Foods To Avoid For Inflammation-Knowing Which Foods Are Trigger Foods

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Our Diets


All my life my diet has been what I thought to be extremely healthy, other than a high sugar or high sodium snack now and then.  Only a few years ago I learned many of the foods in my diet was trigger foods for my lifetime inflammation problems. As a boy I was sick more often than I was healthy, in and out of the hospital my first 6 years of my life. Until the foods I was consuming caused severe damage to my organs,  I had no idea what I was eating was doing this silent damage, living in a small country town the physician’s were not up on many of the autoimmune diseases. I went from doctor to doctor for most of my life for my flare-ups especially during our fall season in Pennsylvania, I am now on a very strict diet of no gluten and no dairy and as little processed foods as possible. This has improved my health the past few years, but this diet is very difficult to stick too especially when even some of the foods not in these food groups now are trigger foods.


Autoimmune Diseases


If you or anyone you know has any type of autoimmune disease the diet is your best management plan, all of our autoimmune diseases chronic inflammation is the cause of our symptoms. Before processed foods and convenient foods were available this type of disease was much less severe and not nearly as many of them. As the years have gone by more of these diseases have popped up into our society, there are just too many chemicals in our lives which is upsetting our body chemistry. The most serious of these chemicals are in the foods we consume today, all those artificial sweeteners and preservatives do not mix naturally with our body chemistry. Consuming these in moderation we can survive with less severe symptoms, so the plan is to add more of the anti-inflammatory foods and less of the inflammatory foods.Also do not over-look your beverages, many of these are full of triggers for chronic inflammation.


Chronic Inflammation


Chronic inflammation is affecting everyone, just because you do not have any autoimmune diseases at this time I can say with confidence you are experiencing inflammation from these trigger foods. How many folks do you know who does not complain about not having enough energy, this is one of the early signs of chronic inflammation? Everyone seems to have low energy and sleep problems, guess what these are the early warning signs you really should change your diet.  Gluten is one if not the biggest reason for these two symptoms, just eliminating gluten you will experience more energy and improved sleep. I noticed a big difference in both of these within two weeks of going gluten-free, I even notice today when I start consuming too many grains even gluten-free my symptoms do increase. The grain products on the market today is not healthy for us to consume as our major part of our diet, the majority of our favorite convenient and snack foods are grain based. I even noticed a difference changing my dog’s food to grain-free all natural with no preservatives or artificial junk.



Well Known Trigger Foods


I do not expect any of you to be able to eliminate all these well-known trigger foods, my intention for this article is to share the trigger foods so you at least know which food products are contributing to your chronic inflammation. As strict as I follow my own autoimmune diet I cannot eliminate all my trigger foods, it is impossible to eliminate these foods,  but it is possible to cut back on them and add more healthy foods in our diet plan. Just this one lifestyle change will reduce your chronic inflammation and pain, these two reasons alone should motivate you to give this a try. Just consider for two weeks doing the anti-inflammatory diet.




I must admit I never associated sugar with chronic inflammation if you start reading ingredients you might be shocked at how much and how many of our foods contains sugar. When reading the ingredients any ingredient ending with “ose” is some type of sugar form, fructose and sucrose are the hidden sugar in many products many of us do not associate with sugar.


Saturated Fats


Saturated fats in moderation is not such a bad thing, but in our society today it has become another abused inflammatory additive in our diets. Moderation is the key for most of these trigger foods, unless you have an extreme allergy consuming in moderation is a good plan. One of the hardest foods for me to give up is Pizza, this is one of the over-consumed saturated fat foods we often abuse.


Meat Products ( Red Meat )

Dairy Products

Pasta Dishes ( Substitute With Gluten-Free )

Grain Based Deserts


Trans Fats


If you think saturated fats are tough for you to cut back on, wait until you cut back on trans fats. The majority of these trigger foods are mainly because we abuse them and do not eat them in moderation, these fats are found in your fried foods and processed snack foods two of our favorite foods to consume regularly.


Fast Foods

Fried Products

Processed Snack Foods

Hydrogenated Oils



Omega-6 Fatty Acids


These buggers consumed excessively will cause you chronic inflammation, before being aware of these being trigger foods I never gave them a thought of being able to cause inflammation. These are found in many of your favorite salad dressings, so what are these doing in salad dressings I thought salad dressing were healthy for you?


Salad Dressing

Vegetable Oil

Safflower Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Soy Oil

Peanut Oil


Refined Carbs


Our society sure does love our refined carbs products, these more likely end up on your dinner table more often then they should. You will find refined carbs to really take a huge bite out of the foods your consuming regularly, maybe even amaze you these are triggers for your inflammation? If you are like myself and grew up thinking these were healthy foods, you might find out you have been consumjng too many of these too often as well?


White Flour Products




White Rice

White Potato’s

French Fries





MSG is very unhealthy for us and another trigger for your symptoms, this is a flavor enhancing food additive. Anything in our food which is not natural you can be sure it is not healthy for our bodies. I avoid these products completely, there is nothing about these which is healthy and possibly this additive causes addiction and cravings?


Asian Foods With Soy Sauces

Fast Foods


Soup Mixes

Salad Dressing

Deli Meats

Inflammation From MSG Could Cause Liver Problems


Healthy Snacks


Gluten / Casein


Gluten and casein food products are the two which eliminated for most people with autoimmune really improves their lives, I do not consume either of these ever. These will cause your symptoms which will make your life very miserable, most people experience a wide variety of digestive symptoms plus many others such chronic dry eyes, mouth and nose. Avoid any product with Wheat, Rye, Barley & Whey (Dairy )




I would recommend avoiding any artificial sweeteners, best to use natural sweetener such as fruit when possible. Honey is best in your beverages rather then sugar or artificial sweeteners. This particular sweetener may causes more than inflammation, you also may experience  symptoms of decreased brain health.


What Is On My Mind Today


This article should give you a very good idea which foods are triggers for chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases, best diet plan is to consume as many natural foods without any of those nasty artificial chemicals. Autoimmune diseases are man-made from the unnatural garbage in our food products, you can not eliminate all these from your diet, but cutting back is the best strategy for managing your inflammation and autoimmune disease.


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