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Do Gluten Free Foods Have Carbs-Best Low Carb Gluten Free Foods

healthy carbs in your gluten free diet


Gluten-Free Diets


Many people misunderstand gluten-free diets, gluten-free diets are supposed to be mainly your natural food sources and gluten-free grains. The misunderstanding  is you are not supposed to pig out on gluten-free grain products, grains which are gluten or gluten-free are supposed to be consumed in moderation? Today the majority of people overeat grain products, this is the main reason people are overweight and experience autoimmune diseases. The best way for you to manage autoimmune disease is to eat your gluten-free grain products in moderation, even if you are not experiencing autoimmune disease this is the best method of prevention you will find?


High Carb Gluten-Free Foods


Protein and low carb foods are what you are aiming for to prevent and manage autoimmune disease, anything made with grains are high carb foods you should avoid or eat in moderation. These are the carbs which puts on extra weight and opens the door for autoimmune disease when overeaten, so the easiest way to avoid these health problems are to be more careful how much grain products you are eating in your diet. Gluten-free grains are not healthier for you, they just are easier on your digestive system.


GF Bread ( 1 Slice 15 Grams Of Carbs )

GF Pretzels & Chips ( 1 Oz 15 Grams Of Carbs )

1/3 Cup Of Rice ( 15 Grams Of Carbs )

1/2 Cup Gluten-Free Oatmeal ( 15 Grams Of Carbs )


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Gluten-Free Low Carb Foods


You need a good combination of protein and carbs every day to feel your best, your best strategy is to make it a point to have some of both in every meal and snack every day. The more natural your food source the healthier benefits you will receive, watching your sugar and sodium contents in your food and avoiding as much processed foods is your best diet plan. We all need to treat ourselves now and then to spice our diets, the problem is the foods and snacks with these ingredients are highly addictive to the majority of people. Your best snack is dark chocolate, it is yummy enough to satisfy you, plus low in sugar and not as unhealthy for you? When I do use the gluten-free grains such as brown rice or quinoa, I add just one handful in a soup or stew I am preparing, this way I am getting some extra nutrients without gaining weight or harming my health.


Non-Starchy Veggies


Poultry ( Breast Meat Best )

Grass-Fed Meats


Nut Butters ( Natural Best )

Dark Chocolate


Fruits & Veggies


Fruit and veggies are your healthiest food groups for good carbs, the starchy veggies are higher in carbs and these you should limit yourself to serving no more than 1/2 cup. Other veggies you can eat your heart out, you can put a lot of these veggies into your belly without harming your waistline or your health. As for fruit you should stick to small pieces of fruit because of their sugar content, but fruit is a great snack especially when you are having a sweet tooth attack. Potato’s keep your serving to one small potato, adding corn and peas to your soups and stews are another way to get some extra carbs. You can even add a handful of your favorite gluten-free grain to your soups and stews, but only one handful to keep from gaining too much weight.


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Legumes & Beans


These are great additions to your soups and stews, you can also use them as a side dish if you prefer. Black beans and chickpeas are two of your best of these to use, low in fat and high in protein plus some carbs. These provide you almost everything you are looking for in your gluten-free diet, experiment with new combinations or purchase yourself a gluten-free recipes book. 1/2 cup of these provide you with 15-20 carbs, these are the good carbs your body will thank you for.




If you are one of the lucky ones and can digest dairy products, there are some dairy products which are good for you. The majority of people who have problems with gluten, also experience problems with dairy. The reason for this is unless the dairy products are grass-fed only, you are getting some gluten from these products. Hidden gluten is the most difficult to avoid, milk, yogurt and most cheeses are very good choices for you. These products provide you with calcium and high protein and carbs, you will receive between twelve and thirty grams of carbs from these products.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Remember, some carbs are good for you, the carbs which comes from your natural food sources are your best carbs. At first, adjusting your diet seems so overwhelming, but after a short time you will have adjusted and grocery shopping will be easier for you. Many of the aisles in the grocery stores I just avoid, this saves me time and prevents temptation to give in to something I know I should not eat. This diet plan is well worth the extra work at first, what is more important in your life than you and your families health?


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8 thoughts on “Do Gluten Free Foods Have Carbs-Best Low Carb Gluten Free Foods

  1. I have suffered from gluten rich foods and it has wreaked havoc on my lifestyle. Cloudy thinking, bloated stomach, constant grumbling noises in my stomach. All things I thought were just a part of life! Now that I am (pretty much) gluten free (a very hard thing to do) and low carb advocate, this post is truly beneficial. Legumes have truly helped me get the protein and insoluble fibers I need. Great post!

    1. Thank You

      I am happy to hear you are doing so much better on your gluten-free diet, many people do even better eliminating grains from their diet or at the least eat them in moderation.


  2. This was a very interesting read for me. My daughter has recently found out that is gluten that constantly makes her feel sick. As a mother, to buy gluten free products are very expensive and sometimes I forget and make her food for dinner that she can’t eat. It was nice to get some good ideas on your page.

    1. Thank You

      I share your daughter’s sickness fro gluten foods, this is why I wrote this article to help people like you.


  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. Gluten is not a friend of mine and I work hard to be gluten free. Happy to hear that you are doing well on the gluten-free diet!

  4. Your information is very good! I started a “grain-free” diet about 4 years ago…not because I was gluten intolerant but because my cholesterol was a little high, and I had chronic aches and pains.

    I absolutely will not take drugs of any kind, so my alternative doctor suggested a grain-free diet. In less than 3 months my cholesterol was in the perfect zone! As my doctor said, “there is no drug out there that can do that in such a short time.”

    At first I did just what you say not to do, I looked for recipes to make desserts from seed flours that you have to add starch of some kind to. Instead of losing weight I gained weight just like eating grains.

    Now, I eat mostly meat, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and a little fruit.It tastes so good!

    Thank you for all your information, I am sure others will benefit greatly from it!

  5. I’ve never known that overeating grains could lead to being overweight! Many thanks for this important information. True enough, we should always eat in moderation with having all this nutrients for a healthy body.

    I just would like to ask one thing about vegetables. You mentioned about starchy veges but what are the example of those? I believe all veges do not has any calories right?

    1. Thank You

      Veggies have calories just much lower than other foods, starchy vegetables are vegetables in the cabbage family cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower


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