Essential Oil Recipes For Sleep-Number One Health Problem For Most People

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Insomnia & Sleep

How do you sleep most nights determines how productive you are the next day, I for one have always struggled with getting a good night’s sleep. The majority of people especially in the United States struggles with their sleep, I really feel it is the chemicals we are exposing our bodies to regularly which is effecting our sleep. What is the best method to overcome our sleep problems naturally are using the plants God provided for us to stay healthy, people with arthritis even experience less joint pain when they use essential oils to sleep better.

How Is Your Memory?

My memory and brain functioning is so much better after a good night’s sleep, you might experience the same thing yourself. I find I just am not able to concentrate and focus as well when I don’t sleep, Since I am a writer this can interfere dramatically with my creativity. and Since I started taking advantage of essential oils, I am so much more productive, so if you are struggling with brain functioning during your day that could be your body telling you to get more sleep.

essential oils for sleep

Making Good Decisions

Besides the lack of a good night’s sleep affecting your brain functioning for performance, I have made my worse decisions after a bad night’s sleep. I also experience less patience and I am even cranky from not enough quality sleep, so if you notice yourself struggling with making decisions and being in a less perky mood this could be a sign you need to do something about your sleep.

Risking Your Health

For most of my life I experienced health problems which dramatically affected my life, and when you experience long periods of not getting enough sleep it can cause you to be a risk for many health problems. I notice when I don’t get enough sleep my body feels like I am not getting enough to eat, so many of us experience weight problems due to over eating from not enough sleep. It is funny how the lack of sleep affects our appetites as well as our risks for other health problems, I also realized my cravings for processed foods and snacks has decreased simple by improving my sleep.

  • Immune System Dysfunctioning
  • Heart Health
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cardiovascular Disease

Plant Therapy

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Dr Axe Essential Oil Sleep Recipe

20 Drops Lavender Oil

20 Drops Frankincense Oil

20 Drops Cedarwood Oil

20 Drops Bergamot Oil

Combine all these oils into a dark-colored bottle with an airtight lid, you now just shake well to blend your essential oils and add the required water your diffuser recommends. I like to turn my diffuser on about five minutes before I plan to go to bed; I seem to be able to fall asleep much quicker by giving my essential oils a head start.

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  • RN Didi says:

    I love essential oils. I’ve discovered them about a year ago an now wonder how I was able to live without them. The natural fragrances are really both soothing and relaxing! I bought 16 different essential oils and a mini diffuser that is resting on my bedside table. Every night I diffuse some. I’ve recently started to mix a few, but have never tried the cedarwood and lavender. I’m trying that tonight and will let you know how my sleep was!

    Thanks for the excellent article!

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate you sharing your experience with essential oils, I do encourage people to start using these oils and experience an improvement in their sleep and other health problems.


  • Sherry says:

    What a great article! There was a great deal of information to be read. I love the smell of cedar and I think that recipe would be very relaxing and help initiate sleep. Do you think I could put the sleep oil recipe into a reed diffuser for my bedroom?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sherry,

      I am happy you enjoyed my essential oil recipes article post, I do my best to provide as much useful information for my readers like you. Any recipe which is for a diffuser you can use in any type of diffuser you prefer to use, I like the aromatherapy lamps myself using a scented candle inside and a little water and a few drops on essential oil on the top bowl.

      Old fashion but effective


  • Jonathan says:

    Hi Jeff
    Thanks for the very informative article! As someone in the medical field I can confirm that the effects of lack of sleep are severe and can often lead to a slippery slope of increasingly poor health which can lead to chronic and permanent problems.
    I often use a diffuser with lavendar oil which helps with my sleep as I suffer with sinus problems. I have never mixed essential oils myself but am keen to try the lavendar and cedarwood recipe you’ve listed above!

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate someone with your experience in the health field sharing with my other readers and myself, I would recommend Lavender oil as my first choice of essential oil for beginners.


  • Cynthia says:

    I find it is very important to get a full nights rest to function the next day in any way. If I don’t get enough sleep I immediately know it, by the way I feel in the morning. I just feel a little “bad”. I always do everything I’m supposed to do knowing I will probably sleep well that night. However, sometimes I don’t! I am going to try the essential oil recipe that you have given. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      Hello Ms Cynthia,
      I am happy you found the sleep recipe useful to give it a try, we should be using more natural methods for many of our
      health problems. You might also want to consider your diet, so many people experience sleep disturbances from the
      gluten in their diets.


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