Chandrocalcinosis Knee Joint-Rare Genetic Disease

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What Is Chondrocacinosis?


Chondrocadinosis is a rare inherited disorder which your joint has deposits of calcium crystals in your joint cartilage which causes damage to your joint, this is a form of arthritis which mimics gout. Even though the knee is the most common joint affected any joint in your body could develop this form of arthritis, You might know this as CPPD disease, people experience from mild to severe symptoms but it is very rare for anyone to become disabled.


What Are The Symptoms?


This usually only affects a person in one joint, but there have been rare cases when it has affected people in more than one joint. Most common symptoms are swelling, joint stiffness and pain. Even though most people experience this in the knee joint, there has been cases where people have experienced this in their shoulders, wrists and hips. Very rare cases people develop calcium deposits around the bones of the spine, with this you experience back pain and the loss of mobility is possible. Usually lasts from one day to several weeks for most people, these symptoms may subside with no treatment.



What Causes Chondrocalcinosis?


This genetic disorder happens when a person inherits a pair of this abnormal gene, people with mild cases usually inherit one pair of these genes. Very rarely but it has happened a person has inherited two pairs of this gene, when this happens it causes more severe symptoms. What causes the joint symptoms is when the release of calcium crystals find their way into a joint. There has been a very small number of people who has had this disorder for no specific reason, these people did not have the abnormal genes as the majority of people do. The average age of people when this affects them is over 60 years old, it is possible but rare for anyone younger to experience this genetic disorder. This is diagnosed through x-rays, the x-rays shows evidence of calcium build up in the joint, most often the calcium is in the joint cartilage around the joint.


Medical Treatment


Usually physicians use a syringe to remove any excess build up fluid in the joint, there is no way to remove the calcium crystals from the joint. Most often anti-inflammatory drugs are used for inflammation and pain,  prednisone injections into the joint is often the treatment a person will receive for this genetic disorder.  A good balance of rest and exercise is the best treatment, gentle yoga is one of the best exercises for this disorder since it is very gentle on your joints. Often people might need some assistance devices to help them get around when their condition has flared up, often your physician will prescribe physical and occupational therapy depending on the severity of your condition. Surgery is rarely done for this condition when surgery is done it is only done if their is joint damage which needs surgery to repair the damage.


Yoga & Meditation




Most often people can manage this disorder pretty well through their diets and supplementation, following an anti-inflammatory diet is the best plan to manage this disorder. Eliminate all foods which are high in omega-6 fatty acids, these foods are pro-inflammatory triggers for any autoimmune disease. Gluten is another food product you need to stay away from, be careful and read the ingredients many foods has hidden gluten most of us would not expect to have gluten in them. Would it not make everyone’s lives so much better if the food and drug administration would just do away with all gluten products.




The best supplements to manage this is your vitamin A, C & E, other supplements you can consider are fish oil and magnesium. You should also take selenium with the three vitamins recommended, magnesium is very important for muscle functioning and it regulates calcium which is very important when managing  this disease.



What Is On My Mind Today


Autoimmune disease is taking over way too many people’s lives, gluten products are the worse food products anyone can consume. Gluten is now known to cause inflammation, inflammation is the root of our problem with these diseases. Everyone should consider going gluten-free, even if you are healthy right now gluten causes silent damage and by the time you realize something is wrong your health has declined. Processed foods are full of chemicals which is causing havoc in our bodies, even young people today have health problems and this just is not right.


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