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Does Stress Affect Your Mental Health-The Connection Between Stress And Your Mental Health


Stress And Your Mental Health


Stress is not just for people with stressful careers any more, stress affects people of all ages even your infant babies. 63% of people who experience chronic stress experience emotional health problems due to their stress, Stress is connected today to anxiety, mood disorders and depression. These are only the most common health issues connected to living with chronic stress, some of the things which gives people the most stress are their careers, finances, health, relationships and worrying.


Stress And Babies


Babies are affected emotionally with exposure to stressful conditions, one of the most common reasons babies develop anxiety related disorders is exposure to their parents arguing regularly. So it is important for parents not to argue in front of their infant babies, this stress may cause anxiety disorders and may even develop into behavior problems when they become older.  Babies feed off of their parent’s negative emotions when they are arguing or upset, the most stressful time of the day for many babies is bedtime. Walking with your baby is a natural stress reliever for them, also rocking them in a rocking chair is another way to calm your baby down when they are stressed.


Stress And Children


People often do not consider children could experience stress and anxiety just as much and as severe as adults, many children who have anxiety or other emotional health disorders often experienced chronic stress as babies. Children worry about things just like adults, a child’s worries are just as important to them as your worries are for you. The biggest trigger for many children is separation anxiety, this can become very serious for a child especially when they reach the age to start  to school. Divorce is a very emotional experience for children, sometimes parent’s forget their children also are going through some very emotional experiences when divorce is happening to their family.


Stress And Adults


Chronic stress puts people into emergency mode which overwhelms you and may cause emotional health problems, people are not made to live in emergency mode for long periods without a break in between. The most common health problems are anxiety and depression, people with autoimmune diseases often experience more severe symptoms under long-term stress. Stress can disrupt your entire body, many people worry constantly under stress which causes some people sleep problems. All these together can affect your thinking and memory as well, some people to the point they think there going crazy.



What To Look For?


Many people understand when they are stressed they may experience a variety of symptoms, most people connect anxiety and depression with stress. There are some symptoms people are not aware is from stress, sometimes people are not even aware of some of the symptoms they might be experiencing? Your judgement is often affected with chronic stress and many people might not even realize this, often people  will experience a change in their appetite which will affect their weight. Are you isolating more than you used too, this is a common symptom for many people as well? Be careful about self-mediating this can be dangerous for many people under stress, alcohol is a depressant and can cause some people to become suicidal so really should be avoided completely.


What Are My Triggers?


Everyone has things we are experiencing in our lives which triggers our stress and symptoms, often many of our triggers are something we have little or no control over. We must learn ways to get through these difficult times in our lives the best way can, most people are fine dealing with their stress until they experience stress overload. We all have our limits how much stress we can withstand,  some of us have better stress management skills than others.


Major Life Changes

Death Of Loved One









What Can You Do?


Living with chronic stress can get the best of anyone, we can only handle so many stressful things in our lives at one time before we become overloaded and stressed out. The best strategy for most people are to develop good stress management skills, focusing on a good balance of work and play is a good start to managing your life less stressful. Changing your lifestyle for many has improved their stress tolerance, often making changes with exercise and diet can be the answer for many. Knowing your limits when it  comes to how much stress you can deal with also helps man people cope better, for some a gluten-free diet has reduced their anxiety which has improved their stress tolerance.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Stress is affecting too many people’s mental health which is causing many people emotional problems which they are not able to deal with efficiently, when this happens to the children they often grow  to be even less able to cope with stress than their parents. Each younger generation seems to be experiencing more difficulty than the generation before them, our diets and lifestyles are thought to be some of the reasons for our low stress tolerance. Changing your lifestyle is your best strategy, using natural stress relief methods are always your best choice.



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