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Community Resources Cancer Patients-More Help Than You Might Realize


Cancer Assistance

There are more resources to provide cancer patients and their families than ever before, the most difficult part for most families is knowing where to look for assistance and what is available? What kind of assistance does your family need to get through your cancer treatment, lets look at what is available you might be in for a pleasant surprise?

Emotional Support

  • Counseling Support Groups
  • Patient To Patient Networks
  • Cancer Coping Skills Education
  • Private Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Cancer-Counseling & More


community resources for cancer patients


Financial Assistance


Medical Transportation

  • Medical Transportation Services Available For Cancer Treatment


Housing / Lodging


online directory for housing for cancer treatment patients and families


Children’s Services

There are organizations available which provides services for children with cancer, these organizations also provide services for the child’s family during their cancer treatment.


Home Health Care

This service is for cancer patients who no longer require the need of hospital or cancer treatment centers, but these patients are still in need of regular skilled care at their home.


Hospice Services

Hospice focuses on the needs of individuals who are terminally ill, the National Hospice & Pallative Care Organization is the place for you to find such services in your community.



national hospice foundations


Where To Find Resources


  • Health Care Team
  • Physician’s
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Cancer Center Libraries
  • Hospital Social Workers
  • Discharge Planning Coordinatiors
  • Counselors
  • Home Care Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Child Care Services


Local / County Government


  • Local Government Offers Low-Cost Medical Transportation
  • Social Security Benefits
  • State Disability
  • Medicaid
  • Food / Medical Assistance



Cancer Financial Assistance



Cancer Care / Helping Hand is a comprehensive online tool which features up-to-date information and descriptions for hundreds of National & Regional organizations, these organizations offer financial assistance to anyone being treated with cancer.


cancer care helping hand


Cancer Support Community


Cancer Support Helpline

  • Phone 888*793-9355
  • Live Chat Available
  • Open Monday-Friday 9:00 am To 9:00 pm
  • Cancer Education Resources
  • Find Support
  • Learn To Live With Cancer
  • Cancer Research Articles
  • Make A Difference For Those Going Through Cancer
  • Get Help Now


Recommend Resources



What Is On My Mind Today?


There is the sad chance many of us will experience some type of cancer, but  when you are aware, there is help for you and your family if cancer does find you this can be a huge blessing. With the stress of cancer treatment you have more to worry about than how you are going to pay your expenses as long as people with good hearts donate to these organizations there will be services available for you and your family if cancer finds you? Many people are living on fixed incomes and very low incomes today, but even a few dollars now and then donated to any of these organizations can help people who are living with cancer.


the breast cancer site

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9 thoughts on “Community Resources Cancer Patients-More Help Than You Might Realize

  1. Having gone thru this with family members, I know that when cancer strikes, you feel paralyzed and scared. I think this is a great resource for getting the help and support you need. I am a huge fan of the make-a-wish foundation. I am glad to see that link included. I love the doggie wiggle mat and that it supports and helps for mammograms. Great information!

    1. Thank You Matt’s Mom,

      It is nice to hear from you again, it has been a while since you commented on my articles. I am happy my article for cancer patient support pleases you, this article is very important to me for people to understand there is help and support for cancer patients and they are not alone.

      Happy to hear from you again,


  2. When my father had cancer a few years ago I would’ve loved to have read an article like this one.

    When something like this hits at your loved ones, sometimes you get paralyzed, not knowing how to deal with all the aspects involved: emotional, financial, transportation, housing and so on.

    I believe that the directory you’ve elaborated here is of great value to anyone going through this terrible disease. Knowing all the available resources can have a huge impact on someone’s recovery.

    By the way, my father is healthier than ever! 🙂

    Thanks for the great info.

    1. Thank You

      I am very happy to hear your father is a cancer survivor, my father also has survived cancer as well. These resources can be priceless for families battling cancer, I hope enough people keep these resources just in case Cancer hits their own family.


  3. This is a great resource. Thank you for helping others with this dreaded disease called Cancer. I pray one day that it will be no more.
    My dad and brother plus many others I know or have known have died because of cancer. It is so sad when I see a child with it.
    In this area, there is the Ronald McDonald house and it houses the families of children that are going through Cancer treatment in our area.

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate you reading and commenting on my article on cancer resources, many people are not aware there is help when you are dealing with cancer so you are not alone.


  4. Thanks for this info.
    I lost my mother recently to cancer and I am well aware of the finances necessary for treatment.
    This can be overwhelming, especially since one has to deal with the stress from the sickness itself.

    It really hurts to see anyone suffer from this dreaded disease and your site is a great comfort by providing so many helpful resources and coping mechanisms for dealing with this dreaded sickness.


    1. Thank You

      I appreciate your visiting and commenting on my article, I am very sorry to hear about your loss of your mother to cancer. I hope she did not suffer a long illness, she is in a good place now.


      1. Thanks Jeff. She is!

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