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Facts About Christmas For Kids-Adults Might Find These Facts Interested Too


Christmas Facts


There are many interesting facts about all our holidays, Christmas being our most important holiday there are many facts and myths about Christmas to read about. Christmas and Easter are very important holidays we celebrate every year, Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ and Easter is Jesus Christ rebirth from his death on the cross. There are many interesting facts about Christmas people of all ages will be interested in knowing about, many people do not know what the Christmas tree really symbolizes or the Christmas wreath.


 Christmas Trees


There  are many interesting facts about our Christmas tree, did ;you know there is a specific day you should put your Christmas tree up in your home? There is also a specific day you should take your tree down, this tradition has been forgotten and the majority of people do not put their tree up and take it down any specific time. Christmas trees are also known as the yule tree, the best Christmas trees are your firs, pine and spruces. Germany was the first to take an evergreen indoors and decorate for Christmas, this was in the 16th century. The first Christmas trees were decorated with apples, nuts and dates, in the 18th century candles were used for lights on the Christmas tree. 1895 the first electric lights were used on Christmas trees, the Christmas tree stands for ” The Mass Of Christ “.


 Bah Humbug


Most of you are familiar with bah humbug, this became popular from the novel “The Christmas Carol “. First a novel then became cartoon and movie for kids during the holiday season, if you are not familiar you can purchase the book or the movie in most stores or order it online. Today there seems to be more scrooges, the reason for this is many people are under severe pressure during the holidays and experience anxiety and depression. Next time you start to think bah humbug, stop yourself and remember you will sound like an old grumpy scrooge.


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More Christmas Facts


Jingle bells was written by James Pierport in 1857, the original title was ” One Horse Open Sleigh” and this was written for Thanksgiving not Christmas which surprises everyone.


The idea of naughty children receiving coal for Christmas came from Italy, I am not sure if children today even know about getting coal for Christmas if you are naughty?


45% of the world celebrates the Christmas holiday season


Plum pudding has no plums, plums was the medieval name for raisins.


1843 The First Christmas Card


Christmas Plants Are  The Pointesettia, Holly & Mistletoe


Over 3 Billion Christmas Cards Sent Yearly In The USA


Christmas Colors Are Green, Red & Gold


Christmas Trees Are At Least 15 Years Old


Candy Canes Were Originally Pure White


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What Is On My Mind Today


It is always interesting to learn some facts, many of the facts in this article I did know myself until I wrote the article. I am sure this article will interest  adults as much as the kids, Christmas is the time to open up your hearts and give to the needy if you are able too, many of us are struggling today and not in the position to give as much as in the past. When you are out doing your errands and holiday shopping keep your eyes open for an opportunity to help someone in need, helping others gives us many good feelings inside. Let’s focus on helping more people all year around, thank you for reading my article and feel free to leave me a comment if you desire too.



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