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Ear Wax And Children-Safe Earwax Removal Products

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Earwax And Children

It is normal and healthy for children to produce earwax, but at the same time some children produce too much which can cause them problems. The first thing parents needs to know is the symptoms your child might be experiencing from earwax, it is recommended if earwax is not causing your child any problems you need not worry about removing it from your child’s ears.

Earwax Symptoms

  • Your Child Is Rubbing Or Pulling At Their Ears
  • Your Child’s Earwax Is Hard And Dark Colored
  • The Earwax Is Crusty
  • There Is An Abundance Of Earwax Buildup
  • Child Is Complaining About Their Ears Regularly
  • Your Child Feels Like There Is Something In Their Ears
  • Experiencing Decreased Hearing
  • The Earwax Is Poking Your Child’s Ear Canal

Earwax Cleaning Products

What Causes Earwax Problems?

Earwax buildup is most often caused from cleaning your child’s ears with cotton swabs, you might be surprised to learn cotton swabs most often only pushes the majority of your child’s earwax deeper in their ear canal. Cotton swabs also are responsible for earwax to be packed in the ear canal, you will find about five percent of children produce enough earwax that it causes them ear problems. Ear plugs of any type can also push earwax to the back of your child’s ear canal, so many times we are causing ear problems from earwax buildup in the attempts to clean the ears.

Earwax Tips

  • Normal & Health
  • Is Not A Sign Of Poor Hygience
  • Cerumen Is Another Name For Earwax
  • Made By Special Glands
  • Protects Your Ear Skin Lining
  • Water-Proofing Agent
  • Germ-Killing Properties
  • Fresh Healthy Earwax Is Soft & A Golden-Yellow Color
  • Older Earwax Becomes Dry & Turns A Brown Or Black Color

Ear Canal Cleaning

Your ear canal is designed to clean themselves with the normal production of earwax, you only need to clean the wax from your ear canal when it is causing you problems or discomfort. Your wax normally will dry up and become flaky on its own, you will find some children who produce more wax than normal and requires periodic cleaning, so what are the most common signs you need to clean your child’s ears.

  • Difficult Hearing Clearly
  • Discomfort Causing The Child To Pull Their Ears
  • Blockage
  • Irritating Your Child To Disrupt Their Normal Routine

earwax symptoms and tips

Recommended Earwax Products By Google Shopping

Where To Shop?

What Is On My Mind Today?

When you do need to clean your child’s ears you always want to use safe earwax cleaning products, you should never use cotton swabs to clean your child’s ears. There has been cases where children has experienced ear problems due to using cotton swabs, and if you have any doubts about cleaning your child’s ears you should consult your child’s physician.

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  • Matron Okoye B.N says:

    Nice article, Very Educative

    I love how you explained everything. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that earwax should be routinely removed for personal hygiene. This is not so. In fact, attempting to remove Earwax with cotton-tipped swabs, bobby pins, or other probing devices can result in damage to the ear, including trauma, impaction of the Earwax, or even temporary deafness. These objects only push the wax in deeper, and can block the ear canal entirely.
    But what are the functions of earwax

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate you reading and commenting on my post on earwax, you will find earwax is a protection of our ear skin lining and removing it does open up the possibilities of ear skin problems. 


  • Babacar says:

    My younger son has a lot of ear wax and even one time I have to take him to his pediatrician thinking he may have an ear infection but it was not.
    Unfortunately, I did have the whole explanation like you did in your article. I have searched the web for a long time but did not know even what to type in the first place.
    Reading your article is a relief because it is clear and simply explained with solutions.
    This is the kind of article I like to read.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sir,

      I appreciate you reading my article and sharing, I hope your younger son’s earwax problem is solved and he is doing much better now.


  • Michael Miller says:

    I have had ear inflammation and wax buildup . My naturopathic doctor said he hadn’t seen an ear so inflammed before. He recommended I use a combination of rubbing alcohol and vinegar. After a month of doing this daily the inflammation decreased significantly.

    I didn’t know there were so many benefits to ear wax. I have never heard of using LED to help clear ear wax. I will definitely look more into it. I do have a question about the bamboo ear picks. Wouldn’t they just compact the ear wax?

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I am happy you are being treated by a physician for your earwax buildup problem, you will find most people’s earwax does not cause them such severe problems but some people are just misfortunate with producing too much earwax.

      I have no experience with using the bamboo ear picks, but they are highly recommended by physicians. I myself would prefer to use the LED method, I do not like the idea of putting anything in my ears even ear picks which are suppose to be effective and safe


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