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Does Stress Affect Your Physical Health-How Stress Affects Your Body


Stress And Your Body


Stress affects your body in many ways, some are obvious to us and others we do not connect with stress. Stress short-term usually is not a major problem for the majority of people, but long-term stress often causes many problems for most people. People only have a limited stress tolerance before they become overloaded and stressed out, everyone’s stress tolerance is not the same and much depends on how well you are able to manage the stress with good stress management skills? Stress often affects your body with physical symptoms which are more obvious to most people, often when stress affects your mental health these symptoms are not as obvious.


Physical Symptoms From Stress


Physical symptoms are much easier for most people to understand and relate to being from their stress, people are not as aware of how stress affects their moods and behavior. Headaches are often a common early physical symptom from your body you are experiencing more stress than your body can handle, muscle tension often is the cause of many people’s stress related headaches. People with autoimmune disease often experience an increase in their symptoms especially their chronic pain and fatigue, sleep often is a problem for people who are stressed out. Some people do experience a change in their sex drive, also some experience digestive problems as well. If you are under stress and experiencing these symptoms they are warning signs you need to adjust your lifestyle, maybe you need to learn better stress management skills?



Stress And Your Mood


Stress can have a dramatic impact on a person’s mood, most of us are cranky when we are under too much stress but some people become more than just cranky and this can be a serious problem for them. Some people become very angry and even aggressive to every little thing people say to them, often these people are not thinking but reacting in a negative and aggressive way. Most people are experiencing high anxiety when they are stressed out, left go and this can lead to extreme sadness and even depression.


Stress And Behavior


Our behavior often is our most damaging symptoms from too much stress, many people are not aware of their behavior changes because these are often not thought out but just reactions of outbursts which come automatically. Angry outbursts are very common when people are under severe stressful conditions, most often people are not even aware of this type of behavior they have developed from their stress. Many people become less active and isolate from the community, self-medicating is common and a very unhealthy and damaging coping skill people often develop.



What You Can Do?


For many people making some lifestyle changes is enough to reduce their stress and anxiety symptoms, it is impossible to eliminate stress from our lives but learning ways to manage our stress is our best strategy. As difficult as it feels staying active is one of the best ways to manage your stress, many of us feel we do not have the energy to be active but this is the best solution for many of our health problems from our stress. Relaxation techniques are well worth you learning, consider using deep breathing and meditation as a good place to start to manage your stress better. Forcing yourself to get out around positive people is another good coping skill to use, this will help improve your mood and behavior. Stay active in hobbies which you enjoy, music and reading are very good hobbies to relax you and reduce your stress.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Often the things we do during our free time to relax actually can have the opposite effect on us, many of us relax while watching our favorite television programs. These programs can stimulate us instead of relaxing us which will increase our stress related symptoms, programs such as the news or any programs which stimulate you are programs you should avoid. Playing video games is not a good way to relax, also some people become stressed when surfing on the internet. Focus on activities during your free time which relaxes you not stimulate you is your best strategy, so how can you relax during your free time and reduce your stress more effectively?



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