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Financial Help Breast Cancer Patients-Jeffs Family Helpline


Breast Cancer Patient Assistance


You don’t have to face breast cancer alone, there are organization’s available to help you while you are going through this time in your life. This article is to give you the information of several organizations which are eagerly waiting to help you, understanding your options for breast cancer treatment is available with a FREE download breast cancer treatment guide. Feel free to sign up for my Free newsletter for more article like this one delivered directly to your email box for you.


the breast cancer site


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Breast Cancer Research


Breast Cancer Treatment Guide


Are you or someone you know in need of Free information on breast cancer treatment, in this Free guide which you can download you will learn about breast cancer treatment options available for you?


  • How To Choose Your Best Breast Cancer Care
  • Breast Cancer Types & Stages
  • Advanced Treatment Plans
  • Options For Breast Reconstruction
  • Specialists & Treatment Locations


Request an appointment with the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Specialist @ 844-884-6702, did you know Cleveland Clinic Center is ranked number one in Ohio for cancer by the U.S. News & World Report? 

Download Your Free Breast Cancer Treatment Guide





The Pink Fund


With the pink fund you receive real help right now, families don’t need to worry with the help of The Pink Fund Organization.  This organization provides ninety days non-medical-cost-of-living expenses to breast cancer patents if you are in active treatment right now you are encouraged to apply for assistance with this organization?


  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Housing


Apply Online 

Or Contact The Pink Fund @

PO Box 603 Bloomfield Hills, Mi 48303

Call Us @






Breast Cancer Research Foundation



Every donation is much appreciated and used for research in the battle of breast cancer, even a small one-time donation can make a big difference if enough people donate even one time.


one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer


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What Is On My Mind Today?


Anyone who has breast cancer I urge you to share this article with them, at least share the links to these organizations which can help them with assistance. Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month if you possibly can make a one time donation or purchase from one of the organizations in this article it would help someone with breast cancer, many of are not financially able to donate regularly but even a little can make a huge difference if enough of us are doing it.


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11 thoughts on “Financial Help Breast Cancer Patients-Jeffs Family Helpline

  1. I agree with this article when they say that ou don’t have to face breast cancer alone, there are organization’s available for people with this cancer. Its great that they provide guide which you can download you will learn about breast cancer treatment options available for you. With the pink fund you receive real help right now, and thats what everyone is looking for!

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate your comments on my breast cancer article, these are awesome programs to look into for assistance for people with breast cancer. I am sure there are many others as well if people have the time to do the research, I thank you for commenting and wish you a great day


  2. Cancer sucks!
    My mom just got diagnosed with lung cancer and her battle is taking it out of her.
    She was lucky to not have breast cancer, but at the end of the day cancer is cancer!
    Do you know of a similar program like this for lung cancer?
    In either case I am going to save your site, I would like to get her one of these jackets.

    1. Thank You Brendon,

      I appreciate you sharing with myself and my readers about your mother with lung cancer, as you said  cancer is cancer no matter what part of the body it is affecting.

      Lung Cancer Assistance

      Lung Cancer Financial Resources

      Check These Links Out For Your Mom,

      Wish your mom the best in recovery


  3. It is incredibly sad that every person anywhere either knows someone suffering from some form of cancer or has a relative suffering from it. It is awesome to find sites like this one doing whatever they can do allow affected folks out there to mitigate this horrible disease and letting them know that they don’t have to go through it alone. Thank you for offering to assist those in need. I was told about this site and am happy to donate to help in any way I can. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

    1. Thank You Rico,

      I appreciate your comment very much, all I ask is you share my website with others in need.

      Take Care 


  4. Thank you for the helpful links and info about breast cancer.

    I have not had anyone in my immediate family have this, and hopefully never will — but knowing there are good places out there that can help with this kind of thing makes me feel easier.

    Have you had anyone in your family get breast cancer?

    1. Thank You

      I am happy to hear from you, even happier no one in your family has experienced breast cancer. I have had no one in my family as well with breast cancer, my father has bladder cancer and my neighbor had breast cancer but other than that my family has been fortunate.


  5. Hello Celiacman,

    I’ve tried to enter your website multiple times but it is displaying the following error: This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.

    You should definitely look into fixing this issue before listing your website up for comment. Maybe it is an issue on my end, but just in-case. I would still check it out!

    Please private message me after it’s been fixed, so I can leave you a proper comment. Thanks!

    – Eric

  6. Hi my name is marnita i just had a biopsy and iam scared iam waiting on my result s

    1. Thank You

      I am very sorry to hear you are waiting for a biopsy, we must have faith all will be well.
      If you need any assistance use the resources I provide, feel free to contact me if you need
      to talk at any time


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