Emergency Preparedness With Special Needs Children-Unexpected Emergency Tips

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Special Needs Children


Since children with special needs are often on medication and even require special equipment preparing for emergencies is a good idea, creating a plan now can prevent serious problems during an unexpected emergency crisis. this plan should have everything you require for an emergency with your child’s special health care needs and disabilities?


Creating Your Emergency Plan


The best way to prepare an emergency plan is to consider the potential types of emergencies  which could happen, plan how to prepare for each one separately. Finally, how to care for your child during each type of emergency, now you need to assess each emergency to be able to prepare for your child’s needs?


caring for your special needs child during an emergency

Accessing Your Situation


How would you prepare for your family and especially your child with special needs if there was no water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration? What if you had no access to your child’s prescriptions, how would you manage if you were unable to leave your home? These are just some of the most important things you need to consider, but the most important thing for you to consider first is what happens to your child if they are separated from their family?




Planning for ways to provide backup emergency utilities is something every family needs to consider, be familiar where your closes red cross shelter will be located? You are able to use a red cross shelter’s resources even if your family is not seeking shelter there, this is good to know in case of any emergency where you might need access to a red cross shelter. knowing the location of more than one shelter is a good plan, the red cross is available during emergencies so don’t be afraid to use the shelter for your families needs.


  • How Will Your Child Receive Treatment & Medication
  • Have Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Know Your Escape Routes From Your Home
  • Clear Exit Paths For Children Using Mobility Equipment
  • Find Out If Local Emergency Services Provides For Children With Special Needs
  • Consider Creating A Free Emergency Profile With Smart 9-1-1
  • Your Child Should Always Be Wearing Medical Alert Identification
  • Emergency Plans For Your Child’s School or Daycare


school emergency plans


Create A Support Network


It is important you provide a network of family members, neighbors, and friends which your child will feel comfortable with, this is especially important for children with special needs such as autism? Your child’s network should be aware of your child’s special needs, agreeing on a system within your network for signaling for help if the phones, electricity, and internet is down is very important.


Emergency Supply Kits


  • Current Copy Of Your Child’s Health Care Plan
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Records
  • Extra Batteries
  • Special Dietary Food & Supplies
  • Calming Items For Your Child
  • Identification Should Be Carried On Your Child In Case Of Separation


emergency supply kits



Power Supplies


  • Backup Generator
  • Battery Versions Of Medical Equipment
  • Manual Wheel Chair If Needed
  • Other Non-Electrical Medical Equipment
  • Backup Battery Chargers


Medical Supplies


  • Emergency Supplies Of Medications
  • Keeping Two Weeks Of Medications Is Recommended
  • Prescription Information On Your Child
  • Survival Kit Which Includes Your Child’s Name, Location, Phone #, And Out Of Town Pharmacy


medical supplies


What Is On My Mind Today?


Even the most protective family can be separated during an emergency from their special needs child, it is very important to have as much personal and medical information on your child as possible just in case. Many special needs children are not able to communicate well with others, this is especially common among children with autism. Being prepared is your best strategy, with the world the way it is today we just never know what might happen from one day to the next?


Resources & Help





  • Tanya says:

    This is genius and so very important. Thanks for shining the light on our special needs children. I have been meaning to make a plan for years with my teenage son. He’s not special needs but we live in earthquake zone and I have been meaning to come up with a Emergency kit to keep in the car and home. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. I will be speaking with my son today for sure.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Ms Tanya,
      I am happy you found this article motivating to start making a good plan in case of an emergency,
      this is especially important when you live in a high risk area such as you do with earthquakes.

      Take Care

  • Shaun Thomas-Arnold says:

    This is such a great idea I can’t believe I don’t see it implemented more! It seems so obvious, but I’ve worked extensively with children and young adults that have special needs and I’ve never met a caregiver that showed me an emergency plan or even a basic kit. I didn’t even think about the Red Cross, that’s a great resource to use. I live in Houston and we get a lot of hurricanes so having a plan, a kit, and a support group for emergencies is a must have. I’ll be recommending this to families I work with from now on!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shaun Thomas-Arnold,

      I appreciate very much your comment on this article, I do believe many families don’t consider what might happen to their child during an emergency such as a natural disaster. With the way our weather is and with so many special needs children, we really need to be thinking ahead. Better to be safe, than sorry.


  • Alan Cooper says:

    Hi there I used to work in IT with an organisation that supports children and adults with learning disabilities. Your list is a great start. During my time there we had 2 city wide emergencies that prevent support workers getting around the city to support people. They were city wide flooding and city wide snow, over 40cm or more. No buses or taxis, shops closed etc. People need to think about these situations.
    I also live in China now and water goes off maybe 2-3 times a year. How would people cope with that and what plans do they have i place. After safe shelter water is probably the most urgent need, unless there are more pressing medical issues. I now have access to 3 water filters because I use them in backpacking, but they also come in handy for emergency situations where the water cannot be drunk safely. Sawyer mini filters are so cheap and one in the house would be useful. There are a lot of “emergency preppers” out there and YouTune is full of survival tips for these situations. I would recommend looking up a few.
    Great article to set the mind thinking. Alan-C

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Cooper,

      I do like the water filter idea you shared today, water is very precious and in an emergency many times it is not easy to get clean filtered water which we need daily to survive.


  • Dave says:

    Hey there,

    I understand how important creating a network for support is, but what if the neighbors close to you aren’t that welcoming or the child does not get along with them quite well.

    What is the best way to treat a scenario like that? How can you get to make the support networkimg work? Please advise me cause I am stuck.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Dave

      I appreciate your comment and know you are not alone with your situation, many of us including myself are alone without a network in our lives. What I recommend is you search your area for any support groups which might be a good connection for you, I have found support groups are filled with caring people who want to help one another just like you.


      Stay Positive My Friend And Reach Out

  • Karen says:

    What a great article. This is so important, not only for children with disabilities, but also for the elderly or others who need special care. We live in an earthquake prone part of the country, so being ready for any emergency and having a backup source of power is essential for our business. You’ve raised some great ideas here, and I like the ready america survival kits you’ve included at the end of the article – I’ll definitely be checking those out. Thanks for sharing. Kind regards, Karen

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms. Karen,

      Every family should consider being prepared for emergencies, with our weather changing drastically everywhere natural disasters are possible no matter where you might live.


  • Brendon says:

    Hello there!

    My brother has a child with special needs and he is constantly running into new problems.

    I just read you article “Emergency Preparedness With Special Needs Children-Unexpected Emergency Tips”. I found you post to be very informative and full of helpful tips.

    I will be passing this along to my brother so he can check it out!


    • admin says:

      Thank You Brendon,

      I am happy to hear this article will be helpful to your brother with his child. If everyone shares the articles and products we find helpful less children will be struggling in the future.


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