Does Fibromyaliga Cause Knee Pain-Learn To Live With Fibromyaligia

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Fibromyalgia Triggers


Many people 20-50 years old are experiencing Fibromyaliga symptoms today, over 6 million people in the USA alone are living with Fibromyalgia. There are triggers which can activate this for many people, the triggers are often unavoidable and everyone who experiences these possible triggers does not experience this syndrome.


Physical Trauma



Emotional Stress


Fibromyalgia Symptoms


Everyone doesn’t experience all the same symptoms, but the most common symptoms people experience is widespread body pain and fatigue. Most people do find sleeping a challenge, many people experience cognitive difficulties especially their memory. There is no cure for this syndrome, we must just learn how to live with our symptoms to the best of our ability. There is no magic pill to make this nightmare go away, in fact your best treatment plan is using natural treatment not prescription drugs.





Digestive Issues

Tension Headaches


TMJ Disorder

Lower Abdomen Cramping



Fibromyalgia Treatment


There really are no magic prescription drugs to make your symptoms go away, even the most powerful pain drugs are not really all that effective and often the side-effects can cause you even more problems. Your best strategy is using natural treatments for your symptoms, many times adjusting your lifestyle can give you the most relief. For many people they might go for years with the fear of the unknown reason for their symptoms, you cannot treat something when you don’t know what is wrong with you?



Relaxation Techniques

Guided Meditation

Stress Reduction

Breathing Exercises



Sleep Therapy


Knee Pain


Does Fibromyalgia cause knee pain, the answer is the majority of people with this syndrome does experience knee pain, for most people it is a consistent aching which often keeps them up at night? When much of your body is aching sleep is a very difficult challenge, most people experience knee joint and muscle pain with stiffness. The cold weather is a trigger for most people’s knee pain and stiffness, physicians are now claiming much of your knee pain is coming from your back, hips and thighs.



Lifestyle Changes


Lifestyle changes is your most powerful treatment plan to ease your symptoms, avoiding caffeine and nicotine has decreased the majority of people’s symptoms. With, all the new symptoms you are experiencing eliminating caffeine and nicotine can be very difficult for most people. Best to start cutting back a little at a time, otherwise you might overwhelm yourself and this is the last thing you need at this time in your life? Sadly, as much as you are going through with these challenging symptoms many people experience the loss of their happy relationship, it is very difficult for a couple to keep a close and strong relationship when dealing with so many emotional and physical health symptoms. The stress is huge and very emotionally dramatic for you and your partner, this is especially true when you do not even know what is causing you to feel this way? When your partner is in so much pain and so little energy romance is not possible in the relationship for many couples, sometime your partner even has doubts if there really is anything wrong with you?



Gluten-Free Diet


Stress Management




Exercise when in pain and with very little energy sounds impossible, exercise is the best treatment plan for the majority of people when done right? Start out with very short exercise to ease back into getting into better shape, we are talking only minutes starting out if it has been a while since you have been exercising and active. For many people starting out 5-15 minutes is a good starting point, slowly work your way up to 30 minutes 3 times per week. Stretching before and after exercise reduces many people from experiencing as much pain, many people use heat before and after as well to take the stiffness away and relax their muscles after exercise.




Water Aerobics



Tai Chi





Exercise and sleep are the first lifestyle changes you should consider focusing on improving, even the smallest improvements has made a huge impact for many people living with these symptoms. When you improve both of these it decreases your two major obstacles to manage your symptoms more effectively, exercise will decrease your pain and stiffness over time, sleep will improve your energy but both of these will take time and patience to improve.


Form A Regular Sleep Routine

Keep Your Bedroom Cool But Not Cold

Limit Caffeine & Nicotine Late In The Day

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages Late In The Day

Exercise In The Afternoon

Nap No More Than 20 Minutes Per Day Set Alarm


Diet Plan


Even if you are on a fixed income budget, do not cut back on eating a proper diet, this is the third most important change you should consider. Eliminate gluten from your diet will improve your emotional health, no one enjoys being anxious and depressed most of the time so get rid of all gluten from your diet plan. Gluten even increases many people’s pain and fatigue, so eliminating gluten will improve both your emotional and physical symptoms. Just give a gluten-free lifestyle an honest chance, within one month you will begin to feel less severe symptoms.


Gluten-Free Diet






Avoid ( MSG, Aspartame, Gluten )





Are you deficient of any vitamins or minerals, many people with this syndrome lacks vitamins and minerals. Your physician can tell you exactly what you might be lacking with simple blood tests. The majority of people lack the vitamins D and B12, also most people experience less inflammation by taking a fish oil supplement. These are usually a good additive to your diet plan, supplements provides you a natural treatment without as many side-effects as prescription drugs.


Magnesium ( Pain & Fatigue )

Alpha Lipoic Acid ( Super Antioxidant )

Butterbur ( Magraine Headaches )

Selenium ( Immune System )

5 HTP (Amino Acid )


What Is On My Mind Today?


Making some lifestyle changes and adding some supplements you can improve your quality of life, I am sorry you will never be pain-free but you will be able to be more active and enjoy your life again. You will have more energy and less pain, you can enjoy happy and romantic relationships with your partner. Life will never be like it use to be for you, but be grateful and appreciate you will be able to walk with less pain on your own two feet.



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