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Chronic Arthritis Pain Relief- Over 27 Million Americans Suffer From Arthritis Pain

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Arthritis Pain Management


Over 27 million American’s suffer from chronic arthritis pain, this is a disabling and painful health issue to live with. I also suffer from this issue which challenges me most days to be able to function my daily routine, living in a colder climate does seem to give people a higher level of pain than people living in warmer climates. The majority of people it is not possible to relocate to a warmer climate, people who live in a colder climate must learn to manage their pain with natural alternative health and herbs. Yes, herbs are your best option over medications, I was on arthritis medication for years and now I suffer from organ damage. Many people trust their physicians as I did when prescribing prescription pain medication, I urge you to consider alternative health and herbs before prescription pain medications.


Alternative Health Options


Alternative health options are the first things you should try to manage your joint pain, these options have helped many people ease their joint pain. All these do not work the same for everyone, you must experiment and see which one’s eases your pain, taking these slowly at first is a must until you see how your body is going to react. The majority of people desire quick remedies to ease their pain, these take time and patience but are much safer without serious side-effects such as prescription medications. In the past physicians recommended less physical activity for people with this type of pain, today it has been found that physical activity actually eases our pain.


Weight Management ( Takes Stress Off The Joints Reducing Pain )

Physical Activity ( Walking, Swimming, Biking, Yoga & Meditation, Isometrics )

Physical Therapy ( Gentle Stretching, Electrical Stimulation )


Yoga & Meditation


Pain Management With Herbs


Herbs have been used to manage many health issues since the beginning of time, so why has man stopped using herbs when they worked so well for so long? People often want a quick fix to their health issues, even though herbs have been very effective they do take time and patience before you begin to experience improvement. Herbs provide very few side-effects and most of them are very mild compared to the side-effects from prescription pain medication, everyday there is a new medication taken off the market because it is not safe. Problem is how many people have they caused serious damage before they were taken off the market, I prefer to take my chances with herbs over prescription medication. The majority of the time herbs either work for a person or they do not, the only time herbs can be dangerous is when mixed with prescription drugs so you do have to be careful if you are taking prescription drugs before adding any herbs to your management program.


Fish Oil


Fish oil naturally reduces inflammation and morning stiffness, fish oil has many positive benefits. Brain functioning is just one of them, with so many people today experiencing brain functioning issues this is a good one to put on your list. Excellent source of Omega-3’s fatty acids, reduces high blood pressure and protects against heart disease. Recommended dosage is 1g four times per day for RA & OA, if you prefer eating fish you need to consume two three ounce servings per week.









Herbs For Arthritis



Joint health cartilage protection and slows the deterioration and relieves arthritis joint pain, this also has improved joint mobility for many people. Naturally promotes growth repair and maintenance of the joint cartilage, also believed to lubricate joints. Assists in joint cartilage retaining water, this helps to prevent joint cartilage breakdown. Dosage is 1500 mg and one per day, often takes about one month to experience improvement.




Sam-e has provided treatment for pain, stiffness and even joint swelling. Improves joint mobility and rebuilds joint cartilage, eases symptoms for people with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Bursitis, Chronic Low Back Pain and even Depression. People experience improvement from one week to one month, recommended to take this with B12 for best results. Dosages are 600-1200 mg 3 times per day for Arthritis, 200-800 mg 2 times per day for Fibromyalgia.


St John Wort


Antidepressant & anti-inflammatory plus reduces pain, known for it’s mood raising levels of serotonin. This chemical is often low in depressed people, also found to be low in people with Fibromyalgia. Warnings not to take with any prescription anti-depressants, consult your physician if you wish to take this product. Dosage in tablet and capsules 900 mg per day, this also is available in tea form.

Anxiety & Stress




Turmeric reduces joint pain and inflammation, morning stiffness related to Arthritis. This also is good for bursitis and digestive problems, dosages are capsules, extract or spice. Capsules for arthritis 400-600 mg 3 times per day, rheumatoid arthritis capsules 500 mg 2 times per day.


Other Herbs To Consider




Evening Primrose




Rose HIps



Self Help Inspirational

What Is On My Mind Today


My intention with this article is to provide you with a much safer arthritis pain management plan, please consider prescription pain medication as a last resort. They just are not worth the risks of organ damage, these have only caused me more health issues forcing me on strong steroid medications for the rest of my life. These have many serious side-effects, they are not safe to be on regularly. Start with the alternative health options in this article, if you desire experiment with some of the herbs and see how they work for you. It is always safer to go the natural approach, prescription medications are used today too often when natural options should be used first.

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