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Depression During Holidays-Triggers And Coping Techniques


Depression During The Holidays


Many people experience depression during the holidays, knowing your triggers is your first step to managing your depression during the holiday season. The most common trigger for many people is the memories of their loved ones who are no longer with them, the next most common trigger is the chemical imbalance which is activated this time of the year. Other triggers can be disappointment during the holidays, financial problems, Christmas shopping stress and a break-up or divorce.


 Christmas Shopping

Poor Quality Of Sleep

Overwhelmed With Decisions

Thyroid Disease

Autoimmune Disease

Poor Personal Relationships

Being Separated From Family ( Being Alone )

Medication Side-Effects

Birth Control Pills

Too Much Online

Too Much Television


Alcoholic Beverages


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Holiday Stress


The holidays can be very stressful for anyone at any age, Shopping for Christmas is a bigger trigger for depression than many people realize. Often we are pushing ourselves to get all the things done before Christmas arrives, everyone has at least one person who is hard to shop for. Seniors are the most difficult people for most of us to shop for, as it becomes closer to Christmas and we still have not found the perfect gift we often become overwhelmed with anxiety and depression often sets in. For many people their holiday depression does not hit them until after Christmas, this can be even more difficult to cope with than depression during the holiday season.


Holiday Travel Stress


Another trigger for many people is traveling for the holidays, families are spread out today which has many people traveling during the holidays to spend Christmas with their families. Besides the physical stress traveling many people experience financial stress with the cost of traveling, there is so much more to do to prepare for the holidays and many people just become overwhelmed and experience depression this time of the year. The majority of people during the holidays get out of their regular routine, often they are so busy with preparing for the holidays they do not take as good care of themselves.


Financial Stress


Many people become overwhelmed with their over-spending during the holidays, this can cause anyone to become depressed knowing after Christmas the bills will start rolling in. This trigger can be controlled and decrease your anxiety and depression, many people have learned making a Christmas budget has helped them to not over-spend during the holidays. Making a Christmas budget with all your holiday expenses is your best strategy to prevent yourself from over-spending, list everyone you wish to buy a gift for and how much you plan to spend on them. Remember to list all your baking supplies and decorating as well, the more you can plan in your budget the  better you can cope with the stress during the holidays.


Donating To Charities


Many people donate to charities during the holidays, most people do not include this in their budget which causes them to over-spend. Be sure you include the charities you plan to donate and how much to each charity, the more efficient we can plan for our spending during the holidays the less surprises will hit us which will decrease the severity of our holiday depression. I had to cut back on how many charities I could donate to during the holidays the past few years, this was very emotional for me to deal with since I was very passionate about the charities I was involved with. One way I cope better with this disappointment during the holidays is I send invitations out to the people I know who might be interested in donating to the charities I am not able to donate to any longer. Church and organizations you belong to are good choices for the charities you wish to support, doing this gives you a good feeling you are not letting your favorite charities down and is a good coping skill.


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What Else Can You Do


Many people can not eliminate some level of depression during the holidays, these people usually have a chemical imbalance which is triggered this time of the year. Other people has experienced emotional losses during the holidays in the past which is triggered every year. Many people whose relationships ended around the holidays experiences depression this time of the year, this is even more severe when they are alone on the holidays. Maintaining a healthy routine is your best strategy, balancing your holiday preparation with good coping skills and relaxation techniques will help you get through the holidays. Staying busy and around healthy people should be your main goals this time of the year, being around positive people helps us to be more positive as well. Avoid being alone as much as you possibly can, volunteering in your community for many single people during the holidays is their best coping skill. Learning and practicing relaxation techniques is something you should consider, these will help you balance your time in a healthy way. These help many people relax and sleep better during the holidays, be extra special to yourself this time of the year.




Qi Gong

Tai Chi


Send Christmas Cards

Healthy Meals

Avoid Excessive Alcoholic Beverages

Sun Lamp Therapy

Take Your Medications

Take Frequent Breaks

Think Positive

Stay Active

Focus On Helping Others

Relaxation Techniques

Get Enough Sleep/ Rest


What Is On My Mind Today


Holiday depression is really tough to cope with for everyone, planning as much as possible for your holidays will decrease your level of depression this time of the year. When you are focusing on helping other people,  you will have less time to focus on yourself. Our natural response to depression during the holidays is to isolate, I have experienced whatever your feeling during the holidays negative do the opposite and make your feelings more positive. Living alone is tough during the holidays for anyone, especially if your family lives long distance from you. This holiday when anxiety and depression is beginning to kick in, try some of the things in this article to help you cope better.



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