Does The Lack Of Sleep Affect Your Health-Could Your Sleep Be The Cause Of Your Health Problems

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What About Your Sleep?


How much sleep do you receive on most nights, do you feel rested and energized most days? Your amount of sleep and the quality has more to do with how you feel than just how much energy you have, the lack of sleep can cause you many other health problems. The biggest trigger for many people today for autoimmune disease is the lack of good quality sleep, for many people sleep problems is the first sign of autoimmune disease. The majority of people has learned how to live with autoimmune disease by focusing on improving their sleep, the average person receives about 5-6 hours of sleep most nights and often much of this is not good quality sleep.


Sleep & Chronic Pain


When you start living long-term with not enough of good quality sleep eventually it does catch up with you, the majority of people who have focused on improving their sleep has experienced a dramatic decrease in their chronic pain. Chronic pain especially with autoimmune disease increases with poor quality sleep, often what to do when your body hurts for no specific reasons is to focus on improving your sleep. When a person has gone,  long-term with less quality sleep than their body requires their muscles and joints are not receiving enough rest time to recover from one day to the next, sleep management should be everyone’s main health concern today.



Sleep & Anxiety


Have you ever noticed the day after the lack of quality sleep you often have less patience and problems concentrating, the lack of sleep affects us mentally and often is the cause of many people’s anxiety disorders. It is amazing to me more physicians do not make the connection between many of our health problems and our poor sleeping habits, if you are experiencing emotional and mental difficulties to function as well as you should, think about how well are you really sleeping? Even our brains need sufficient rest and sleep to recover and function to its best, sleep problems are very common with people experiencing anxiety and mental functioning problems. Since sleeping is one of the first symptoms many people experience with autoimmune disease, it makes sense to me to manage your autoimmune disease you need to solve your sleep problems.


Sleep & Fibromyalgia


Sleep problems is the most common complaint of people with Fibromyalgia when people with this autoimmune disease sleeps better they feel better. Since our society has become sleep deprived our health status has become very unhealthy, the root of many of our health problems today are our poor quality of sleep. Fibromyalgia became an epidemic as the majority of people in our society became sleep deprived, people with this disease has shared their most efficient treatment plan has been improving their sleep. If you are suffering and struggling to manage your Fibromyalgia concentrate on improving your sleep, people share investing in sleep therapy products has been the best investment in their health plan for this disease and many others.



How To Improve Your Sleep?


Most of you know the traditional methods physicians share to improve your sleep, avoid caffeine especially late afternoon and evening. Shut off your computer and phones several hours before bedtime, these are very good tips but for many people with severe sleep problems these just are not enough. Many people do everything within their power to improve their sleep with little positive results, maybe if you are one of those people my sleep improvement methods might work better for you? Avoid over-the-counter sleep aids, many of these cause people more problems than good sleep. Many of these products gives people the hang-over effect the next morning making functioning sometimes even worse than not taking them at all,  Many are addicting as well which is not a good thing, if my methods do not provide you better quality sleep consider a safe non-addicting prescription sleep medication from your physician.


Aromatherapy For Sleep

Sound Therapy For Sleep

Sleep Therapy

Light Therapy

Sleep Music Therapy

Sleep Art Therapy


What Is On My Mind Today?


 These products have helped many people to improve their sleep with no side-effects like over-the-counter sleep aids. Another method which works for many people is to use a heating pad or heating throw while relaxing before going to bed, using a heating blanket for many also has provided much better sleep especially during cold damp weather. Heat therapy products relaxes your body allowing you to fall asleep much quicker, for most people learning how to relax before they go to bed is the best therapy for them to improve their sleep.


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