so learning which type of music is best for sleep is important for all of us. Sleep therapy sound machines are very popular devices today for many people who struggle to get enough sleep, so if you have any sleep issues you should consider trying one of these devices.


free christmas music kids



Who does not experience stress in their life at least now and then, you can use music to relive your stress when you choose to listen to the correct type of music? It is recommended to play calming background music to decrease your irritability and promote relaxation, you can also experience more stress by playing the wrong type of music in the background.

Music has improved the health of many elderly patients in nursing homes, you can also improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease with calming music? Relaxation music is recommended for lowering your stress hormones, you might find this amazing how the simple act of playing music in the background can improve your health?

You should never play high volumes of fast music whenever you are anxious and stressed, you will experience this type of music will increase your anxiety and stress levels. It is very important the music you expose your children to when they are young, so many parents should make it a point to choose the music for their children seriously?


Free Christmas Music For Children


Amazon Recommended Christmas Songs For Kids 

  • My Christmas Songbook                           $ 9.99
  • Wee Sing The Best Christmas Ever        $ 14.95
  • I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas $ 13.45
  • Elmos Twelve Days Of Christmas           $ 4.99
  • Christmas Songs For Kids                        $ 12.99


Amazon Recommended Christmas DVD’s For Kids

  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever         $ 15.99
  • Best Christmas Party Ever                     $ 4.88
  • Home Christmas Collection Six DVD’s  $ 49.68
  • Christmas Lights Two                             $ 9.95
  • A Christmas Celebration                         $ 11.99


What Is On My Mind Today?

Music is a very powerful way to cope with your anxiety and stress, you can also use music to help you sleep better. The best part about music is it is not expensive, you might even want to consider learning to play a musical instrument? People who play musical instruments in the evening before bed has less sleep problems, so choose the right type of music at the right time during your day and experience many benefits.


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