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Easter Egg Folklore- Happy Easter

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Interesting Easter Facts

Easter is one of the most favorite holidays, right up there with Christmas. The Easter Bunny is a folklore which originated in Germany, as we all know the Easter Bunny is well known for bringing baskets of goodies to all the good boys and girls. In Germany the Easter Basket was filled with eggs dyed bright red to symbolize Christs blood. Also Germany’s  little boys and girls received new clothes for Easter, which of course they wore to church service on Easter morning.  The first Easter eggs were thought up by a German man named George Frank Von Franckenaus, those German people sure had a mouthful for a name back at that time. The Easter Egg Basket was introduced in the United States by the Pennsylvania Dutch, which if you are not familiar with originated from Germany. This German tradition caught on very quickly, has grown and remained a popular holiday in the United States ever since.


Easter Today

Although this is a very sweet folklore for children, I have experienced many people today in the United States does not know the true meaning of Christmas and Easter. I for one feel this is very sad, because as the children grow up to become adults the true meaning of these two holidays are passed on with the traditional folklore children’s meaning and the true meaning is becoming less and less known. I was shocked to realize my own Nephews and Nieces had no idea what Christmas and Easter  was really about, when you asked them about either holiday it was only about what they received on these two special days. I for one feel people should know the true meaning of these holidays, I am not saying you have to be religious,  just people should be aware what the true meaning of what  these holidays really are celebrated for. All our holidays today in the United States has become very commercialized, one holiday is not even over and the stores are pushing the next holiday. Money has become the main reason for the holidays in the United States today, what has happened to the holiday cheer ? When I was a boy people actually enjoyed the holidays much more then they do today, the holidays was not about what or how much we received. The holidays were about spending quality time with your family and friends, giving to others was the main purpose back then. I do not wish to offend anyone with what I am sharing today, this is my own opinion and experience with how the holiday’s have changed from when I was a boy until today.


Happy Easter Everyone

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