Chodromalacia Patella Exercises-Management Plan For Knee Joint Health

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What Is Chondromalacia Patella?


Our knees take a beating most days, just consider how many times do you bend your knee joints every single day. More people experience knee joint problems than any other joint in our bodies, the patella is the front and side of our knee joints. When a person is experiencing pain and tenderness in this part of the knee joint life can be quite miserable, many people with this type of arthritis also experience a grinding sensation. This form of arthritis is mainly experienced by adolescents and young adults, also women and athletes who put much stress on their knee joints may experience this form of arthritis.


The Cause


The cause of this most often is the over use or abnormal force to your knee joints, sometime people who experience trauma or injury to the knee joints are also prone to this type of pain and tenderness. If your knee cap is out of alignment this also can cause you to experience this type of pain and tenderness, in my younger days I worked as a machine operator in a curtain factory, the roll of material would put almost constant stress on my right knee cap and after over 13 years I experienced this form of knee joint arthritis. When we are young,  we think we are never going to have such health problems if I would have used knee pads it might have prevented me getting this health problem.



What Are The Symptoms?


I highly recommend anyone who spends a great deal of their time on their knees for whatever reason take the precaution by using some type of knee joint protection. Especially people who participate in athletics which puts consistent stress on their knee joints, also if your occupation involves being on your knees or consistent pressure on your knees you might experience this just as I do. Today I am not able to put my full weight on my knees, this will affect your everyday life more than you might imagine.


Knee Pain Which Worsens After Sitting Longer Periods

Getting Up From The Sitting Position

Using The Stairs Aggravates Your Knees

Kneeling & Squatting Activities


Pain & Tenderness


My knees ache all the time especially during prime arthritis weather conditions, your pain and tenderness will be around your knee joint usually in the front or side of your knee joint. Sometimes my pain feels like it is in my joints, your physician can diagnose you with a physical exam. Many people their knee joint is actually out of alignment, this is what happened in my case from the consistent pressure on my knees. Sleep is very difficult for me my knees some nights just ache all night and I have to get up every few hours, in my case I feel much better when I am moving rather than when I am sedentary. Standing in one spot for very long really aggravates my knees, waiting in line at the register at the grocery store just about makes me want to cry.



What Can You Do?


Managing your pain is what to focus on with this health condition  if at all possible avoid high doses of pain medication. These have caused me organ damage over the years, I did not abuse them but still over a long period they damaged my organs. Diet and exercise is your best management plan, but you must find the right balance of activity and rest. I have found a few minutes every morning and evening of gentle yoga and meditation has been the best asset in my own management plan. Hatha yoga is very slow movements and easy on the joints, this also has helped my joints to be much less stiff and more mobile.


Gentle Stretching Yoga


Tai Chi

Qi Gong

Keep A Pain Journal

Relaxation Techniques

Anti-inflammatory Diet (Gluten-Free)


Yoga & Meditation


Go Natural When Possible


I have had a much more positive experience managing my health with natural methods when you combine the right diet and right amount of activity you have a winning management plan. So many foods promote inflammation in our bodies, inflammation management is the key to living a much higher quality of life. If you desire less pain and more energy gluten-free is the way to go, in as little as 2 weeks you will experience a dramatic difference. I have also found stay away from sour foods and citrus fruits, these increase my inflammation to the point I am not able to function. Grape fruit really is a trigger for my symptoms, also sour dairy products like yogurt. I did an elimination diet years ago, this was the best thing I ever did to know for sure what foods are my trigger foods.


Oil Massages


Aromatic oil massages might be something new you would be interested in giving a try, I use a mixture of juniper and sage oils warm oil soothes my aching joints. Also you can try a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil, just warm the mixture slightly and apply to your joint.


Herbs For Inflammation Relief


You cannot go more natural than using herbs for your joint pain relief, making a tea with certain herbs is a natural method and a tasty one as well. The herbs I use the most  for my anti-inflammation tea are devils claw and cats claw, you just steep them in water and drink. These are very beneficial in the evening to promote better sleep, also these are good for other joint pain besides your knees.



Add The Right Spices


Spices are a great method to manage your joint pain, just adding a little of the right spices in your meals is an easy way to improve your joint health. Spices are actually very inexpensive since you only use a little, one small size jar of a spice will last you quite a long time. If you Google spices for joint pain or joint health you will find a nice variety of spices to try.


Cinnamon Is My Favorite Spice

Cardamon Is Another Good One To Try

Cloves Is Good As Well


A good mixture for pain and stiffness from inflammation is using cinnamon powder my favorite spice and honey, this will form a paste you can apply to any of your aching stiff joints.


Physio Therapy


This is my last tip I will be sharing in this article, if these do not provide you enough relief you should considering consulting your physician about physio therapy, this therapist specializes in helping people adjust their  lifestyle. This therapist will aide you in improving  your knee mobility, knee pain and knee alignment, they will educate you and work with you to find the best management plan which provides you the most relief. When nothing else is working, your best option is not pain  medication, but to reach out to a professional.



What Is On My Mind Today


I have shared with you today some of my favorite self management methods, also some methods which other people have shared with me which works for them. Protect your joints weather your having any joint issues or not, most people eventually experiences some type of joint problems some time in their life. Taking care of your joints now will give you healthier joints longer without severe problems, go gluten-free and improve the way you feel with more energy and less inflammation. Limit your processed food snacks, sugar and sodium in these snacks plus the preservatives cause you more inflammation and pain.


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