Does Depression Cause Physical Pain-Symptoms And Coping With Depression

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1 in 10 people in the USA are living with depression, emotional health problems has increased and is even affecting our children today. It is clear to me our diets and lifestyles are a major factor causing our emotional health problems. If we do not wake up and change our diets and lifestyles our future generations are going to experience even worse emotional health problems. Many people are living with symptoms of depression and are not even aware they are depressed, so what are the symptoms of depression?


Are You Depressed?


Many people are living with symptoms of depression and are not even aware they are depressed, for one reason your symptoms can come and go with good days and bad days. The physical symptoms can be a mystery for you and your physician’s, many of us are only aware of the most common symptoms of being sad and blue much of the time. Do you experience unexplained aches and pains, possibly you are having chronic joint pain as well? These are only two physical symptoms you could be experiencing if you are depressed, what are other physical symptoms of depression?


Back Pain

Gastrointestinal Issues


Sleep Issues





Depression Triggers


Anxiety and depression are connected for the majority of people, what causes both of these most often are usually prolonged exposure to chronic stress. Stress of any kind for a long period can trigger both anxiety and depression, the majority of people experience anxiety from their stress which often leads to  depression. Stress of any kind can trigger either of these, financial stress and emotional stress are the two most common stresses which affects the majority of people.


Chronic Illness


Hate Your Job

Relationship Problems

Death Of A Loved One

Gluten Diets




Ways To Cope Naturally


Many times people ask themselves am I depressed and why, the reasons are not always clear to us and often there can be hidden triggers? Staying active physically and socially is important at early stages of depression, are you getting enough vitamin D is something you need to have your physician check with blood work? Many people are finding using guided meditation to be helpful, what are other ways you can cope naturally with your depression?



Gluten-Free Diet

Serotonin Diet

Mood Enhancing Supplements

Avoiding Caffeine



Mood Enhancing Supplements



St John Wort



Fish Oil


Serotonin Diet


Wild Salmon





Coconut Oil

Range Turkey






The things which are the best for us to do often are the most difficult when experiencing depression, exercise does provide us so many benefits to overcome depression. Exercise releases feel good brain chemicals which eases our depression, reduces immune system chemicals which worsens our depression. Exercise is one of the most difficult things for us to do when experiencing depression, maybe that is why it is one of the most important things we should be pushing ourselves to do?







Strength Training

Tai Chi


Caffeine Abuse


Caffeine abuse cause emotional an physical symptoms, you just never consume more than 400 mg of caffeine per day. Energy beverages should be avoided when experiencing anxiety and depression, caffeine is a stimulant and over using it can cause you problems.






Upset Stomach

Muscle Tremors



Foods To Avoid


Refined Sugar ( Sugar Hang Over- Blood Glucose Drop )

Artificial Sweeteners ( Mood Dips, Insomnia, Headaches )

Processed Foods ( Fatigue, Irritated, Blue )

Hydrogenated Oils ( Trans Fats )

High Sodium ( Fatigue, Bloating, Immune System )

alcohol ( Depressant )

Caffeine ( Energy Drinks, Soda Pop )


What Is On My Mind Today?


Anxiety and depression is becoming a major concern for people today, way too many people are experiencing severe anxiety and depression to the point it is controlling their lives. Starting out with simple lifestyle changes is your best strategy, if nothing else make some changes in your diet, eating less processed gluten foods and more natural gluten-free foods. Be more active and spend time with positive people, these are good first steps to managing your anxiety and depression better.


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