brain balance program for special needs kids

Does Brain Balance Really Work-Special Needs Children Could Have A Brain Imbalance

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Special Needs Children


We all know children with special needs has learning disabilities, could these disabilities be from a brain imbalance? This does sound like a logical explanation for these children’s learning problems, there is a brain balancing program available for these kids which is supposed to be able to reconnect their brain chemistry to correct these imbalances?


Brain Balance Program


The brain balance program is an individualized approach to helping children with learning difficulties, is it possible there is a program which actually can help these children overcome their challenges?


  • Improves Academic Performances
  • Social Abilities
  • Cognitive Functions
  • Sensory Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Immunity & Nutritional Health


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Brain Imbalance


It is believed that children with neurological disorders have an imbalance in their brain, this imbalance is thought to be preventing the two sides of the brain from communicating with one another. The theory is the brain imbalance is the reason the whole brain usage malfunction, now lets find out how the brain balance program helps these children?


How Brain Balance Works


Your child will receive an initial assessment to determine which parts of their brain needs strengthening, the program is suppose to improve the connection and rhythm of the child’s brain.


  • Assessment $ 295.00
  • Two Separate One In A Half Hour Sessions
  • Extensive Cognitive Examination
  • Extensive Sensory-Motor Examination
  • Sensory-Motor Testing Over 650 Functions
  • Neuro-Academic Testing Over 290 Functions
  • Assessment Report Of Child”s Strengths & Weakness
  • Child’s Overall Brain Age Assessment
  • Not Covered By Health Insurances
  • Maybe Tax Deductible?
  • 12 Week Program Estimated Price $ 5,000 To $ 9,000


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Dr Robert Melillo


Dr Melillo is one of the most respected specialists in childhood neurological disorders in America, the doctor has over twenty years of experience helping children with special needs. His program has helped thousands of kids over the years, this program is completely drug-free. The doctor has helped a wide range of children conditions with this program, children with learning disabilities has experienced improvement thought his program.



Dr Robert Melillo’s Available Books


  • Disconnected Kids
  • Reconnected Kids
  • Disconnected Kids Nutritional Plan
  • Autism


What Is On My Mind Today?


There is a free report on this program provided by brain balance centers website, if you are interested in reading this report use the link in this paragraph.This report shares how the program can help your child, anyone interested should read this report for more free information.


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  • Maria says:

    Very interesting article about does brain balance really work. This is actually totally new thing for me.

    I have been with the idea that autism is about genetic predisposition that is then tricked in some point in early years by environmental burden like toxins. Also nutrient deficiency is often present.

    That is why I have difficulty believing that brain balance could be the only solution. But probably effective when used together with program that gets rid of toxins and right supplements. Did I understand correctly that also nutritional program is used together with brain balance? That would be so important.

    There is one negative point in the brain balance program and that’s the price. It is a shame that many poor families doesn’t have possibility to get help for their child from this program.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Maria,

      I am not convinced myself that this brain balance program is the answer to autism and other children disorders. I believe it is from the chemicals in our foods and water and every day life. This program claims to have helped thousands of kids, but how many kids was it not able to help?

      The price is crazy, only wealthy kids could take advantage of this program unless the parents wish to take out a loan of some kind which would be a huge risk.


  • Angela says:

    I am a firm believer that there is a lot of validity to this program. I do know that we can help control and treat some of these things on our own naturally. I also know that insurances do not cover a lot of the things that it takes to treat a lot of the mental and psychological illnesses that we have unless they are treated with man made synthetic medicine with worse side effects than the original defect itself. Thanks for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Angela,

      I value your opinion very much, I must agree with you insurance companies avoid paying for any programs or treatments which are not prescribed by a physician which you can get at a pharmacy. I myself am forced to pay out a lot of extra money on vitamins and supplements my insurance will not cover, my body does not absorb the vitamins and minerals from my diet due to damaged intestines. I feel natural treatment should be your first path to solving your health problems, medication often cause other health problems and in my opinion are prescribed too often in today’s society.


  • Rob says:

    I find it very important that special needs children have the right brain balance to help with there motor skills and also sensory skills. I feel the assessment would be a big help in figuring out what’s best for your child’s need today and in the future. Thank you for great information.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Rob,

      This program has claimed to help thousands of children, the assessment would be worth doing I am sure to know where your child stands with their brain balance.


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