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Electronic Solitaire Game For Seniors-Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Shopping


The majority of shoppers share their most difficult person to buy for Christmas is the elderly men, many of these men have plenty of ties, shirts, and slippers. It takes some serious thought when choosing the perfect give for elderly men, many of these men have may have limited mobility and very few interests?

There are more elderly men playing electronic and computer games than many people realize, these men often get interested and started playing with their grandchildren. It has been found out through studies these types of games not only improve their cognitive function, the men who started playing these games became more positive and less depressed.

People who play these games regularly experience being able to think more clearly, so with this knowledge maybe the senior you are shopping for would be a good fit for these types of games?Many of these men have shared their hands are much more finger joints are much more flexible since playing these games, the same men added their hands have less aches and pains. Elderly


electronic solitaire game for seniors


Favorite Computer Games Seniors Love To Play

  • World Of Warcraft
  • Call Of Duty
  • Solitaire
  • Pokeman
  • Mario Bros


Electronic Brain Games

Electronic brain games are the recommended electronic games for seniors, these games have shown to improve some elderly men’s cognitive function. These games also has provided positive benefits for men with early dementia, you can find a nice variety of these types of games for the elderly men on your Christmas list.

Electronic Brain Games For Seniors

  • Electronic Brain Trainer $ 13.13
  • Mattel Brain Games Crosstrain $ 12.00
  • Radica Mattel Brain Game $ 28.99


Electronic Solitaire Games For Seniors

  • Mega Screen Solitaire $ 22.99
  • Classic Solitaire $ 13.51
  • Mega Screen Solitaire $ 24.95


Maybe you are overwhelmed with which of these games would be the best fit for the man you are shopping for, it might be easier if it is in your budget to purchase them a computer system? Seniors with a computer has access to thousands of online games, so maybe now you are thinking what is the best computer for an elderly man?


electronic solitaire game for seniors


Best Computers For Seniors


Best Game System For Seniors

Nintendo Wii offers the most friendly game system and games for seniors, you can purchase this game system for less than $ 300.00 at Amazon. More seniors prefer this game system over any other system they have played, many of the Nintendo games they have grown up with and understand how to play?

Nintendo Wii Benefits For Seniors

Nintendo Wii has the potential to improve a seniors total health, you don’t just receive cognitive function improvement with this game system. Many seniors have become more active playing these games on this system, if you choose any game system this one is recommended for young  children, families, and seniors.

  • Mental Stimulation
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Social Intervention
  • Hand-Eye-Cordination
  • Entertaining
  • Increase Physical Activity


Best Wii Games For Seniors

  • Golfing
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Sudoku


electronic solitaire game for seniors


What Is On My Mind Today?

Many seniors especially elderly men often spend much of their day watching television, most men this age are like big kids when they have the opportunity to play these types of games. Maybe this is the perfect gift for one of the men on your Xmas list, whatever you choose I hope you consider the possibilities in this article for a fun gift for the elderly men for Christmas?

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