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Convenience Food And Nutrition-Think About This

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My Experience

Before any of you jump to conclusions, I am not in any way suggesting you eliminate your convenience foods from you diet. With our lifestyles today that is almost impossible to do, but I have experienced consuming these foods in moderation has been a very positive change in my health status over the past few years. I have been forced to live a gluten-free diet which has been a very positive addition to my life, going gluten-free completely is a whole new way of life. I have experienced even being gluten-free, these foods still when consumed in large amounts often cause me many negative health issues. I become less alert, less energy and I notice my brain functioning slows extremely way down. These foods are just not high enough in nutrition to give us what we need to be our best, we are geared for the old type of diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein with our snacks being nuts and seeds. Grains just do not digest well, also all the preservatives and additives do not mix well with our brain chemistry. I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my brain functioning since consuming these foods in moderation, I hope what I share with you today will give you the motivation to consume these types of foods in moderation in the near future.







Convenience Food Types

Before I realized these foods were the reason for my low brain function and other health problems, I really never realized actually how much of my diet consisted of these foods. Almost everything on my old diet plan was one type or another of these foods, in the past I thought of these foods as being your fast food and snack food. Well I find out exactly how wrong I had been, just some of the foods which we consume in our diets today are:

  • Dairy Products

  • Cereals

  • Pastries

  • Sauces

  • Milk Products

  • Processed Meats

  • Canned Goods

  • Frozen Foods (TV Dinners / Frozen Pizza)

  • Fast Food

  • Pre-mixed packages (cake mixes, mac n cheese, gravy mixes)

  • Snack Foods





















Pros And Cons Of Convenience Foods

Like everything in our lives there are the positive and the negative aspects on how they affect our lives, I suppose all we can do is compare the positive and the negative benefits we receive. I recommend everyone give this a try and limit these foods in moderation for just one month, this will give you plenty of time to see if consuming less of these foods improve how you feel each day. Some of the benefits of these foods are:

  • Toxin Removal

  • Preservation

  • Availability Of Foods

  • Longer Shelf Life

  • Convenience



  • Lost Nutrients During Processing

  • Food Additives

  • Food Preservatives

  • Contamination Risks High

  • Obesity

  • High Fat Content

  • High Sugar Content

  • High Sodium


Dietary Supplement Types

Living on a high consumption of these foods dietary supplements are a must, these foods just do not provide enough nutrition. Its impossible for us to consume enough of these foods to receive the nutrients we require to be healthy, I recommend a natural supplement. These will improve your brain functioning naturally with less potential of severe side effects, some of the types of supplements we require and do not receive enough are:

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Fiber

  • Fatty Acids

  • Amino Acids


Choosing a natural supplement will prevent you from having to take several unnatural supplements, I have only found two on the market at this time I would consider myself. Of course I have not made a dent in researching all the products available on the market today, all products do not work the same for everyone. You must experiment with different products until you find the one which works for you, just because a product works for someone else and not you does not mean the product is not a high quality product. Besides being extremely expensive to take one product for whatever you are lacking , who wishes to spend so much time taking all those individual products everyday. I feel if a company offers a risk free money back offer if your not totally satisfied, the company has extreme confidence their product will improve the majority of people’s lives.



Final Thoughts

I find it interesting the supplement products are non-government produced, the governments have their hands in almost anything which they can profit from. Why is it the drug organizations do not produce any of our supplements available on the market today, I strongly believe a natural supplement is much healthier and safer for us than the majority of the medications available today. I suffered terrible side effects from most of the medicines prescribed to me in the past, many even contributed to my symptoms to become even more severe. Those are my thoughts on this issue, I am not a doctor, a nutritionists or a scientist, I am just sharing the facts and my own experience with you.


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