Chronic Inflammation Eye-Chronic Red Itching Eyes Is Only The Warning Signs

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Chronic Inflammation


Chronic inflammation is causing us health problems within our entire body, autoimmune is not just a rare disease for a few of us this is becoming more and more severe as the years go by. Knowledge is your most powerful weapon against autoimmune disease, with the right knowledge you can often manage your disease well enough to keep your health symptoms under control. You will have flare ups from time to time, but with the right management plan you can live a relatively healthy and happy life. Your diet is what determines your severity of your autoimmune symptoms, knowing your trigger foods and safe foods will make more of an impact on your life then many people realize. When it comes to inflammation of your eyes,  you do not want to take this lightly, without sticking to the right management plan your eyes will cause you much misery and vision problems. Trust me you do not want to live with chronic inflammation of your eyes, the simple things you now take for granted will give you much pain and frustration if you allow your autoimmune disease to affect your eyes.


Early Warning Signs



Eye Lid Inflammation




Light Sensitivity ( Computer, Television, Sunny Days )

Watering Eyes




Best Herbs For Autoimmune Disease Eye Inflammation


The best supplement for your chronic eye inflammation is ” Fish Oil “, consult any eye physician and they should confirm fish oil is very important if you experience eyes inflammation. Besides fish oil there are some herbs you can use as well, I will share these with you for you to research and decide if any of these are right for you. I experience extremely chronic eyes inflammation from my autoimmune diseases, my treatment plan which has improved my condition dramatically is the fish oil supplement and the prescription eye drops Restatis. These two things and consuming an autoimmune disease diet has been a great asset in managing my chronic dry eyes.


Best Herbs For Eye Inflammation



Ginko Biloba


Green Tea (Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Teas )


Black Current




Vitamins & Supplements


Most Common Autoimmune Eye Diseases


There are several autoimmune diseases which affects your eyes, many people do not realize how serious autoimmune diseases can affect their eyes. Some people have experienced vision disabilities from these diseases, others have experienced blindness in one or both eyes by not taking the care of their eyes serious enough. As difficult as it is for the majority of us including myself to sacrifice many of our favorite foods, this is what will provide you with the most relief and protection from severe vision complications. Inflammatory trigger foods are the cause of our bodies responding with chronic inflammation, the more of these trigger foods we put into our bodies the more severe our chronic inflammation will be. In the early stages of autoimmune disease we can get away with more of these foods without severe complications as our symptoms become more severe the stricter we must be with our diets. If you are suffering from joint pain and think that is miserable to live with, I assure you inflammation of your eyes are much more painful.


Dry Eye Syndrome


Dry eye syndrome is the most common autoimmune disease the majority of people experience, the arthritis family and sjogrens syndrome are the main diseases which cause dry eyes. Sjogrens and Rheumatoid Arthritis are the two diseases which affects the majority of people with chronic inflammation of the eyes. This syndrome is much more serious and painful than you would  think, these are the most easiest diseases to manage with your diet and proper eye care management.


Prescription Eye Drops ( Restasis )

Artificial Tears ( Over-The-Counter Eye Drops )

Topical Salves

Tear Duct Plugs

Medication Changes If Needed

Humidifier ( Bedroom Recommended )




Scleritis is inflammation of your cornea, the cornea is the white section of your eyes. Inflammation causes your cornea to become thin, early signs are redness, severe pain, sensitive to light and reduced vision. Anyone with rheumatoid arthritis disease should pay attention to their eye care seriously to prevent serious eye complications, other eye conditions which are high risk are granulomatosis and poychondritis.


Treatment Plan


Corticosteroid Eye Drops

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan





Uvetts is a disease which causes inflammation to the vascular layer of your eyes, this is the layer between your retina and sclera. You will experience eye pain, redness, blurred vision, sensitive to the light and this can lead to vision loss if not managed properly.


Who This Can Affect


Juvenile Arthritis

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Psoriatic Arthritis

Reactive Arthritis

Bechets Disease




Corticosteroid Eye Drops

Corticosteroind Eye Injections ( Ouch )

Antibiotic For Eye Infections


Retinal Vascular Occulsion


This eye disease affects your light sensing layer of your eyes, people with this often experience the loss of their vision suddenly with no warning. People describe this experience it is like a curtain coming over their eye, if the vein is blocked instead of the retina people experience gradual vision loss.


Who Is Affected




Bechets Disease


Polyarteritis Nodosa

CNS Angiitis




Artery Blocked Damage ( Vision May Not Restored )

Vein Blocked ( Laser Surgery )


What Is On My Mind Today


Chronic eye inflammation should be taken extremely serious, following your autoimmune diet will help prevent serious vision complications if applied before serious eye damage occurs. The majority of people manage their eye inflammation very well with their diet and the use of restasis eye drops, artificial tears and fish oil.


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