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Coloring Pages For Teenagers-Art Therapy For Teens

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Art Therapy For Teens


I think the best therapy methods for children and teens are art and music therapy, both of these are fun and have so many health benefits. Both of these are great for allowing us to release our emotional feelings we have deep inside of us each day, very few people will be having negative feelings and thoughts while being engaged in either of these.  Both have been in man’s life since the beginning of time, the interest and love for the arts just keep growing stronger with each generation.


art therapy


Emotional Health Benefits


It is amazing the benefits we receive from art therapy, it brings very positive feelings and even a smile or two after we have created a beautiful piece of art. Even the person with very little art talent is able to create something beautiful through art therapy, there are many products available today to pursue this as a hobby and therapy. I highly recommend you seek out one of these product to add into your life, everyone needs a hobby and you can’t go wrong with art as a healthy hobby.


Stress Reduction

Relaxation Technique

Calming & Soothing

Improves Concentration

Distracts You From Your Problems


Art as therapy


Who It Has Helped


This hobby has been very beneficial to many people with a wide variety of issues, even if your healthy adding art into your life will give you many joys and could be a preventative health strategy for you. You need not be able to draw or paint to find something you can enjoy and benefit from, later in this article,  I will give you more examples of all the things you can use as art therapy. My favorite art therapy I enjoy doing is just simple doodling, anyone can doodle and now they even have products for people who wish to doodle. Doodling for anyone not familiar with this term is simple drawing different shapes and shading them to your desire, very easy to do and you do not have to think or concentrate which is a good starter project. Very inexpensive, writing tools of your choice and paper.


Boredom ( Most Common Trigger )



Anxiety Disorders

Stress Disorders

Depressive Disorders

Anger Management

Substance Abuse



 Doodling Art Therapy


Color Therapy


Now what you all have been waiting for, coloring therapy has been used for emotional issues for a very long time. It has just become more popular again with coloring page products for all ages. People of all  ages will benefit from these coloring pages, now they are widely available in almost all hobby stores. Very inexpensive which is great for everyone’s budget, you can use colored pencils, crayons or just about anything your heart desires to color these pages. Color therapy has become very popular in many rehabilitation programs as well, it seems the medical field is just re-introducing this as a highly health therapy program.


Occupational Therapy

Therapeutic Therapy

Rehabilitation Programs

Recovering From Head Trauma


Mental Health Programs


Color Page Therapy


Art Therapy


Art therapy is available in many different ways, there is something for everyone to get started. It is best to start up with something pretty simple and easy to do, also inexpensive is a good idea until you find what is right for you. This is the reason coloring therapy is a great fit for everyone, you need no special art talents and it is pretty inexpensive. You can use any writing tool you desire, really a good choice for people who have severe emotional issues since it does not take a great deal of concentration. I know from my past, my concentration was extremely terrible at one time in my life. This seems to be a common symptom many people share, so I would recommend you starting out with color therapy. Since many teenagers think coloring these pages are fun, it makes a great relaxation technique and stress reducer or them.






Wood Crafts

Puppet Therapy

Post Card Design


Coloring To Music

Art Journal

Rock Painting

Dream Catchers

Finger Nail Art


Fingernail Art Therapy


A Busy Mind Is A Calm Mind


Art therapy is a great method to reduce your stress and anxiety, use as a relaxation technique and just as a fun hobby. Everyone should have hobbies in their life, hobbies give us so many health benefits plus keeps our minds busy and relaxed. Relaxation is one if not the biggest problem in our lives today, we just do not have a healthy balance of work and play. I think the nail art therapy is really cool, I do not think many guys would be willing to get into this but be a  great hobby for the gals. It is amazing what you might find if you really put an effort into your search, teenagers spend much of their free time online so if they take a little of that time and research I am sure they will find something they enjoy. Who knows, there might even be an online coloring page  if you spend a little time searching.


