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Down Syndrome Learning Aids-Help For Children With Down Syndrome

adopting a child with special needs


Down Syndrome Children


Down syndrome children usually experience considerable delays and difficulties with learning, many of these children really struggle with learning to communicate effectively. The majority of children with this syndrome is able to understand, but most experience problems expressing themselves. There is approximately 6000 births per year in the USA alone, life expectancy has doubled to about 60 years old. More children with down syndrome are graduating from high school, many are attending special college programs and some are even able to live independently on their own.


Help For Down Syndrome Children





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Down Syndrome Physical Symptoms


  • Poor Muscle Tone
  • Short Neck
  • White Spots On Colored Part Of The Eye
  • Wide-Short Hands-Short Fingers
  • Physically Develops Slower
  • Flattened Facial & Nose
  • Small Ears-Head-Eyes
  • Upward Slanting Eyes


Intellectual Symptoms


  • Short Attention Span
  • Poor Judgement
  • Impulsive Behavior
  • Slow Learning
  • Delayed Language & Speech


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Common Associated Disorders



Time 4 Learning


  • Down Syndrome Learning
  • Reading Awareness
  • Foreign Language
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Time 4 Learning


See And Learn


  • Visual Learning
  • Step By Step For Down Syndrome Children
  • Speech
  • Language
  • Reading
  • Number
  • Memory Skills
  • See And Learn


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Down Syndrome Diet


Children with down syndrome and children disorders has made dramatic improvements with  a strict diet, these children are very sensitive to gluten, dairy, and soy food products. Physician’s, teachers, and even parents are amazed at how much of a difference this diet change has made in these children’s lives, many are off some of their prescription drugs and their functioning has improved. Anyone with a special needs child should consider this diet as an important part of their health plan, think of this as medication for your child.


  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Soy
  • Milk Products


What Is On My Mind Today?


We are exposed to chemicals every single day, over time these chemicals may be affecting our own body chemistry to change? It is impossible to avoid all the chemicals in our daily lives, what we need to do is eliminate as many as we possibly can in our diets. Add more natural produce in your diet and less processed foods, our water is full of chemicals so using a water filter or purchasing healthy water is something you should really do. Our food and beverages are our best strategy to cut back on harmful chemicals, what we eat and drink goes into our body system quicker than any other chemicals we are exposed too.


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6 thoughts on “Down Syndrome Learning Aids-Help For Children With Down Syndrome

  1. Thanks for the information about diets! I am a English teacher in Thailand, and I have a special needs student. Although I find things like Autism and Downs not as easily accepted in these parts of the world. There aren’t many care options available, and so it’s difficult as I teach to make sure I give equal attention to everyone, while giving enough attention to the special needs student.

    I think it may be Autism… but I had no idea about the effect of diets. I’m starting to feel more comfortable with her parents, so perhaps this can be something to discuss with them in a meeting. Thank you! 😀

    1. Thank You Ms Scarlet,

      I am sure teaching special needs students in your country is very difficult, many countries are not able to provide special education for these children with special problems. You may wish to suggest to any child’s parents with special needs to get extra help online if they are able to do so, this would be a great benefit for the child and you just are not able to spend the time required to teach special needs children during school hours it sounds to me.


  2. Hi and thank you for this valuable information. These are some great facts and I never knew a child with down syndrome needed a special diet. I have a friend that has a child with down syndrome and this would really benefit them. A lot of people will benefit from this great article.

    1. Thank You Yancey,

      I am happy you found this article interesting and useful for your friend with a child with down syndrome, more and more children with disorders are experiencing positive results from changing their diets


  3. Hi.
    Thank you for this valuable information. One of my aunt’s daughter is a special need child. She is around 30 years old and soon after her birth, she was affected with the Down syndrome. All these years and even now she remains bed-ridden.

    I didn’t know a child with down syndrome needed a special diet. This info might help her.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank You Carthik,

      I appreciate you comment and reading my article today, I am very sorry to hear about your Aunt’s daughter with down syndrome who is bed-ridden. That is very sad for me to hear, the past few years they are starting to figure out our diets can be our best treatment plan for many of our health disorders. Avoid gluten like a poison even if you are healthy, gluten will as time goes by give you health issues.

      I wish the best for your Aunt’s daughter,


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