Does Anxiety Cause Night Sweats-What You Can Do

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Anxiety & Night Sweats


Night sweats is a common symptom for many people who experience night anxiety, this is the main reason for many people struggling with their sleep. Do you experience night panic attacks, night sweats are known to be a trigger for many people who do have panic attacks at night? Anxiety and night sweats often is a non-stop cycle, each one of these feeds off the other to cause each to be more severe. Your anxiety causes your body to heat up, your body reacts with night sweats to cool your body down.


What Is Triggering My Anxiety Night Sweats?


Do you often struggle to fall asleep at night because you are experiencing anxious thoughts and feelings, these thoughts and feelings leads to your night sweats? Most of us with chronic anxiety experiences worrying about all kinds of things especially at night, some of us even worry about being able to sleep at night. For some people their anxiety has no known trigger, they just feel anxious pretty much all the time. How does a person learn to reduce their anxiety controlling their life, what can we do to get a good nights sleep without being anxious and waking up during the night?



Tips For Your Night Sweats


What can you do when you wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet from night sweats, many people experience adjusting their environment to be cooler helps them to reduce their night sweats? The best thing to do is to get up change and your sheets and get a hot bath or shower, some people have experienced writing their feelings and thoughts in a journal to be helpful for them to deal better with their anxiety from their night sweats. This for most people with anxiety can become a vicious cycle, their anxiety causes their night sweats and their night sweats increases their anxiety even more causing both to become more severe.


Natural Anxiety Relief


The best strategy which works for the majority of people for their night sweats is to learn how to reduce the severity of their anxiety, believe me this is not an easy task for anyone experiencing chronic anxiety. There are several options for reducing your anxiety naturally, herbal teas is one method for you to add to your daily routine and is inexpensive to do. Essential oils is another good inexpensive method which has worked for many people, vitamin and supplements are also an option for you to try. Many people experience the most relief by making some lifestyle changes, so here is a good start for you to begin reducing your anxiety naturally.



Herbal Tea


Herbal teas promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety naturally, they are caffeine free and inexpensive to keep stocked up and used everyday. Chamomile herbal tea is one of the best teas to reduce your anxiety, focus on drinking 3 cups whenever you are just starting to feel anxious. This is a good beverage to drink in the evening before bedtime, warning do not drink this tea if you are allergic to ragweed. Chamomile is in the ragweed family and if you have an allergy, it could cause you breathing problems, it is even possible to cause swelling of your tongue and throat.


Omega 3’s


Omega 3’s eases anxiety and boosts your mood, these naturally lowers your stress chemicals and you are able to get omega 3’s through food and supplements. The foods which provide you the highest omega 3’s are tuna, salmon and walnuts, also adding flax seeds to your meals is a good way to get more omega 3’s.



Best Essential Oils For Anxiety


Essential oils has been used for a variety of health benefits for a very long time, there are several essential oils available for reducing your anxiety. The best two essential oils to use for anxiety are lavender and vanilla scents, these two oils provides you with lowering your anxiety naturally. Lavender calms you and assists in sleep, vanilla alleviates your anxiety symptoms.


Lavender Baths

Lavender Sachets Under Your Pillow

Few Drops In Boiling Water -Inhale

Apply Directly To Your Skin Lavender Scent Only




L-lysine is an amino acid which reduces anxiety symptoms and reduces your stress hormones, this can be obtained through your food and is available in the supplement form. The best foods are your meats, fish and beans, you can purchase amino acid in pill and capsule form and also in powder form you add to your favorite beverage.



Vitamin D


Many people today are vitamin D deficient, all it takes is 15-20 minutes per day outdoors on a sunny day to get the required amount of this vitamin. This vitamin decreases anxiety and depression symptoms, people who take nature walks daily experience lower levels of anxiety. Many people do not spend enough time outdoors most days to receive enough of this vitamin, many others live in a climate which lacks sunny days every day and for these people taking this vitamin in supplement form can reduce their anxiety.


Lifestyle Changes


Lifestyle changes is your best first approach to reducing your anxiety symptoms, this method might be the most difficult but also is the least expensive? By adding daily exercise of only 21 minutes per day will reduce you anxiety symptoms, dislike exercise with a passion you can get this same benefit by simply adding 21 minutes of activity in your day? What about biking , many people are getting back into riding bicycles and this is an awesome way to reduce your anxiety and have fun at the same time?


Epsom Salt Baths

Avoid Caffeine

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid Sugars

Add Magnesium

Add B12




Anxiety Diet Plan


Many people have experienced a dramatic reduction in their anxiety symptoms simple by adjusting their diet, people are reducing their anxiety with a gluten-free diet plan. Today it is not nearly as expensive to go gluten-free, even though you must give up some of your favorite gluten foods and snacks isn’t it worth it to be less anxious and actually be able to sleep at night again?



Processed Foods In Moderation

Avoid Saturated Fat

Fried Foods In Moderation

Regular Small Meals & Snacks


What To Eat?


Many people become overwhelmed with what they can eat to reduce their anxiety symptoms, focus on more natural foods and less processed foods is a  good start. Some foods are better than others in the same food group, all fruits are good choices but some are better than others. Lean protein foods are important for reducing your anxiety, plant protein is just as good as meat protein, eggs are a very good protein choice and easy on your food budget. Read on for more good foods to add to your new diet plan, food is more important than many realize for managing their anxiety.




Gluten-Free Grains






Dark Leafy Greens

Dark Chocolate



Best Supplements For Night Sweats


There are many supplement products on the market for you to use for your night sweats, but with chronic anxiety many of you will be overwhelmed with which supplements are the best for you? The best supplements I recommend for you to try if you wish to purchase any supplements are  Dong Quai, Black Cohosh and Ginseng.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Even though I have shared with you quite a lot of useful information to reduce your anxiety and night sweats there is much more I have not been able to share with you in this one article, one other lifestyle change which you might wish to consider is eating late night snacks? Some people experience weight gain problems due to eating late at night due to their anxiety and night sweats, both of these can be triggers for us to overeat.



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