Effective Ways To Lose The Belly Fat-Understanding Body Fat Better

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Understanding Body Fat


The most frustrating fat our body accumulates is without a doubt our belly fat, the best method to lose your belly fat is to stat living a brand new lifestyle. Your body fat accumulates as time goes by for most people, many of us are too busy to notice until our clothes are not fitting us any longer. Instead of going shopping for a brand new wardrobe one size larger, we really should be learning how to adjust our life to rid ourselves of our belly fat? What makes this frustrating for people is there is not just one thing contributing to our belly fat, for most people the answer is a combination of many things. Let’s start with the obvious, what are you putting into your tummy which is making you fat?


High Sugar Foods & Beverages


These foods and beverages are the first place you should look to adjust to your new diet plan, checking the ingredients on what you are purchasing will help you to avoid so many of these foods and beverages. Any product which is high in sugar and corn syrup are foods which will sabotage your diet plan, many of the products we believe are healthy for us can be high in sugar. Most of us purchase canned fruit and cereal thinking these are healthy for you, if you are not checking the ingredients there can be hidden sugar in these two products. Are you eating low-fat yogurt thinking you are doing something good for your body, well some of the low-fat yogurts have added sugars for flavor?



Cereal Bars

Bottled Smoothies

Fruit Juice

Vitamin Water

Sports Drinks

Flavored Coffee

Pre-Made Soup

Chocolate Milk


Trans Fats


Most people today know trans fats can contribute to belly fat, but trans fats can cause many other health concerns you might not be aware of? These can cause increase inflammation, anyone who has any inflammation problems or autoimmune disease should avoid these fats. These fats also can cause insulin resistance and heart disease, now it is to be thought trans fats contribute to many of our health problems.



Breakfast Sandwiches



Microwave Popcorn

Fried Fast Foods



Low Protein


Many people have cut way back on their protein in their diets, when you are not getting enough protein it can cause you many health problems. You need adequate protein levels for strong muscles and strong bones, your immune system requires protein to be healthy. Living on a low-protein diet can cause you to increase your calorie intake to the point you are not burning it off, when this happens you have fat stored in your body and most of the time it goes into belly fat.  With low-protein diets you will also experience an increase in your appetite, for most of us this causes us to overeat. Adding more protein is an important lifestyle change for you to lose your belly fat, wondering what are some high protein foods to add to your diet?



Chicken Breast

Turkey Breast




Protein Supplements




Low Fiber Diets


Most of us are not getting nearly enough fiber in our diets, why can’t our favorite processed foods and snacks not be high in fiber? Of course most people know their veggies and fruits contain high fiber, but the majority of us are not super crazy about eating our veggies. You might be surprised there are some foods high in fiber you might actually like, check out my list of high fiber foods you might not be aware are so good for you?



Asian Pears








Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds


relationships at any age


How Do You Sleep?


People who have a difficulty sleeping well often have excess belly fat, many people who wake up in the middle of the night or can’t get to sleep raid the fridge which adds extra calories which turns to belly fat.  People who sleep less than 6 hours often experience difficulty losing weight, being sleep is a major problem today this is a very common trigger for many people to overeat.


Relaxation Techniques


Calming Music

Calming Herbal Teas

Caffeine Free Lifestyle


Stress, Anxiety & Depression


How well do you manage these three issues in your life right now, these three issues are major triggers for people to overeat and experience difficulty losing belly fat? Emotional eating is very natural for most of us when we are stressed out, anxious and even depressed, emotional eating is one of the most common symptoms of these three issues. Learning how to cope and reduce your symptoms will help you manage your weight as well, how does someone manage such emotional heath problems?


Breathing Exercises


Relaxation Techniques

Slowing Down


Learn To Listen To Your Body Signs


self improvement with jeff


What Is On My Mind Today?


Many reasons we gain weight especially belly fat is because of our lifestyles, by focusing on ways to adjust our lifestyles we can lose our belly fat. Taking the time to go grocery shopping when we are not short on time is a good strategy, also being in a positive mood is important. Getting into the habit of reading the ingredients for high sugar and corn syrup foods and snacks is one of the keys to losing your belly fat, learning to reduce your stress will reduce your emotional eating. Improving your sleep is another thing to focus on, actually by making healthy adjustments to your lifestyle many of these obstacles will improve for you naturally.


Products Of The Day


Belly Fat

Trans Fats

Protein Supplements


Low Calorie Snacks




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  • Santiago says:

    Hello, Jeff!

    Thank you so much for this post, is very informative and helpful for people that want to lose belly fat and want to improve their health.
    Everything is organized and there are some pretty helpful tips to avoid certain foods and some other healthy practices that will improve our health.

    Thank you again and I wish you the best!


    • admin says:

      Thank You Sir,

      I do appreciate you reading this article, I must admit I got carried away and this article became much longer than I intended but there are so many thing which can contribute to belly fat people are not aware of.


  • cristina says:

    Hello there:)
    Very interesting and helpful article. I didn’t know that even the vitamin water had sugar and i am surprised how may hidden traps are 🙂
    Protein is very important as I understand and I would ask something. Is it better to eat protein in the morning or for dinner?
    I know pasta is not very good for our diet but I thought actually if you eat it in small quantity is healthy…I don’t know. ..
    Thanks for a good read 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You Christina,

      Actually you have some protein at every meal and snack from morning until bedtime, protein fills you up and you will eat less which is good for your weight loss plan.

      Really you should consider Quinoa instead of regular pasta, it has protein and low carbs which is much better for you than wheat pasta. If you prefer another past which is healthier start buying brown rice pasta.


  • Shirley says:

    I read somewhere that low-fat foods usually have extra sugar added to compensate for the loss of flavour – is that true? As a vegetarian I’m constantly being asked if I’m getting enough protein and my standard answer these days is “yes, I am. Are you?” Great to see this mentioned as it’s something many people overlook!

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I really am against anyone eating low-fat and diet food products, I feel they are really unhealthy for us since they are loaded with sugar substitutes which may be even worse than regular sugar.


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