Teenage Art Therapy



Fun Product Of The Day


This is my favorite part of my article, going on a treasure hunt to find you a fun product . I will admit it takes me quite some time to find the product I share with you, but you are worth my time. I do my very best to share information in my article which will improve your life, I know too well what life is like when your emotional health is not up to what it should be. If left go it will only become more severe if you keep going on the path your on right now, helping you is what I look forward to doing every day.



What Is On My Mind Today


Are you smiling about now,  surely my fun product made you at least smile a little inside. That is my whole point of having a fun product for you guys and gals, to perk up your day. I really feel this article came out very well with some good motivational images and information, battling emotional issues is the most difficult enemy you will have in your entire life. Fear not, there is much hope for you. You must just take one day at a time, do your very best to learn relaxation skills and how to use them when you need them. Stay active as much as you can, I know depression steals all your energy and motivation. I have been in your shoes, you ever need anyone to talk too my email is always open to you.


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  • Koda says:

    I also believe that some of the best therapeutic outlets are art and music based. I think this not only applies to children and teens, but to adults as well! Getting into the flow state of art and music relaxes you and helps channel energy into a productive activity. You learn to use other parts of your brain as well as gain new talents and hobbies. Music and art rule! I don’t know why the education system insists on getting rid of these great creative outlets for children. It really is a shame.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Koda,

      Yes, music and art benefit everyone. Many people with emotional issues become so depressed they do not have any interest even in music and art. When someone is in this state, you must introduce them all over again and coloring therapy and music are a good way to do that.

      The schools have taken many of the most beneficial classes out of the schools, also in the mornings before classes the entire school should have a meditation period to prepare for their day.


  • Brittney Church says:

    Hello there! I love your post about art therapy, I love the idea you made about how it helps with a lot of problems (little or small). I never really thought about it that way but you are certainly right! Thank you for this lovely reminder of how powerful art can be!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms. Brittney,

      If I had to choose two therapies to use for anxiety, I would choose art and music. They work so well and easy to afford and since they are fun we will do them much longer than any other therapy.


  • Daggok says:


    I think you are absolutely right, art and music therapy are the best therapy methods for children and teens making both of these fun I think the benefits are amazing and like always having fun while doing some kind of therapy is a bonus and makes progress more natural.
    I really enjoyed your article keep the great work.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Ruben

      I appreciate your comment, I think we have taken music and art for granted and have lost our appreciation for them. Everyone should enjoy and take advantage of them, they inexpensive and bring so many benefits into our lives.


  • Matt's Mom says:

    Heck, I can totally see where coloring therapy would be very therapeutic. I like to color myself, and so does my son. I think that its a great way to take your mind off of something, and just regroup. We keep lots of colored pencils and markers at home for just this reason. My son and I both love to color, so it’s a no brainer and it really does work!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt’s Mom

      Great to know you and your son color often, this is a very relaxing hobby plus a great stress reliever. Keeping your mind busy is the key to being healthy emotionally, but doing things which are fun you will do more often and longer and art and music are the best two you can choose.


  • Emily says:

    I have been wanting to get an adult coloring book for a while now; I just have not felt like I have the time. However my reasoning was just because it looked fun to me!! Now that I know that there are actually health benefits to coloring and creating art, I will have to give it a try for sure!!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Emily,

      Many of us feel kind of embarrassed to be coloring, if the health benefits gets you moving go for it. I never liked coloring as a kid, just was not my cup of tea. I also have been considering adult coloring books, I also need a kick in the butt to get started.


  • Sammy says:

    I like the art and the dvd’s you have. I can get a lot of movies, lol. Then all I need to do is go to your snack shop and I don’t have no worries. Anyways, you do got a good website. All I can say is keep it up and be successful.

  • Chris says:

    Coloring Pages For Teenagers-Art Therapy For TeensI

    I have been wanting to get an adult coloring book for a while now; I just have not felt like I have the time. However my reasoning was just because it looked fun to me!! Now that I know that there are actually health benefits to coloring and creating art

    • admin says:

      Thank You Chris,

      Order yourself an adult or children’s coloring book, whichever interests you the most. It is a great relaxation technique, low cost and you can tell your friends and family it is therapy for you.


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