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Christmas Gifts For Seniors-Seniors Are The Most Difficult To Buy For


Talk About Anxiety & Stress


Shopping for the holidays is stressful for the majority of people, everyone has at least one difficult person to shop for. Many men struggle and experience high anxiety shopping for their wives, the closer you are to someone the more pressure you put on yourself choosing their Christmas gift. Women seem to have a natural knack for choosing the gift which fits the person, women do the majority of the shopping simply because men stress out and make poor decisions at times. Even when it comes to shopping for teenagers women choose much better gifts than men, I have heard women talking in the shops they even struggle at times choosing the right gift for the seniors on their Christmas list.


Shopping For Seniors


Anyone who has seniors to buy for possibly understands the difficulty choosing the right gift, my shopping system works extremely well for me shopping for the people on my Christmas list.  When I go shopping for my dad , my anxiety increases and I even become overwhelmed at times, see my dad is 80 years old now on oxygen. For the past few years giving my dad  gardening gifts has made my shopping for him less stressful, this year gardening is not an option and my father has no hobbies or interests. His health has forced him to give up the one hobby he had, maybe you also have a senior person in your life which is difficult to shop for?


Narrowing Down My Options


I read a good gift for seniors is one of those electronic reader gadgets, this is not a good gift for my father he is not able to read very well since he only went to school until 4th grade. If you have a senior on your Christmas list this product is highly recommended as a good choice for a gift for seniors. Another good electronic gift for seniors are tablets, my father has it in his head he can not use this product so that also is a no go for me. My father is very behind the times and is not open to trying new things, these are the top two gifts recommended for seniors.

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Smart Television


Another highly recommended gift choice for seniors is the smart television since my father does spend most of his time in front of the television this could be a possible gift? My parents have this old color television of ancient years, so a new television would be a practical and possible gift for them. I am not up to date on these products, I do plan to research these as a possible gift. This is a very good gift choice for seniors, the majority of seniors do seem to watch television so this gift would be used and well appreciated.


Game Systems


Game systems is also a recommended gift for seniors, this type of product is another good choice for my father. Since he mainly sits around the house staring at the television until he falls sleep in his chair, possibly this gift would get him moving a little without over exerting him. When I was a kid I had a game system which my dad did play with me, so I have the possibility of a smart television or a game system so far.


Gift Baskets


Gift baskets are always a good option to have as a backup in case you just cannot find any other gift. These baskets have been a very popular gift for a very long time if you take your time and shop around you can find some pretty cool gift baskets. Another backup option I always keep in mind is gift certificates, I prefer to give physical gifts for Christmas but my grown up sons request I give them gift cards they can use for whatever they need. That works very well for me and saves me from getting stressed out shopping for gifts for my sons. Keep these two options always open for an emergency gift, you can always give someone a gift card and a physical gift.



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Other Possible Options


There are some other options you can consider for seniors, many seniors are still physically and mentally active which gives you many more gift options. My parents are both 80 years old with health problems, neither is physically active and I am noticing they are beginning to experience mental functioning decline the past few years. Very emotionally for me to see my parents in this condition, you just never consider you parent’s one day will be elderly and vulnerable. My parents will be relocating from the family home to a smaller home in town this month, they seem to be accepting this very well but I imagine it is very difficult for them to give up the family home in the country.


Personalized Gifts

Senior Yoga DVDs

Movie DVDs

Arthritis Related Products

Robotic Vacuum

Vitamins & Supplements

YMCA Membership

Self-Help Products

Netflix Membership

Power Snow Shovel

Snow Blowers

Diabetic Supplies

Bird Feeder Kits

Massage Products

Adult Coloring Books

Hobby Supplies

New Hobby Kit


What Is On My Mind Today


Shopping for seniors can take some creativity when choosing a gift, clothes is something very few seniors really seem to need. Also,  I find choosing clothes is difficult for the right size and the right style, my father is very hard to buy clothes for. Many seniors are very picky about what they will wear, most of them do not wear out their clothes unless they gain or lose weight. Another option you can consider is gag-gifts, that is if you know their sense of humor and not offend them.


Personalized Gifts For Seniors

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