Christmas Gifts For The Wife-Making Good Decisions Shopping For The Wife

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Good Decision Making Tips


Many of us make bad decisions from time to time during our life, most of us make our worse decisions when we are overwhelmed with anxiety from our stress.  Some people naturally has lower stress tolerance than others, often this is determined from our body chemistry and it is difficult for us to change. Instead of changing our body chemistry to handle more stress most often we must learn how to cope with the stress in our lives which enables us to be less anxious, many times we can lower our anxiety levels with changing our diets. I have always been a very anxious person all my life, I found by eliminating  my trigger foods I am much less anxious now and cope much better with my stress. The most common food which increases many people’s anxiety is gluten foods, just by eliminating this one food group I experienced a dramatic decrease in my anxiety. Avoid when possible making any serious decisions when you are feeling anxious, this is not always possible but when possible this will prevent you from making poor decisions.


 Christmas Shopping Stress


Christmas shopping stress is a trigger during the holiday season for many people, this is especially true for many married men shopping for their wives. Shopping for their life mate can overwhelm many men and increase their anxiety, men have even shared shopping for their wives has given them panic attacks. Many men are forced to purchase their wives Xmas gift right before Christmas, this has given men the reputation as shopping right before Xmas because they wish too. Many men do start looking seriously right after Thanksgiving for their wives Xmas gift, what often happens the man can not find a gift he is happy about giving his wife and then the last minute he has no choice then to go out and purchase her gift. When this happens,  many men make poor decisions on gifts for their wives, their anxiety takes over and they become overwhelmed and even experience panic attacks in desperation to find a worthy gift.


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Holiday Triggers


Why is it so difficult for men to shop for their wives, the answer to this question is very simple most men do not have very good stress management skills. The lack of these skills prevents many men from being able to remain calm when shopping for their wife, many will become anxious and the closer Christmas comes the higher their anxiety which prevents them making good decisions. Shopping for their wives is only one holiday trigger for most men, many have work related stress with deadlines before the holidays arrive. Throw in having to make travel plans if the family will be traveling during the holidays, all these triggers and other holiday preparation responsibilities often provides men with panic attacks.


Anxiety & Stress Management Skills


The man who learns how to manage his anxiety and stress will make better decisions is a fact, why do men have such poor stress management skills? Most men will do everything within their power not to ask others for help, one way men could manage their holiday stress much better is consulting with other family members for gift ideas for their wife. Who in your family would be able to give you good advice on possible gift ideas for your wife, teenage daughters and mother-in-laws for most wives are the best sources for good gift ideas. Many women shop with their teenage daughters and mothers, so this can be your best solution to consult in these two people for Xmas gift ideas. Another good stress management skill most men lack is sharing the responsibilities, many men think no one can handle their responsibilities better than themselves. The man who is not too proud to ask for help and share the responsibilities will be less anxious from his stress, the problem for many men this is almost impossible for them to do.


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Choosing Gifts For The Wife


Your wife is no different from shopping for anyone else on your Xmas list, she has hobbies and interests and being her husband you should know this information about her. How does she spend her free time when you two are apart when she is not taking care of her home responsibilities where is she spending her time and what is she doing? Is she involved with any organizations which she is passionate about, does she do volunteer work in the community? Maybe she is into art or music as a hobby, attends a cycling group at the YMCA? All these can lead you to possible gift ideas, you must just consider the things about her you know and doors will open for gift ideas. The wife is not the most difficult person to shop for, the people who are the most difficult to shop for are seniors. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself when shopping for your wife, many men put so much pressure on themselves they cause their own anxiety and panic attacks.


Romantic Gifts For The Wife


Is your wife a hopeless romantic, if she goes out of her way to plan romantic dinners and she gives you romantic gifts for Xmas there is a good chance a romantic gift would be the perfect gift for her? You can do the flowers and candy thing if you wish too, but there are other gifts of romance which might surprise her if you are up to them? Many wives would love a romantic candlelight dinner for two, better yet if you are able to prepare the meal yourself this would impress your wife and I am sure make her very happy. How about a holiday get-away just the two of you, most wives would be surprised especially if you have never done this for her before. These are just two romantic gifts you could consider giving your wife, there is the normal popular romantic gifts such as romantic jewelry. 


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Personalized Gifts For The Wife


Romantic gifts really is not a good Xmas gift fit for your wife, the next most popular gift many wives love are personalized gifts with her name or initials on the gift. You can even have any photograph you desire put on many of these gifts, another option is some text like ” I Love You” or ” Merry Christmas” are popular on these types of gifts. This type of gift will show you love her so much you had her gift personalized just for her, the gift choices are very widely available especially during  Christmas time.


 What Is On My Mind Today?


Romantic & personalized gifts for wives are the most popular with wives, surprise your wife with a gift of either of these and you will have a nice gift for your wife for Christmas. What impresses a wife the most is how much thought you put into choosing her gift, most wives will be happier with a less expensive gift which comes from your heart than a more expensive gift which took much less thought.


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