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Foods Not To Eat When Pregnant-Taking Care Of You And Junior




When a lady is pregnant, she will take extra good care of herself for her unborn baby, many of the things ladies do when pregnant can affect the health of their unborn child. Many of the things you should do while pregnant you should be doing all the time, but the majority of people fall back into their old unhealthy habits after giving birth to their child. You would think after so many months of taking such good care of yourself you would have formed a healthy lifestyle, the majority of pregnant women will make many sacrifices for a safe birth of their unborn child.


Prenatal Vitamins


Did you know there are special vitamins for women when they are pregnant, I wonder how many women take these vitamins? Your body does need extra nutrient when you are pregnant, your unborn child needs as much nutrition as possible to grow and be healthy. All prenatal vitamins night not be the same, so how does a woman know which prenatal vitamins she should take?


Folic Acid 400 Mcg

Calcium 200-300 Mg

Iron 17 Mg

Vitamin D 70 Mg

Thiamine 3 Mg

Riboflavin 2 Mg

Niacin 20 Mg

B12 6 Mg

Vitamin E 10 Mg

Zinc 15 Mg

Iodine 150 Micrograms


Prenatal Vitamins For Mom & Baby


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What Not To Eat When Pregnant


You might be surprised how many foods you should not be eating while you are pregnant, some are obvious and others are foods I would not eat myself at any time, such as raw meat. How many people I wonder eats raw meat and shellfish, possibly these are popular foods in other parts of the world than where I live? Always be sure your meat is well cooked, even under cooked meat can be dangerous for your unborn child. Unpasteurized milk is another food to avoid when you are pregnant, curious what else you should not be eating while pregnant?


 Deli Meats




Tile Fish

Canned Fish


Smoked Seafood

Raw Eggs




unwashed veggies

Soft Cheeses






Mexican Cheese


Exercise & Tips


You should attempt thirty minutes of exercise per day with the okay from your physician, good exercise for pregnant ladies are walking, swimming and prenatal yoga. Learning and using some relaxation techniques is very good for you and your baby, meditation is good for everyone and especially for you when you are expecting. Taking frequent breaks during your day is recommended, your diet should be small frequent meals instead of larger meals. These are some tips you might be interested in giving a try, for even more good tips on what to expect while pregnant check out this recommended best seller.


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What To Expect When You Are Expecting


This book is more like your own personal manual while you are pregnant, this is like having your own personal physician right there with you in your own home. This awesome book is written by Heidi Murkoff, there is an impressing 18.5 million copies in print. How about this for high reviews, USA today regarded this book as the most influential book of the last  25 years?


Full Of Useful Information

Beneficial Advice

Great Tips


Answers To Most Common Questions

Even Advice For New Dads

Prenatal Screening

Pregnancy Safety

Lifestyle Tips


What To Expect When Your Pregnant


What Is On My Mind Today?


What is more important to us than our children? Mothers are very special people, they sacrifice so much from the time they become pregnant with their children, and even after their children are full-grown adults. My mother still tries to take care of me in her elderly years, she is suffering from several autoimmune diseases, but that does not stop her from doing for her grown up children and grandchildren. If there was an award for personal sacrifice and love, mothers all over the world would get my vote.


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7 thoughts on “Foods Not To Eat When Pregnant-Taking Care Of You And Junior

  1. I was surprised to see some of the foods not allowed to be eaten by pregnant women included fish and cheeses. Being over 60, I have not thought about this topic for quite some time.
    I am into holistic living and am surprised that some of the foods mentioned are good for you, so wonder where the information is coming from.
    I understand all the processed foods as they aren’t good for anybody, so that is understandable.
    I carried twins and was super healthy as I ate everything in sight. Cheese and canned tuna and much of the banned foods in your list.
    Just wondering.

    1. Thank You

      Most mothers of the past ate many of the foods pregnant mom’s should not eat today, processed foods are not good for anyone anytime but even more during pregnancy.


  2. Thanks for your reply, do you wonder why the kids of the past weren’t so sickly as kids are today? We ate everything, as our mothers harvested all and did their own canning and preserving, hence no chemicals and preservatives.

  3. Hi, thankyou for your article, it was really interesting. I am surprised however that when pregnant you really have to watch some foods, I just naturally thought you could eat what you wanted and whatever you craved for. I must admit that when I was pregnant I ate a lot of those foods, but thank god everything turned out alright. Cheers Joanne

    1. Thank You

      Today food is not what it used to be in the past, maybe the way food is processed is the reason some foods today are not good when you are pregnant.


  4. Hi really glad that I have read this post. Firstly, although I am not a women, I feel this is really useful especially from the exercises and the food intake. I always felt that exercising is bad from pregnant ladies because what if they injure themselves and miscarriage? But now I know that there are exercises that can be done with low risk

    Also, I learnt that small meals are better than those huge ones. I will definitely bookmark this page when my time has come, 😛 and good luck to you!

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate your comment and book marking my article for future reading.


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