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Do You Know You Are Exercising Too Much-Know The Signs You Of Over Exercising

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When I was young, I never expected anyone could exercise too much, that is until I experienced it myself at the age of 50 + years old. I always loved the feeling after I exercised, but after I become over fifty years old, my exercise workouts started to become quite negative for me. Before fifty I exercised every day at least an hour, on days I did not exercise I was doing something physical anyway, that all changed after I becoming older in age, my over excitement for exercising burned me out and affected my health in a negative way. Today I have to cut way down on my exercise, at first this was a very difficult thing for me to do. I just did not feel right not being active every day, what I had to do was take many months off to recover before starting a new exercise plan.


How I Exercise Today?


I just can’t take one day off without exercising in some way, so I was forced to cut my exercise down from an hour to thirty minutes per day. This allows me to exercise every day without burning myself out, this also is something I can live with since I am getting some type of exercise every day. I must alternate cardio and strength training every other day, I have also added pea protein powder and brown rice powder to my recovery plan. Not only that, but i also added an amino acid recovery supplement as well. These supplements allow my body to recover enough to exercise every day, without these supplements I just burn myself out. I choose these plant protein powders because I am not able to digest the whey protein any longer, if you have difficulty with whey protein give either one of these plant proteins a try?


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When you are beginning to burn out you will notice a decline in your performance, when this happened to me I just pushed my body harder thinking I was not exercising enough. The most obvious performance decline most people experience are running, swimming and cycling, so if you are into any of these things and  start to experience a decline you might need to ease back instead of pushing yourself harder?


Pushing Your Body To Exercise


When you have been highly motivated all your life to exercise and suddenly one day you find you are lacking the motivation it does confuse you, for me I just pushed my body even more despite my lack of motivation and I really was not enjoying it any more. The exercise activities this often affects are weight lifters, sprinters and soccer players, beware this could be another sign you need to take a break from your exercising?


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Exercising & Your Mood


I was amazed how too much exercise affected my mood and my emotional health, I always heard exercise was one of the best ways to improve both of these health issues. Well, exercise also can trigger problems with your mood and emotional health when you are doing too much. I experienced mental fatigue terribly and had no idea why, I got to the point I could not concentrate to do much of anything not even read an article or a book.









Exercising too much can affect your relationships, when you are extremely fatigued and not emotionally healthy you are not a very good partner. When your partner expects you to do things with them and you just do not have the energy conflicts are going to happen, you are not in a very good frame of mind and might say and do things you would never do any other time? Everyone in the household are not happy because you are not being a good partner or parent , this can add to the anxiety and depression you are already experiencing.


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Exercising & Recovery


I began to experience sore muscles every day, instead of taking a day or two off I pushed myself to exercise, anyway. When you are having persistent sore muscles, this is a sign you need to take a break and allow your body to recover, but not this boy he just pushed forward making those muscles hurt even more. Now by using my protein powders and my amino acid supplements, I no longer experience extra sore muscles any longer, I did cut my daily exercise in half which I am sure helped.


Exercise, Fatigue & Sleep


Did you know when you exercise more than your body can take you will develop sleep problems, how in the world can a person be so fatigued and not be able to fall asleep? When your muscles are overtired they will not relax, when your muscles do not relax you do not fall asleep. Even when I would fall asleep, I would wake after only ten to twenty minutes later. Those over-the-counter sleep aids did not even work for me, they would make me so groggy I could do nothing but lay in bed and not fall asleep. Talk about torture, with my muscles so tense this increased my anxiety and I could not even get out of bed to pace my bedroom floor.


Appetite & Inflammation


By this time I was starting to lose muscle tone from not eating enough, with my body so inflamed from exercising I had very little appetite, My stomach muscles were so sensitive to touch, even laying in bed my body hurt from being so sensitive from being so inflamed. I never knew exercise caused inflammation before experiencing exercising too much, now I figured out why after you exercise you are not hungry. Exercise is a good thing to do for your body, but when you overdo it you will experience negative results. I am amazed I did not injure myself by pushing my body to such limits, if I had kept going with this chronic inflammation I could have experienced serious diabetes, heart disease or even cancer.


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What Is On My Mind Today?


I lived this crazy lifestyle much longer than anyone should have, I was so determined I was going to keep exercising every day one hour. I am happy now with my new lifestyle, I exercise every day but only half the time I used too. Adding the supplements was the key for my recovering quicker, as you become older you recover slower from intense exercise. Post these warning signs some place you will see them every day to remind you it is possible to exercise too much, memorize these signs so you will not torture yourself by pushing yourself when you should be recovering.


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  • Patricia says:

    I wonder if people can be addicted to exercise, just like any addiction. We think it’s a healthier addiction but like most things – too much of a good thing can be bad. I wondered if you got over-use injuries from daily exercise. I have learned along the way to moderate my exercise and just go for a walk if I feel like it rather than run. Hope that you found your balance.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I found out as we age we must adjust our exercise levels and activities, I do feel I have the right balance right now and I hope I can stay balanced and never go through that experience again


  • Esdras Veliz says:

    Do you know when you sweat you lose the nutrients in your body I would recommend light exercise just walking is enough and you know about people who are 28 and dying of heart attacks because they exercise too hard that’s why like you say to be careful Good luck on your site

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      People very young are having heart attacks today, you just never know what tomorrow might bring. Exercise is good for you if you don’t over do it, take several days off if you are feeling extremely fatigued and not sleeping well.


  • Moon says:

    I guess we can become obsessed sometimes and that’s when anything becomes too much. There was a time I want to reduce my tummy and I made myself do tons and tons of sit-ups, so much so that I am in pain constantly. That was when I know that I am hurting myself more than doing good, so I stop. Anything done in extreme is a no-no!

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      It is true we can become addicted to an extreme even to good habit such as exercise and dieting, over doing either of these is harmful to your health


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