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Cruises For Singles Over 50-Need A Break From Your Stress Take A Cruise

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Stressed Out Go On A Cruise


There is a disease in today’s society by the name of  stress, every where you go and no matter what you do there seems to be some level of stress attacking you. More people today are struggling with anxiety and depression, did you know the majority of people over fifty who are single spends ninety percent of their wake up time working,. I am one of those people, I spend the majority of my wake time either brain storming for my next article or actually researching and writing. I seldom take an entire day off and when I do not sleep at night,  I find myself working.


Single’s Statistic In The USA


Researching for this article made me wonder about the single status in the USA, in the past I use to belong to several online dating websites. I was amazed just how many single people there actually is in the United States, in the year 2014 there were more single people than married people. That is very scary, what has our society become for marriage and family to be such a low priority in our lives. 124.6 million singles in the United States in 2014, at that time this was over 50% of the population. 62% of the singles were never married, 24% of the people were divorced. Is that not crazy the percentage was so much higher between people who never got married and people who married and was divorced. Only 14% of the people were widowed. Could this high percentage of people being single have anything to do with our high levels of  health problems, it is a fact married people are more often healthier than single people over 50 years old.


About Going On A Cruise


For anyone who is single and over 50 going on a cruise would be a great way to take a break, the majority of the stress in our lives at this age and being single is self induced, Even if we love what we do for a living, this has a really negative impact on our health. We do not have anyone to take care of other than ourselves, for many people this sounds like a positive asset. Actually,  people who do not have others to care for, have a less meaningful life which affects our quality of life. Single people tend to worry more than married people, the reason for this is the single person is worrying about everything and the married person is only sharing their worries with a spouse.

There Is A Positive Side


There are some positive assets about going on a singles cruise when you are over the age of 50, I did not realize this myself but people 55 and over are eligible for a discount even to go on a cruise. People in this category experienced major stress relief going on a cruise over any other type of vacation they have been on, your hotel room is right there with you the entire cruise. Alone time and group time is totally up to you, many people claimed going on a tour guided vacation was more stressful compared to their cruise vacation. on a cruise financially your vacation is fully paid before you ever get on the cruise ship, other vacations you have the burden of budgeting your expenses with extra charges you might not have expected. The people felt much more comfortable with the other passengers on the cruises, some even made some new friends.


Where To Cruise


You might consider going on a cruise one of these days, many people say they would have no idea where to go. My dream is to one day go on a cruise, the places right now which interest me the most would be Hawaii or Asia.  Of course this could change anytime, I have for a long time had an urge to experience life on a tropical island. Here are the places the majority of people in this category shared to be their most enjoyable cruise vacations, any of these interest You?



Gold Coast Australia


Costa Rica



Yoga & Meditation


Best Cruise Lines


People over 50 who experienced several cruises shared which cruise lines they had the best experience, with all this help to plan your cruise you should be more excited. Planning a cruise once you know where you wish to cruise to go, plus narrow down the cruise lines you wish to use you should be experiencing more excitement  to go on a cruise.


Norwegian Cruise Line

Holland America Line

Silver Sea

Costa Cruises

Fred Olsen Cruises


What Is On My Mind


This article hopefully has you at the least considering about going on a cruise, single people over 50 work way too much and take very few vacations. Dedicating your life to your career will catch up with you sooner or later, you are no exception or a superman or superwoman. Today with many women with high stress careers and being single this might just be what you need, more men who dedicate their life to their career and who is single experience a shorter life span with long-term health problems. This is something you really should do for yourself, being single and over 50 without frequent breaks from your stress will catch up with you one day.

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