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Christmas Gifts For Elderly Men-Shopping For Senior Men

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Shopping For Senior Men


The majority of people experience more anxiety and stress shopping for senior men than anyone else on their Christmas list, many elderly men do not have hobbies any longer they participate in and this alone narrows down the gifts you can buy for them. Senior men are even more difficult to shop for than many men’s wives, even teenagers are easier to shop for than elderly men. Right now I am experiencing this with my own elderly parents, my mom is much easier for me to shop for than my father. What to buy for my father for Xmas is  a challenge for me this year, in the past he planted a garden but now his  health is preventing him from gardening. He spends his time in front of the television most of the time, he catnaps the majority of his day in between watching television.


Clothes For Elderly Men


Many elderly men are very picky about what clothes they will wear, my father will not wear sweaters even in the coldest part of winter. He is not open to new things which makes him even more difficult to buy for, the majority of elderly men do not wear their clothes out and many really do not need new clothes for Christmas. My father does not belong to any groups or organizations, the only time he goes out is when he has doctor appointments or takes my mother grocery shopping. If clothes is an option for the senior men on your Xmas list be grateful since clothes really is not a good gift for my father my search goes on.


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Food Gifts


Many of you might be able to give the elderly men on your Xmas list food gifts, even this type of gift is a challenge for me with my father. Besides him being very picky about what he will eat, he also does not have his bottom dentures any longer so, he is limited to what food he is even able to eat. If food gifts is an option for you, there are many gift baskets available for you to consider, you can even make your own gift basket with the senior men’s favorite snacks and foods in them. This is my backup plan if I do not find anything else I can buy for my own father, I will make him a personal gift basket with all the goodies I know he likes and is able to eat.


Electronic Games

I am considering electronic games for my father, maybe this would be a good gift to give him something to do? Most men are like little kids, so electronic games might be a good gift if your elderly man acts like a big kid. Many senior men have some mental decline, you must consider this when choosing an electronic game for them. Are they mentally capable of playing these types of games, would this be something which would interest and entertain them?


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Adult Coloring Books


My father  would never color in an adult coloring book, but this is a very good gift idea for senior men who might enjoy this type of gift. This is a very good gift for seniors, very good for their health and a good way to spend some of their free time. If adult coloring is not your elderly man’s cup of tea, consider puzzle books and many elderly men enjoy card games and chess or checkers.


Gifts For Readers

Many seniors are into reading, my father is not one of them but if your elderly men are readers which many are this is another gift type to consider? Many seniors love those electronic readers, I see many of them with them when I am out at the YMCA and my doctor appointments. If one of these is not a good gift, you can always go for the old fashion reading books. Other gifts could be DVD’s if they are movie lovers, there also is many DVD’s for seniors for yoga and meditation and much more. If they are into music, this is another good gift to consider.


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Gift Cards


Right now I am considering either making my father a favorite snack gift basket or giving him a gift card to one of his favorite places to shop, sometimes it is better to give them a gift card and let them use it for whatever they need or want. This is always my last resort since I prefer giving physical gifts rather than gift cards, this year for my father I just might give him a gift card.


What Is On My Mind Today?


These are what gift ideas I have come up with for elderly men, many of these are not good gifts for my own senior father but maybe some of these are good gifts for the elderly men on your Xmas list? Just knowing you are not alone might reduce some of your anxiety shopping for the senior men, these are the most challenging to shop for. If the elderly men you are shopping for have hobbies and interests you are very lucky, prepare yourself one day you might be pulling your own hair out searching for gifts for the elderly guys on your Xmas list.




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